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Exclusive: Jay Tarriela, Philippine Coast Guard Spokesperson…

He’s an outspoken critic of China’s aggressive behavior in waters within the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the …

Philippine Coast Guard Addresses Increased Maritime Activities in West Philippine Sea

In an exclusive interview, Jay Tarriela, the spokesperson for the Philippine Coast Guard, shared insights on the recent surge in maritime activities in the West Philippine Sea. Tarriela’s statements are particularly relevant given the ongoing disputes and tensions in the region.

Monitoring and Management

According to Tarriela, the Philippine Coast Guard has been actively monitoring the increased activities, which include fishing, oil exploration, and naval exercises. He emphasized that while the Coast Guard encourages peaceful and cooperative activities in the region, it is also prepared to enforce the country’s sovereignty and protect its territorial integrity.

Proactive Approach

The information provided by Tarriela offers a unique perspective on the current situation in the West Philippine Sea. His statements indicate a proactive approach by the Philippine Coast Guard in managing these activities, demonstrating a commitment to maintaining peace and order while safeguarding national interests.

Insights and Strategies

This exclusive interview provides valuable insights into the strategies and approaches being adopted by the Philippine Coast Guard in response to the increased maritime activities. It underscores the need for continued vigilance and diplomacy in managing these complex issues, highlighting the delicate balance between promoting cooperation and defending national sovereignty.

See video for more information

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  • We need to educate students about this issue

  • Napabayaan ang West Phil Sea. Nag focus kasi tayo sa entertainment ng mga politiko. Hearing dito hearing doon. Dapat palitan na ang pangalan ng Senate into “People’s Hearing Department”

  • China stop bullying all the smaller islands and countries around you. It's nobody's fault that you had your years of humiliated otherwise you
    will get bullied again.

  • The Philippines is blessed because of the leadership of Cmdr. Tariela in the Philippine Coast Guard. Thank you to Taiwan Talks for helping us spread the truth about the barbaric acts of PRChina govt. Thank you Taiwan our future brothers in arms. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

  • PH army reservist ready for a call of duty,,anytime anywhere

  • this fight is not only for the philippines sake,this is also for the international abiders. were no longer shut our mouth , people of the world should know what happening.

  • this fight is not only for the philippines sake,this is also for the international abiders. were no longer shut our mouth , people of the world should know what happening.

  • KEEP TAIWAN FREE‼️🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼

  • Peace and mutual help, dear philippine friends, blessings.

  • Im here because of my country Philippines

  • PCG all talk. not doing job to protect fisherfolks.

  • All that talk and complaints amount to NOTHING..just flaring!!!
    China will act the SAME WAY..Period!
    It's like a push push Resist .you get harassed..
    You don't push Resist..Nothing happens
    You push Submit.. they invest in your country..

    It's very simple…Your move!!


  • All I can say is that Duterte sold out his own country, and now that he's being exposed, he wants to separate Mindanao as his own? Talking about being caught red handed.


  • This is important work to keep us people in the rest of the free world aware of the ongoing crisis because of CCP militarism

  • Mabuhay kayo Commodore Tariela

  • With due respect to Spokesperson J Tarriela, it is erroneous to equate Russia with China as far as their reasons fir acting so in their current situation. Russia has told NATO & Ukraine before this war begun that Russia will not agree for Ukraine ti become a NATO member because it will mean that Ukraine will have NATO missiles within Ukraine & it will endanger Russia, therefore it is an existential threat to Russia. Whereas China is purely flexing its powerful muscles to acquire the whole of South China Sea even the areas that is within the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Phils. Do the Philippines & other ASEAN countries pose an existential threat to China? China is nothing but a big bully knowing they have grown to be the world’s economic Giant that they think International Rules do not apply to them. 🇵🇭❤️

  • PH abides by the One China policy 😂 they are playing and strong arming leverage Taiwan …. Sad to see this for the Taiwanese people

  • 👍👍👍 Best Interview ever done by Taiwan Plus 👍👍👍 ❤️❤️❤️ 💪💪💪 🙏🙏🙏

  • Wag na hayaan pa na may mamuno ng isa pang Duterte sa Malacanang ng patuloy natin ipaglaban ang karapatan natin sa teritoryo ng Pilipinas sa West Philippine Sea.

  • . 菲律宾不需要与中国作战,
    ,,,将让/允许美军靠近中国,以抵消中国的高超音速导弹优势,导致美国兰德公司 18 次“美中战争游戏”,最终美国全部失败。而每场美国战争游戏的成本约为 5 亿美元。
    ,,,美军将被允许在马武利斯岛部署 1,000 枚核民兵洲际弹道导弹,瞄准北京和全中国,该岛高 219 米(719 英尺),是菲律宾距离台湾最近的领土,距离台湾最南端仅 142 公里(88 英里)。
    ,,, 允许16艘美国核潜艇在西菲律宾海和菲律宾海隆徘徊。
    ,,, 美国将军迈克·米尼汉的备忘录中说,美军将于2025年攻击中国,“现在”他们可以最早在今年第三季度即2024年发动攻击。
    ,,, 14亿中国人将在15分钟内死亡。
    ,,, 菲律宾人只能一边吃爆米花一边喝咖啡观看。

  • We Filipinos fully and wholeheartedly support our President in this fight against the bully

  • If Leni won the election, she doesn't have an effective diplomatic strategy in the WPS. She's not good in diplomacy. She will just be a puppet of her party. Thank God BBM won.

  • Rome conquered most of the countries around the medeteranian sea,,, why is it that Rome do not claim the Mediteranian sea,they have a history also…

  • Propaganda by China is winning here in Malaysia and I believe it is also in Singapore.

  • And include Papua New Guinea as well against China Ccp and Xi and Aukus and 5 eyes Says IAM that Iam Amen and amen

  • I was touched with his answer about the interviewer's last question. Truly it will move you. They're doing all these for our future children and this what our national heroes and other unsung heroes want to experience what is really for us.

  • Pilipino people are exausted hearing your none counter action to the aggressiveness of Chinese, all of you are telling Elligal, Elligal but no plan to Counter and even to Secure Pilipno Fisherman thatd why fisherman goback Empty handed Fish and even the STORY of BIG TUBE or PIPE cannot confirm nor denied the truthfulness of this REPORT, you are seems useless for the JOB.

  • The Philippine Coast Guard is not protecting our fishermen who are being harassed by the Chinese Coast Guard. PBBM should replace the PCG Coast Guard Commodores and their spokesman for cowardice. The PCG cannot afford to be led by cowards!

  • Way to go Commodore Jay Tariela. You explained everything so well. Keep on exposing China's aggression and bullying in the West Philippine Sea.

  • 26:27 More power to the commodore you are one of the brightest Filipino keep fighting for the rights of the next generation

  • Taiwan invest and develop Philippines so that they can be add as another layer preventing your country from being invaded by china as first line of defense along taiwan, south korea and japan. Build a technological chip manufacturing in the philippines for them to have a stake in depending your country and a reason to recognise taiwan as an independent nation. Taiwan Goverment and Taiwanese people invest and develop Philippines now is the time.

  • Congratulations for clear exposure of the harassment of china. Clear stand of our rights…WPS is ours! True Fipilinos are behind you! More prayers for you all our protectors!

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