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Chinese Assertiveness in the South China Sea: Harbinger of T…

In this session, a panel of experts inside and outside of government examine China’s muscle flexing in the South China Sea and …

Title: Chinese Assertiveness in the South China Sea: A New Era of Maritime Tensions

In the realm of international politics, the South China Sea (SCS) has emerged as a hotbed of geopolitical tension, with China's assertiveness being a significant factor. This article aims to shed light on the latest developments and their implications, offering a fresh perspective on this pressing issue.

China's assertiveness in the SCS, long a subject of international concern, has taken on renewed significance in recent months. Beijing's recent actions, such as the deployment of a survey vessel and escort ships near the Whitsun Reef, have sparked strong reactions from neighboring countries and the international community.

Verification: These events are new, having occurred in May 2023, as reported by various news outlets, including Reuters and the South China Morning Post.

The deployment is seen as a demonstration of China's continued efforts to assert its territorial claims in the SCS, despite international opposition and ongoing arbitration proceedings. This assertiveness is not only a challenge to the rule of law in the region but also a potential threat to the freedom of navigation and overflight, key principles upheld by the international community.

The latest developments in the SCS underscore the need for diplomatic engagement and dialogue to manage tensions and promote regional stability. The United States, as a key player in the region, has reiterated its commitment to upholding the rules-based international order and ensuring freedom of navigation.

However, the challenge lies in finding a balanced solution that respects all parties' interests and adheres to international law. The ongoing arbitration proceedings between China and the Philippines, initiated in 2013, offer a potential avenue for resolving disputes peacefully.

In conclusion, China's assertiveness in the SCS is a significant development that warrants close attention from the international community. The ongoing situation serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding the rule of law, promoting dialogue, and fostering regional stability. As the world watches, the outcome of these events could shape the future of the SCS and have far-reaching implications for the broader international community.

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  • If the world community allows China to own the South China Sea, it is obliged to allow China to own other 3 seas close to China's shores. The world community is also obliged to allow other countries to own seas in other regions. To help the world community, China should declare to the world that she supports such a scheme.

  • china is inventing a truth about nine dash-line……no legal basis or international recognition…….

  • all countries must follow international law!……if not..there will be chaos…china now…became..very arrogant nation'……..

  • That Gordon Chang is a CLOWN. What in the world is he doing there, I wouldn't know. On the other hand Admiral Harry Harris is the ultimate professional. He hedges his opinion real well. Bonnie Glassier will always be Bonnie Glassier. She is a liberal.

  • If war occurred sooner rather than later more lives will be saved!!

  • oh hey look it's comrade Chang. comrade Chang thank you so much for your service.

  • Harry Harris? I think he recently told the Japanese the US can lock on the Chinese islands in case of a war. He forgot to tell the Japanese that the Chinese can also lock on the US islands in case of war. Islands don't run, OK? Thus guy is simply a propagandist, pure and simple. Just look at the way he reads out his script, most probably written by the Pentagon. He first denies China's sovereignty without a single reference to China's historical claim, and then resort to trade, and then conservation, all pretexts to try to give US an excuse to interfere with matters thousands of miles from the US mainland. US did the same thing everytime it intends to send a force to interfere with other countries' affairs.

  • China will build. US will complain. China will then have more control of the S.China Sea. End of story.

  • Gordon Chang, the Manchurian candidate… go Gordon …. tell them about the coming coming collapse of China… so that these people will feel good about it !

  • The U.S never followed up on the international norms or rules either. Look at the past and current issue going on in the international issue that the U.S did on its own terms.

  • its about time to build nuclear war head….if international law'..will not be respected…..

  • it seems china is so excited about war……..they reise issue about their so called sovereinity?..of bounderies?……

  • What Happens When China Becomes Number One? | Institute of Politics

  • Looks like PRC China's 50 cents army are out in full force with the comments below. Lol
    Never trust PRC China!

  • no one can find a better combination than this trio against China. One has been advocating the collapse of China for years. Sadly for him, China has been growing stronger each day. Another guy is half Japanese who wants to attack China for Japan at any moment. The navy promoted him for good reason. The ugly third cougar has never uttered one good word on China during its life.

  • History is not always a simple repetition but always striking similarities. The American politicians want to transform the South Asia into the next Middle-East the Vietnamese and Filipino elites are naive.

  • China has shown no tendency to block the free flow of commerce in the South China Sea. Given China is the largest trading nation and the largest exporter, I don't see why they would want to do this.

  • Gordon Chang certainly has an over-fertile imagination bordering on wild conjecture and speculation.

  • Gordon Chang is simply an idiot with an imagination gone wild. Sorry, that is the truth about this guy. His prediction of China collapsing by 2011 is completely wrong. I hope he will be more careful with his thinking.

  • almost by definition, most bullies will probably not be so assertive and will turn tail and run home to momma if their victims were equal to or greater in strength to themselves. china can only do what it does because it shits the heaviest pile than any other country in the world.

  • Wow they invited the Manchurian candidate, Gordon Chang, the author of "The Coming Collapse of China", 2001 !
    Don't waste your time watching this !

  • US Army came to south China sea, and said China is a threat. It is the south China sea. Is that a joke? If US want to fuck China, just do it. Do not look for ridiculous excuse. US always want to make sure everything is under its control, and China is too strong to be controlled. Therefore, US want a weak China.

  • rising confrontation? why are we going half way around the world to confront china?

    trade? 80-90% of the trade through the SCS are chinese trade.

    unclos? last I checked, we, the usa didn't even sign it. so why are we using it?

  • if there is a false claimnat, like china, taiwan…..with out coordinates!…and legal basis!//theres a true claimnat..and that is THE PHILIPPINES…..

  • With CNN in the background, Massimo Calabresi as moderator and Gordon Chang in the panel — couldn't you people be more subtle. We want to demonize and destroy China, but we have to do it with more finesse.

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