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“Five Eyes” intelligence leaders warn of China’s global espionage campaign | 60 Minutes

Intelligence leaders from the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand are issuing a stark warning on the …

Title: "Five Eyes Intelligence Leaders Warn of Increased Global Espionage Threat from China"

In a significant development, the heads of intelligence agencies from the "Five Eyes" alliance – Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States – have issued a joint warning about China's escalating global espionage activities. This warning comes amidst growing concerns over China's strategic ambitions and its potential threats to national security and economic interests worldwide.

The intelligence leaders, in an interview with 60 Minutes, highlighted that China's espionage activities are not limited to traditional targets but have expanded to include critical infrastructure, research institutions, and private companies across various sectors. They emphasized that these activities are aimed at acquiring advanced technologies and intellectual property, which could potentially give China a competitive edge in the global arena.

The warning underscores the need for increased vigilance and collaboration among the Five Eyes nations to counter China's espionage efforts. The intelligence leaders called for a collective response to address this growing threat, emphasizing the importance of sharing intelligence and coordinating efforts to protect national security interests.

The warning also serves as a reminder for other countries to be wary of China's espionage activities. As China continues to assert its global influence, the potential for increased espionage activities is a concern that extends beyond the Five Eyes alliance.

This development comes at a time when tensions between China and several Western nations are at an all-time high. The ongoing trade war, territorial disputes, and human rights concerns have further strained relations, making the intelligence leaders' warning even more significant.

In conclusion, the joint warning from the Five Eyes intelligence leaders about China's global espionage campaign underscores the need for increased vigilance and cooperation in the face of growing threats to national security. As China continues to expand its global influence, the potential for increased espionage activities is a concern that extends beyond the Five Eyes alliance. The collective response from these nations, as well as other countries, will be crucial in countering these threats and maintaining global security.

See video for more information

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  • The take-over of Hong kong, the endless harrassment of Taiwain, & all its border neighbors & other countries in the south china Sea & Pacific, build-up of its military well beyond defensive measures, its debt-traps involving 3rd world countries, the theivery,
    the buying of land near critical infrastructure, the chinese foreign ministers' BS – china wants peace –
    who's buying this BS ? !
    chinas a threat greater than the other three countries combined because – it has money.

    Who did we fight in Vietnam & Korea, the communists. Who runs china – the communists.
    Who was our #1 enemy during the cold-war – the soviet union communists.
    The reason we became so called friends & let china in the WTO was for corperate america to make profits by supposedly expanding markets IN CHINA & cheap labor as was suggested by Walmart.
    xi's chinese gov'r is no closer to being Americas friend than is kim-jung-un, putin,
    or khamenei.
    Mr. Wray knows this but rather, understanderbly. chose to be politically correct.
    Democracies are compatible.
    Autocracies are compatible ? remember what hitler did to stalin ( there's no honor among thieves).

  • Xi spent a lot of gangsters, build crime network

  • Incredible. At a time when the CIA is openly declaring its intensive building of its spy network in China, the 5 eyes Network is declaring China is a security threat. You just cant overstate the hypocrisy in this episode.

  • I wonder who China got all these ideas from🤔

  • But why is it OK in the first place for a wind turbine company to be poised in a capitalistic position to take a profitable monopoly over something that we all need to survive?

  • Aiyah !
    Anglos still think that they are top !
    Such unbridled arrogance will only lead to hot war.

  • 😂😂😂 all countries but China is a bad spy. Because only China can compete with the USA 😂😂😂

  • This is incredible. As a Venezuelan, I saw how the Chinese took over the most critical infrastructure during Maduro, something that not even the socialist autocrat Chávez allowed. They made sure that he chose them as the top 1 arms supplier (above Russia), the top supplier and manager for the subsidised homes programs , the top supplier for metros and trains, the main managers of the high scale renewal and extension of military mini-city within Caracas (Fuerte Tiuna), telecommunications (CANTV), oli with Sinopec within PDVSA, etc. Plus, the amount of debt reaches up to 62 billion USD with the Chinese, the largest in Latinamerica.

    They know that we have tons and tons of oil for the future, drinkable water sources (Amazon River affluent, the Orinoco), gold mines, vanadium & tantalium deposits (for tanks and spacecraft), etc.. All within a 1.3 hours flight range from Miami, Florida. They're not fools. They did something similar in Nicaragua and Cuba.

    When I moved to Argentina, I was surprised to see that they also had a 100-year licence for a "Research base" in Neuquén province that no one had access to. Surprise: That province has one of the top 5 natural and shale gas reserves in the world, after Qatar's. They also have a lot of oil in that province (Vaca Muerta).

    It's land under Chinese sovereignty, access to the underground space below, only Chinese staff, no locals, no reports of the daily activites (no even a false agenda), no information, nothing.. God knows what they are doing there in the Patagonia. The same in Antarctica, they have private bases there.

    If there is a war against China one day (let's hope there's not), the whole world will take a huge surprise across ALL continents about what the Chinese have been doing so rapidly and so massively since the early 2000s. Technology, land, espionage, arms, natural resources, debt to collect, dependency of the whole world for their manufacturing, machines, final products, etc. It'll be 100 times worse than Russia's push back with oil against Western sanctions without firing a single nuclear warhead.

  • Christopher Ray is a pleasure to listen to. Seems like someone with a good head on his shoulders which is important for the job they all are in.

  • Great interview. I may not like trump, but he wants our technology, our manufacturing, to stay in America and not overseas and I couldn't agree more.,We can't allow China to purchase land in the US, build factories in the US, purchase US companies, they do this for China, not for US.The PRC leadership wants to undermine the US and unfortunately most Chinese support the government and the party in this. The five chiefs know what their talking about, and the leaders of these five nations need to listen to then and take action before it's too late.

  • China, Russia and india will control the world economy! Dollars blackrock, black stone, vanguard shares will be bought by Brics!!!😁😁
    Many american, UK, Australian politicians are heavily bribed by china businesses 😁😁……..

  • Palo Alto 1 1/2 hours south of me. Very very very ritzy and they (5 eyes) are there WITH GOOD REASON!!!!!!!

  • Some time is Real news sometimes is fake News. I don't no to much social media

  • Anything i say is from Nows True story .no lies . Some time is Real News . Some time is fake News. I don't no.

  • Anything i say is from Nows True story .no lies . Some time is Real News . Some time is fake News. I don't no.

  • Anything i say is from Nows True story .no lies . Some time is Real News . Some time is fake News. I don't no.

  • Anything i say is from Nows True story .no lies . Some time is Real News . Some time is fake News. I don't no.

  • Anything i say is from Nows True story .no lies . Some time is Real News . Some time is fake News. I don't no.

  • Doctor Mike talk about war Russia and Ukraine many family friends and love one
    Person in Russia talk about war scare fear afraid for City Russia and Ukraine war . Please stop Enough fright thank you

  • Apersidant Doneld j trump talk about Russian and Ukrainian Stop dying no time to win or lose war . Stop Enough fright please thank you

  • What major efforts to arrest/catch these spies? How many have been spotted?

  • Repent and Believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ before GODS WRATH is poured out on the godless by way of removing HIS PROTECTIVE HAND!: Mankind has no power against any Enemy while also rejecting The Lordship and Holy Authority of Jesus Christ. Islams Allah is Sstan.

  • More like 5 idiots reporting to 60 minutes which should limit to 6 minutes. U guys r the best in espionage and as if AI tech falling into warmongers hand would be the best for the world. Pls close shop

  • If they really cared about hedging China, then start with BANNING Tiktok, Temu, Shein, etc.

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