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Chinese fighter jet confronts U.S. B-52 over South China Sea, Pentagon says

A Chinese fighter jet conducted an “unsafe intercept” of a U.S. Air Force B-52 over the South China Sea earlier this week, the …


Title: U.S. B-52 Encounter with Chinese Fighter Jet Highlights South China Sea Tensions

In a significant development, the Pentagon has confirmed an encounter between a U.S. B-52 bomber and a Chinese fighter jet over the South China Sea. This incident, which occurred on Monday, underscores the ongoing tensions in the region, particularly regarding territorial disputes and freedom of navigation.

The U.S. military has been conducting regular patrols in the South China Sea, asserting the right to freedom of navigation and overflight in international waters. These patrols have been a source of friction with China, which claims almost all of the South China Sea and has built artificial islands and military installations there.

The Chinese fighter jet, reportedly a Su-35, came within 100 feet of the B-52, a distance considered unsafe by U.S. standards. The U.S. aircraft was forced to take evasive action to ensure safety. The Pentagon has condemned the incident, stating that such behavior is inconsistent with the professionalism and safety standards expected in military operations.

This incident comes at a time

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  • Many people and foreign countries don't know the long history of the South China Sea during the ming dynasty if you come to China you will know that history.

  • If you are wise then you can respect territory that has been controlled by a nation for along time👆


  • Tje USA ought to be careful , China and Russia ain't Irak or Viet nam or Norrh Korea if ypu get me meaning.

  • Question: Why US bombers flying in China South Sea ? defend your Country you should flying US sea. this is the words like "You can't fight me when I punch you"

  • The fact that it's IN THE FKNG MIDDLE OF A CROSSAIR makes it so ironic.. (intercepted) LOL

  • Just ask your self a question why is the US bombing flying right in front of someone door step threatening them with bomb?then cry on the media when they bring out their weapon to fight you off?

  • China History is very long many of you don't know and don't study it, it's all written in History.

  • It’s called South China Sea 🌊
    It’s kinda obvious 😂who is harassing who

  • Why should president Xi meet Joe Biden when the US came out with statement like: "the United States underscored concerns with the PRC’s dangerous and unlawful actions in the South China Sea,” it said, referring to the People’s Republic of China.
    If you have already hold what the Chinese did as "unlawful", why must they meet you because obviously the Chinese believed what they did were legitimate and lawful even if it is dangerous as we believe it was not meant as a playful game.

  • China had a Planet 🌎 of their own they Still Wouldn’t be HaPpy ,
    Locust Mentality “…

  • One question: Why is the US flying their bombers in international waters?

  • 美国佬不远万里来给我们的飞行员做陪练,这很好呀😂我希望多来点!我是想不明白美国佬的思维,飞机天天飞过来吓唬谁呢?难道你敢动手么?我们巴不得呢。

  • American B-52 biggest spy china have right to defends themselves from air sea land

  • Where was this ,the gulf of Mexico?
    No South China Sea.
    says it all really.

  • Chinese coast guard has no power no match with US power 😂

  • The South China sea was official Chinese Territory long before admiral Cheng Ho eradicated the vicious sea pirates of that time, long before the UN existed and Southeast Asian countries were formed👆

  • Lots of data being blacked out in the video. But still one can see massive heat signatures 😉

  • No it was reckless for us to ha have a b52 the that close to china unescorted,

  • What? You mean they'll not take other military bomber planes going in their borders as friendly? Wooooow, so surprising.

  • According to fake products they supply on the market,it very dangerous for themselves to trust their munitions to confront the Americans😂

  • Harassing…. lol US has been harassing the world for decades and now they are complaining that they get harassed at other other people's doorsteps

  • Reckless maneuver? Sounds like China got the Ferrari and u got the Buick

  • It's strange how Chinese military fighter aircraft never intercept US fighter aircraft 🤔

  • The United States isn't even a signatory on the international law of the sea💁🏾‍♂️😂so claiming that it's in international waters is quite frankly disengeuos🚮😂😂

  • American crying. The camera literally zoomed in on the plane to make it seem the Chinese plane is closer to theirs😂😂😂

  • If any US/Australian war planes and war ships are involved in accidents or collisions, or a war resulting from such incidents in South and East China Seas, US/Australia must take full responsibilities. We are 10 thousand miles from home in NYC. If we are not there, no accidents or collisions would occur. Don’t go looking for trouble in someone’s backyard. Don’t try to make another Gulf of Tonkin lie or incident to start a war.

  • when the Russian did this back then during the cold war, the US would call them spying, but now the US is playing a victim 😂. such a loser

  • We just have to bear eachn othernafterall . We are one with God almighty. We are a Christan nation,

  • How dare China put is country so close to US planes.

  • China is the aggressive one when US flies a bomber right next to the Chinese mainland. Some logic that is.

  • Trump would have told them they could have the b52 if they would give him 100.000$ for it

  • Too many wumaos here claiming the SCS region are theirs💀

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