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China’s aggression in South China Sea amidst the Pandemic

The South China Sea is an important waterway that connects east and south Asian countries to Europe and Africa. It is of great …

Title: China's Assertive Moves in the South China Sea Amidst the Pandemic: A Geopolitical Shift

In the midst of the global pandemic, China has continued its assertive actions in the South China Sea, raising concerns about its geopolitical intentions. The South China Sea, a crucial waterway for global trade, has been a long-standing source of tension between China and its Southeast Asian neighbors.

Despite the worldwide focus on the COVID-19 crisis, China has not ceased its territorial claims in the region. In May, a Chinese coastguard vessel rammed and sank a Vietnamese fishing boat, escalating tensions between the two nations. Similarly, in June, China deployed a survey vessel and escorts into waters contested by Malaysia and Brunei, sparking protests and diplomatic protests.

These actions are not isolated incidents. China has been gradually increasing its military presence in the South China Sea over the past few years, building artificial islands and installing military equipment. This expansion has been a cause of concern for the United States and other regional powers, who view China's actions as a threat to freedom of navigation and the rules-based international order.

The pandemic has not weakened China's resolve in the South China Sea. On the contrary, some experts argue that the crisis has provided China with an opportunity to advance its territorial claims. With the world's attention focused on the pandemic, China has been able to carry out its activities with less scrutiny and opposition.

Moreover, the pandemic has exacerbated economic and political divisions within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the regional bloc that includes the countries most affected by China's actions in the South China Sea. The pandemic has strained ASEAN's unity and cooperation, making it more difficult for the bloc to present a united front against China.

The pandemic has also highlighted the vulnerabilities of the countries in the region, particularly in terms of their dependence on China for trade and investment. This dependence has made some countries hesitant to criticize China's actions in the South China Sea, for fear of jeopardizing their economic relationships.

In conclusion, China's assertive moves in the South China Sea amidst the pandemic are a reflection of its geopolitical ambitions and a challenge to the regional order. The pandemic has provided China with

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