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China’s aggressive posturing in the South China sea continues, But Taiwan not intimidated

Taiwan refused to be intimated by China’s aggressive posturing in the South China sea. Taiwan military says that it reserves right …


Title: Taiwan Stands Firm in the Face of China's South China Sea Expansion

In recent months, China has escalated its territorial claims in the South China Sea, prompting international concern. However, Taiwan, a self-governing island democracy, remains unintimidated, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to its sovereignty.

China's assertive actions, including military drills and the construction of artificial islands, have been met with global criticism. The United Nations, along with several Southeast Asian nations, has expressed concern over China's disregard for international law and its potential to destabilize the region.

Despite these tensions, Taiwan has maintained a resolute stance. The island nation, which China claims as its own territory, has increased its military preparedness, strengthening its naval and air defenses. Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen has reiterated the nation's commitment to maintaining peace and stability in the region, while also emphasizing the importance of upholding international law.

Taiwan's resilience in the face of China's aggressive posturing is a testament to its democratic values and its

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  • Take a look at the world map folks, the South China sea is very close to China, it’s not even like their back yard, it’s their front doorstep. NATO is just doing more warmongering.

  • If Taiwan do counter attack Chinese forces then they will turn Taiwan into another tiananmen square 😆🇹🇼🔚
    That bloody lady don't know anything about people's liberation army and it's power 🇨🇳❤️

  • US intervention in the dispute existing between China and Taiwan is justified under international law because it is the obligation of every strong democratic country to defend a small helpless democratic country from a big and powerful enemy country.

  • Taiwan is a peaceful country and Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier.

  • CCP is not people they are regime in time when their illegal militsia fishing is finished then …

  • Good for Taiwan the civilized world is behind you.

  • Invade china.its the world's task to make china account table in making the rest if the world miserable because of china virus it unleashed!

  • CCP talks of not damaging relations. Relations with CCP is not a thing to be desired.

  • not intimidated. none other nation is. only CCP doesnt know they are loosing faces and anything soon.

  • Taiwan 🇹🇼 is showing teeth now… good work from the Philippines 🇵🇭

  • China is outclassed, any move towards war will end China’s wish of world domination

  • everything that comes out of a chinese mouth is a lie

  • Taiwan is you know China's history for 6000 years? KHASMIR IS NOT INDIA.

  • The USA,UK,Canada,Australia,France,Netherland have never been democratic countries,in fact, the colonizers are the true cunning dictator regimes, invading sovereign countries in the world, they have murdered and displaced millions of families.
    The List of The USA military aggressions: in 20th-21st Century.resulting of about 25 millions of deaths and displacements compare to the USA covid-19 deaths of almost reaching 800,000 in Nov 2021
    20th century:

    Korea War 1950-1953

    Vietnam war 1955–1964, 1965–1973, 1974–1975

     Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos

    Lebanon invasion 1958

    Creating civil unrest in Indonesia murdering millions of Moslem and PKI 1960-1966

    Dominican invasion 1965-1966

    Korean wars 1966-1967

    Grenada occupation 1983

    Killing civilians with bombs in Libya 1986

    Tanker attacks by the USA in the Gulf 1987-1988

    Panama brutal invasion 1989-1990

    Gulf war aggressions 1990-1991 (Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi, Israel)

    Somalia killing fields 1992-1995

    Bosnia war, murdering Moslems 1992-1995

    Invasion in Haiti 1994-1995

    Kosovo intervention 1997-1998

    21st century till now:
          16. Afghanistan occupation, murdering hundred of thousand moslems and millions displacement 
          17. Iraq brutal invasion ( the USA lies about chemical)2003-2011
          18. Somali military intervention killing Muslim civilians 2007- NOW
          19. Libya invasion murdering the Moh Gaddafi 2011
          20. Military operation in Uganda 2011-1017
          21. Iraq military aggression 2014-NOW
          22. Syria military aggression 2014-NOW
          23. Libya military terror 2015-2019

  • Walang sinabi so Duterte sa Presidente Ng Taiwan kahit babae matapang Laban sa China!

    Duterte duwag at korup. Tuta at bayaran Ng China


  • The Two countries in China Sea that I heard where part of the USA where Taiwan and the Phillipens but l don't really know how close or what political ties they have .but right now Russia and the USA don't have a good relationship because of sanctions after sanctions by the USA , American is still trying to keep it's Minority population Brock and there' getting tieard of it .so l say onward Silk Road 👍.

  • If only countries that surround them holds together, chinas bulliying will stop

  • Taiwan literally claims even more ,but that's not good to report is it?

  • TAIWAN need to rent F35 from USA .to BOM BEJING if china start to fight……

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