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FBI Says It Opens New Espionage Investigation Into China ‘Ev…

FBI Director Christopher Wray issued a new warning Wednesday that a push for global power by China poses one of the largest …

Title: FBI Launches New Espionage Investigation into China over Economic Secrets

In the rapidly evolving landscape of international relations, the FBI has announced the initiation of a fresh espionage investigation into China, focusing on the alleged theft of economic secrets. This development comes as a continuation of ongoing concerns regarding China's intellectual property practices and cyber activities.

The FBI's decision to open a new investigation underscores the persistent challenges posed by China in the realm of economic espionage. The agency's announcement does not reveal specific details about the case, but it emphasizes the need for vigilance and cooperation between the public and private sectors to protect sensitive information.

This news follows a series of similar investigations and indictments against Chinese nationals and companies for allegedly stealing trade secrets and technology from U.S. companies. The FBI's efforts are part of a broader U.S. government strategy to counter China's alleged economic espionage activities.

The announcement is significant due to its timing, coming amidst heightened tensions between the U.S. and China over trade, technology, and national security issues. The investigation serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle between the two superpowers and the importance of safeguarding intellectual property in the digital age.

While the FBI's announcement does not provide new insights into the specifics of the case, it underscores the ongoing nature of the issue and the continued efforts by the U.S. government to address it. The investigation will likely be closely watched for developments and potential implications for U.S.-China relations.

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  • LoL Forbes, you are a coward – can't handle a simple question a delete posts? There goes your "freedom of speech". Let me ask again, Wray harasses nearly 800 innocent people every year, claiming an investigation every 10 hours, but where are the two spies captured per day? Or 720 spies per year? Don't be a coward. Answer it.

  • Trump did say China is one of our biggest problems. Too bad Biden and Big tech don't seem to think so. Also slot of American companies and properties are being bought by China. They are sending spies to our colleges and institutions buying off people to steal our technology and secrets. Several people have been caught.

  • Then maybe they should focus on China instead of American citizens

  • What is the point of Republicans, Conservative TV and Conservative voices if the FBI, CIA, MSM and Democratic Party are crooks and always get their way? Oh yeah that's it….The Republicans, Conservative TV and Conservative voices secretly work with them all. The World's a Stage folks. All sides play us peon citizens for fools. Notice how the RIGHT complains, complains, complains…many issues sound legitimate and worth fighting for…..but it never goes anywhere past the complaining; there is never justice. Notice how the RIGHT riles us up and then tells us that violence isn't the answer. This is a looping process, they are playing us for fools. The 2020 Presidential Election was rigged and stolen? Isn't this a form of Tyranny and Treason punishable to the most severe sentence? Yet they went back to business as usual. Oh and upon leaving office, President Trump sent Biden a letter wishing him the best on his journey as President; Trump said the letter came from the heart; this after Trump condemned his own supporters for the capitol riot of which was infiltrated by Antifa and other groups. Notice again how Trump riled up his base then said violence isn't the answer.

  • That is 876 investigations a year and 0 results, they are very bad at their job.

  • Suuuuuuurrrrrre they do, so they can help the Chinese. All are communists

  • The CCP can not be trusted they have proven that many times

  • Lol commander in chief joey bribes is itself a Chinese spy asnd they are talking espionage investigation 😂

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