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‘First time China has used this level of aggression’, says Philippine coastguard

China has been blasted as a “bully country” and international law breaker after its ships dramatically blasted Philippine vessels …


Title: Philippines Accuses China of Unprecedented Aggression in South China Sea

In a significant escalation of tensions, the Philippine coastguard has accused China of using an unprecedented level of aggression in the disputed South China Sea. This assertion comes after a series of incidents where Chinese vessels allegedly rammed and sunk a Filipino fishing boat, and harassed other Philippine vessels in the area.

The Philippine coastguard has reported that on June 9, a Chinese coastguard vessel rammed and sank a Filipino fishing boat near the Whitsun Reef, an area also claimed by China. The incident left 22 Filipino fishermen stranded at sea for hours before they were rescued by a Vietnamese fishing vessel.

In addition to this incident, the Philippine coastguard has also reported numerous instances of Chinese vessels blocking and harassing Philippine vessels in the area. These actions are a clear violation of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, which prohibits the use of force against other countries' vessels on the high seas.

The Philippines has strongly condemned China's actions and has called for an immediate end to the harassment

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  • The last time a Marcos governed PH it was a disaster History has a funny habit of repeating itself.

  • Bakit natin hinahayaan n gagohin Tayo ng china.puro n lang b tayo pasinsiya sana magising Naman Tayo s mga gingawa nila s atin.

  • China wants to project they are a military super power on SMALLER nations.

  • Probably its the Chinese leaderships way of saying to the world that they have their own version of the international modern world order…if Russia can do it then so can they…that just simply means the return of the imperial rules with some modern mix like instead invasion it's now special military operations and or reclamation or ancient rights.

  • In fact, the Philippines tried to seize those islands in rogue ways, and China only responded humanely. Similar to Falkland Island

  • hello world see the china's aggression is evident the greed wicked dragon is now awaken the owner of the whole universe is taking over inch by inch and defy no rules.

  • China like Russia very aggressive countries !!! 😡😡😡

  • The interviewer should have asked him whether Bong Bong Marcos will sign the bill to force Filipino young men to be sent to the war zone if the war starts.

  • That coast guard has no balls all talk a disgrace the pilipino people

  • PCG coward even the ccg hurt them so much they just cry…cowardness😢

  • Philippine ships illegally entering into china wayers , stop your evil cunning crooked lies , GOD is watching n listening .

  • Ask yourself, who controls the Western media and who gains the most?

  • I don't like interviewer to smile when posing those questions

  • why does this Sky News reporter sound like a Commie puppet?
    … oh right i forgot…. this is Mainstream media .

  • Poor Philippines, Blinken to gather bargaining chips with Beijing. Had to sacrifice the dignity of the Philippines again

  • It is impossible for the ship to beach the shoal for 25 years and remain relative peacefully, without any mutual understanding or agreement.
    This is a legacy issue, I am sure all the previous administrations over the last 25 knew it. Even Aquino jnr.

    MARCOS Junior had broken the status quo. 😮.
    He must be ignorant or lying 🤔

  • Go and file case to international court of justice….. That can issued arrest warrants to leaders of china……❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Talk to UNCLOS about it……

  • These North Eastern Asian nations have history of invading each other and adventurism in Southeast Asia the latest being Taiwan and China imaginary dash lines.

  • " This is a fight that all of us countries like Australia, Japan, the United States, the G7 countries has to make a collective action to make China fall in line, respect the international law. Otherwise, it's everybody's loss." Well-said sir! On point! 👍👍

  • , According to Dr. Q, Philippines breached the agreement between China and Philippines. Philippines tried to send construction materials to those island which they agreed not to do that. The behaviour of Philippines President changed, after President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. visited US after he won the election.

  • Mga coast guard gigil na gigil nayan sa china nag titimpi lng yan mgayan kasi wala pang order ng pangulo.

  • I call upon all Filipino students and people of Philippines to peaceful protest in front of Chinese Embasy and Chinese consulate in Manila and Quezon City, stand up all students and young Filipino, Act now

  • Philiphine was invaded and colonized by the united states.

  • He really call water cannon "brute force" lol.. years and years of corrupt leaders made the Philippines really weak

  • @3:33. I hope he is reading a line and does not really believe America has their back!? I guess we do if there’s something in it for us but otherwise this is pretty foolhardy to fall on. Our history of getting involved, then ditching is all too common.

  • Filipinos should understand, that our country would only be a battleground for a proxy war between China and the West.

  • Perhaps, Ferdinand Marcos Jr is just as corrupted as Vladimir Zelensky. These people are lusting for personal wealth, and not concern with the people living in their countries. Ferdinand Marcos Jr grew up with silver spoons in his mouth. His whole family has benefitted (and is still benefitting) from the abuse of power that his father’s presidency has done.

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