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Cybersecurity firm Cybereason uncovers Chinese espionage cam…

A top cybersecurity company is pulling back the curtain on a hacking campaign aimed at stealing American intellectual property.

Title: Cybereason Exposes Chinese Espionage Campaign Targeting Critical Infrastructure

In the realm of global cybersecurity, the latest revelation by Cybereason, a leading cybersecurity firm, has shed light on a significant espionage campaign orchestrated by Chinese state-sponsored hackers. This disclosure, made on January 12, 2023, offers a fresh perspective on ongoing cyber threats and the strategic efforts to infiltrate critical infrastructure.

The espionage campaign, dubbed 'Operation CuckooBees', has been active since at least 2016, with a primary focus on the energy, nuclear, water, aviation, and other critical sectors. The campaign's modus operandi involves exploiting vulnerabilities in industrial control systems to gain access and steal sensitive data.

The newness of this information lies in the detailed insights provided by Cybereason, which has managed to trace the activities back to a specific Chinese state-sponsored hacking group known as APT31 or Zirconium. This group is notorious for its involvement in various cyber-espionage activities, including the infamous SolarWinds attack in 2020.

The implications of this revelation are far-reaching, as it underscores the need for enhanced cybersecurity measures, particularly in critical infrastructure sectors. It serves as a stark reminder that state-sponsored hacking continues to pose a significant threat, and vigilance is crucial in the face of such sophisticated attacks.

As the digital landscape evolves, so too do the tactics of cybercriminals. The unmasking of Operation CuckooBees by Cybereason not only highlights the ongoing cyber threats but also provides valuable intelligence for cybersecurity professionals worldwide. It is essential to stay informed and proactive in the face of such threats to safeguard our critical infrastructure and maintain digital sovereignty.

See video for more information

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  • Speaking of China copying, stealing or acquiring foreign technologies or intellectual property from other countries, I have something to add.

    Guess what, China has been extremely successful in stealing the following technologies as well: a) Beidou Global Positioning System fully operational in 2020 – the first of its kind with 2-way communication (ie allowing text sending as well as identifying the location of the receivers), whereas GPS/Galileo systems only allow 1-way communication; b) Space-based Quantum Communication – the Micius Satellite, launched in 2016, was also the first in having space-earth ultra-secure link separated by more than 1000 KMs using quantum physics (ie entanglement of photon pairs); c) China’s Chang’e (spacecraft) and Yutu (rover) also made history for a soft landing on the ‘dark side’ of the moon; d) China’s ‘artificial sun project’ led global researchers in 2021 with a breakthrough in high-temperature plasma operation for 1,056 seconds and 160 million degrees Celsius (prior records respectively 20 seconds and 100 million degrees Celsius); and f) DF17 – the first operational supersonic glide missile in 2019. This missile is capable of changing its projectile and can carry conventional and nuclear payloads for precision strikes. This is a game-changer as currently, no missile defense systems can neutralize DF17.

    As a heads-up, China will soon launch its ’003’ type Super-carrier with an electromagnetic catapult system for launching and recovery of aircraft (or CATOBAR), most probably in 2022. Whilst this will be the largest and most advanced aircraft carrier ever built outside the USA, the 003 will use an ‘integrated direct-current power and propulsion system’, something that US and its Western allies have yet to master. It is noteworthy that the USS Gerald R Ford aircraft carrier has not been fully operational as it is plagued with various problems including elevators, propulsion and electrical systems. China tested in August 2021 its Fractional Orbit Bombardment Systems (FOBS) that travels at low earth orbit at +20x the speed of sound, rendering all ground-based missile defense systems useless. Furthermore, in January 2022, China secretly tested an SJ-21 satellite that captured a defunct Beidou satellite and towed the latter to the graveyard orbit. After performing this space maneuver, this SJ-21 satellite subsequently returned to its original geostationary orbit.

    Such technologies did not exist or were not at such an advanced level on earth prior to China putting them into practical operations, so the only logical conclusion is that China must have stolen the intellectual property from aliens. If anything, China is also a threat to extraterrestrial beings on IP espionage.

  • Here come the Americans, again

  • This is nothing compared to what the US CIA and other AGENCIES extract throught espionage worldwide. Breadcrumbs really…

  • Guess China has a cabinet position for the Department of International Theft. Likely they took inspiration from the Russian model. Communism reborn — whatever is others, belongs to us!

  • Wasting their time, America hasn't been innovative in decades

  • You all act surprised when you hear the Chinese have been making cheap knockoffs of everything they touch for 30 years now..

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