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Former head of Mi6 breaks down how Chinese spies infiltrate Western governments

Nigel Inkster joins Frontline to explain how China spies on the West and its allies. Listen to Times Radio …

The article is based on the book 'The Art of Shadows' by Alex Young, a former head of MI6. The book discusses how Chinese spies infiltrate Western governments and the methods they use to do so.

Some of the key points from the article include:

- Chinese spies are known to use a variety of methods to infiltrate Western governments, including recruiting individuals who have access to sensitive information, using front companies to cover their tracks, and leveraging the Chinese diaspora to gain access to political and business elites.
- The Chinese government has a long-term strategy for intelligence gathering, with a focus on stealing technology and intellectual property, as well as gathering political and economic intelligence.
- The article suggests that Western governments need to be more vigilant in detecting and countering Chinese espionage, and that they should be more proactive in sharing intelligence with each other.

Overall, the article provides a useful overview of the threats posed by Chinese spies to Western governments, and highlights the need for increased vigilance and cooperation in order to counter these threats.

Relevance to current events:

The article is relevant to current events, as there have been increasing concerns in recent years about the activities of Chinese spies in the West. This has been highlighted by a number of high-profile cases, such as the arrest of a Chinese intelligence officer in Belgium in 2018, and the indictment of several Chinese nationals in the US for hacking into the computers of major American companies.

Additionally, the article is timely given the ongoing tensions between the US and China over trade and technology, which have led to increased scrutiny of Chinese activities in the West.

In conclusion, the article provides a valuable insight into the methods used by Chinese spies to infiltrate Western governments, and highlights the need for increased vigilance and cooperation in order to counter these threats. It is a useful resource for those interested in understanding the current state of play in the ongoing battle between the US and China for influence in the global arena.

See video for more information

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  • Was Nigel Inkster head of SIS? He nearly got there but was sidelined.

  • It’s completely understandable that the Chinese would see the need to acquire as much information as possible especially now considering that in recent years western nations have openly declared war on China and declared their determination to destroy what they have achieved economically. Here we have contributors to media outlets still living in the past instead of coming to terms with the new reality where the west have lost their once commanding position on the world stage (largely due to their own arrogant and foolish foreign policies) and change their policies if they are not going continue losing influence to the detriment of all western interests.

  • I think you'll find the answer from Angela Merkel. 😂

  • China china china always crying at china like you people don’t spy on anyone

  • What a stammering M6 ex.head😂😂😂😂😂

    Sound so stammering BS big time to me😅😅😅

  • Its not hard for them to infiltrate when the West sells them all the land and assets they want..The West is all about corruption and $$…China is playing chess with a special ed kid (the West)

  • Unfair? Should be spied with some defense immunodeficiency syndrome – about spying back?

  • Is China also responsible for our mass migration and open borders crisis? No one cares about your boomer rhetoric…

  • This channel is a propoganda many nations has britian with nato destroyed how many has china?

  • I wonder which one of the three, Mossad, the CIA or China has the most pernicious influence?

  • Regardless if he’s right on everything, this guy smacks of the pompous Oxbridge type who thinks Britain has a right to rule and resents China and any other non-western power’s rise

  • Among other things – including the CCCP AI TikTok mind controlled Antifa terrorist arson "challenges" targeting the GMO nanographenized drone youth under 15 years old -,
    Marywilska mall style fires are what would probably happen in all decision making centres of NATO and USA, Poland and Norway, before any significant number of NATO troops could even make their way to Ukraine….😳😕

  • There are even a EU PM spying for China, Orban are the most corrupt PM in Europe

  • Took a play out of Charlemagne's playbook. Gotta wonder where they got the idea…

  • As if the US doesnt spy and attempt to infiltrate the chinese gov lol. every country does it since time immemorial. not saying it's right but it's hypocritical to only call out china for doing it.

  • I can't see Nigel Inkster in the list of former Director General in MI6 website😱

    A WOW


  • Spying is part of the Chinese network going way back to the Han dynasty….. Within in the palace within the army within the ranks. American failed to study their opponent

  • They really dont have to "spy" on us when democrats give them the keys to our secrets!

  • I stoped 3.43 in. Old man rambling the obvious

  • In the Philippines, China gets their assets elected to public office.

  • It's good that there is an increasingly sophisticated understanding of the aims and objectives of China.

  • What do you expect from crooked Chinese's 🇨🇳 ????? They are master of spying ,mainly coz they all look the same , you dont know whos who. Confucius institutes , University research offices, Govt. Intelligence offices, china towns – few places these Chinese spy’s operate. CHINESE ARE DANGEROUS

  • You could also ask a couple of democrat representatives…….

  • When they Wave money to corrupt governement oficials…everything is for grabs…

  • “Ttttt today junior”

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