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China’s aggression has to be resisted whether in South China Sea or in India’s backyard

Ambassador Alice Wells, Principle Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs on 20 May spoke at …

Title: Resisting China's Aggression: A Necessity in the South China Sea and Beyond

In the rapidly evolving geopolitical landscape, China's assertive behavior, particularly in the South China Sea and its encroachment on India's territorial integrity, has become a significant concern. The need to resist this aggression is not just a matter of principle, but also a strategic imperative for maintaining peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

China's territorial claims in the South China Sea, backed by military buildup on artificial islands, challenge the rules-based international order. This assertiveness not only violates the sovereignty of countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia, but also threatens freedom of navigation and overflight, which are crucial for global trade.

In India's backyard, China's incursions into Ladakh last year were a stark reminder of its territorial ambitions. The standoff, which lasted for several months, highlighted the need for India to strengthen its border defenses and deter China from such actions in the future.

Resisting China's aggression is not about confrontation, but about upholding the rule of law and maintaining peace. It is essential that countries work together to ensure that disputes are resolved peacefully, through dialogue and diplomacy, rather than through force.

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad), comprising the United States, Japan, Australia, and India, can play a crucial role in this regard. The Quad, which was initially formed to provide humanitarian aid after the 2004 tsunami, has evolved into a strategic forum to discuss regional security issues.

India, as a responsible global power, has a vital role to play in this context. It must continue to strengthen its military capabilities, while also engaging in diplomatic initiatives to de-escalate tensions and promote dialogue.

In conclusion, China's aggression in the South China Sea and its border disputes with India underscore the need for a robust response. Resisting China's aggression is not just about protecting national interests, but also about upholding the rule of law and maintaining peace in the region. Countries must work together to ensure that disputes are resolved peacefully, and that the Indo-Pacific remains a region of peace,

See video for more information

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  • Why are they using zoom. Common be a little responsible. Use Google meet, it's free to all.

  • China has lost its senses to become a world power. It already started with the virus and then rather working towards solution China showed its aggressive behaviour with Taiwan. Honkong, India and America. It just does not want to understand anything. China just defies anyone this kind of behaviour is unsafe for each and every country on this planet, if not today then certainly tomorrow.

  • She only works in the state department. She is talking about history. History of the US – India relationship was sad . What is the point of talking about that?


  • The print is a biased news channel.. Better find another news channel to speak the right news.

  • Inferiority complex crying China China everywhere. why the fake media not present nepalese stand in correct perspective. Fake media.

  • How time changed after second world war it was America. Before that Europe ruled ruled .basically since the Muslims were driven out of Spain its been west in power by hooks or crooks .but now balance is shifting towards China and west doesn't like it .it shows no one can rule this world in their way 🤔🦧🤷‍♂️

  • China, Pakistan, Nepal and so on… Is little india friendly with any o her neighbor???

  • very good conversation…learned a lot about us-india relation dynamics,

  • America has a dismal record of standing by its Non-white allies.

  • Trump – Modi good relationship is likely to backfire in November 2020.

  • How about having transparency in World Bank, IMF, WTO and even the UN. Before trying to bring it in the WHO.

  • Does the USA respect sovereignty of other countries?…. obviously NOT.

  • China's aggression? China hasn't fought a war since the 1970's. The U.S. has fought… more wars than I care to remember.

  • The Number of Indian students in the USA will Fall in coming years.

  • India is the troublemaker, stop making racist rhetoric against Chinese!
    Donald Trump's bully and racist extortion at Chinese has got to vr stopped! America is nothing holy, see your record of aggressions in Iraq!

  • Print is paid by China,that's why his agenda is supporting communist and china.. Now we should understand his agenda..

  • The worlds oldest democracy USA N the worlds largest Democracy India together we will dismantle this Chinese Communist party they r responsible for spreading Corona Virus to the world there are thousands of people dying every day. USA should support Taiwan Tibet n Hong Kong against communist China long live India USA friendship God bless

  • American empire will have to displace many factories and investments from China to India because they have bad relations with china and they need cheap labour and Chinese are not that cheap anymore, but INDIA doesn't have to join America in their war against China. Trump, Pompeo, and Bannon are love bombing Modi, because they want millions of Indians to fight and die in a world war against China, for the interest of American empire corporations, they only want to take advantage of India and make a huge business selling armament. Be clever take the factories and the investments but don't fight CHINA, this will be a win-win for India, but if you get in a war INDIA IS ONLY GOING TO lose,get in a war is horrible to attract investments, you will spend a fortune in armament, and loose lives, and get the destruction of the economy and the country. They need INDIA because they know China has a lot more soldiers. OPEN EYES. The Americans don,t want INDIA to solve its border problems with china peacefully , the more problems India have, the better business for American that sell armament

  • UN cannot deliver without inclusion of India as the six permanent member with the right of veto. China cannot be allowed to continue to object to India's inclusion. How are you planning to address this issue?

  • How come you lot never spoke against Israel and India both went against UN CHARTER what a double standards of people

  • Regarding Taliban and Afghanistan, what Americans do to that country?? And what india doing with them ??

    There is a parliament building made by india , Dams and Roads etc.

    To help on Fighting terrorism and keep nations sovereignty and territorial integrity, even their army is getting trained from India, unlike the Americans did !!

  • China is nasty agressor and hypocratic state. UN and world should punish the virus producer and world intruder. india asked them to retain may 2020 statsqo. chinese killed 20 indian soldiers and threatening. World unite economically militarily and attack the rogue state china countrt

  • You don't resist China's aggression…you deliberately push back. And if need be, sink a ship.

  • China is still living in Middle age belief of expansion of territorial claims through force. Best we can do is stop buying Chinese made goods

  • I don't think India can form a long lasting relationship with America without alienating the Russians. In a sense India has to choose between the two. Choosing Russia and China would be more beneficial for India in the long run.

  • LAC is not a border. If India competes with China, not cooperate, LAC will never become a border. But India enjoys competition over cooperation … If India goes on quad parades, it'll be managing the LAC for a long time until one day the US pulls up anchor to leave Asia just like they left Afghanistan.

  • America never helped India before. If they want to help now it's clear that they have their own agendas !! And the Indian government as well as people are clearly aware of it.
    In all the wars with Pakistan, Americans helped Pakistan ( the terror escorting country)
    The country we Indians believe in are ISRAEL and RUSSIA.

    Today's alleys maybe tomorrow enemy. But these two countries are always helpful for the Indians in all the difficult times

  • Historically indian-russian relationship is tried and tested. There is no comparison.

  • India is top terrorist country. Atrocities in Kashmir, killing Innocent people within India, fighting with Napal, fighting with Srilanka. with Pakistan. It is most dangerous country.

  • The way Alice is trying to pamper India is making it so obvious that how desperate US is right now, how scared they are of China advancement, its evident from her over zealous effort to show how much US cares of India. In fact US is a sinking ship trying to grasp any straw to keep them afloat to keep them atop. I am sure her gloating sounds like music to ears. But does the Ladakh is real reason US is so sweetening to India?

  • Lets not forget that land that china is standing on n barking is actually the Occupied Tibet and not China! …. So lets call spade a spade!!! What ots calling indian agression is BS while they do the agression snd then put that same blame on the other!!?? Dumbworld really!!

  • Atal Bihar Bajpai was surely the father of Indias Global access to and for India… I solute Atal Bihari Bajpai former PM of India!!

  • What Pakistan!! And will reduce terrorism… Haaaah… Its been 30 years… Its still happening!! Blind n helpless world!!

  • China eas at war of sorts with the west since decades now. Its only uncovered now isint it? So China was working on ruling the planet by now per their timeline and then they just did the Covid twist to the war….. Slow war to a Biowar!!

  • Every nation have to follow the international rules of engagement & behaviour, whether it's China or USA or any other country.

  • USA made many policy blinders and created mess for rest of the world. Issue is that Americans are true businessmen and your short term business gains, created a monster (China) for you and for rest of the world.

  • Still with India, American idea is to only sell more high value arms so they are only interested in selling. America will never support India in crisis situation. Sorry but this is the truth.

  • China want to invade the ASEAN countries soon

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