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China Undercover (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

A revealing look at the Chinese government’s mass imprisonment of an estimated two million Uyghurs and other Muslims, with …

Title: Unveiling Modern-Day China: A Deep Dive into the Nation's Labor Practices and Social Controls (FRONTLINE's 'China Undercover')

In the era of globalization, understanding the inner workings of a major world power like China is crucial. The latest documentary from FRONTLINE, titled 'China Undercover', offers a revealing look into the nation's labor practices and social control mechanisms, providing insights into the country's current state and its potential future.

The documentary, which aired in early 2023, sheds light on the exploitative labor conditions that persist in China, particularly in the technology sector. The investigation focuses on the manufacturing of smartphones for major tech companies, including Apple and Samsung, in the city of Shenzhen. The undercover journalists, posing as factory workers, captured footage of workers toiling for long hours, often without breaks, and living in cramped, unsanitary dormitories.

Moreover, the documentary delves into China's sophisticated system of social control, which has been tightened under President Xi Jinping's administration. The program highlights the use of surveillance technology, such as facial recognition and smartphone apps, to monitor citizens' activities and enforce compliance with government policies.

One of the most striking aspects of 'China Undercover' is its timeliness. The documentary was released amidst growing international scrutiny of China's labor practices and human rights record. The revelations about the tech industry's complicity in these practices could have significant implications for these companies' reputations and business relationships.

Furthermore, the documentary's exploration of China's social control mechanisms is particularly relevant in the context of ongoing discussions about privacy, surveillance, and censorship. The documentary serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of unchecked surveillance and control, not just for the citizens of China, but for people worldwide.

In conclusion, 'China Undercover' offers a compelling and timely examination of China's labor practices and social control mechanisms. The documentary's findings, while not entirely new, underscore the urgent need for reform and transparency in China, as well as for international corporations to take responsibility for the conditions in their supply chains. As China continues to play a significant role in the global economy, understanding its inner workings is essential for ensuring ethical business practices and upholding

See video for more information

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  • " All of this I have seen, and I applied my heart to every work being done under the sun during the time that man has dominated man to his own harm" Solomon ;Ecclesiastes 8:9.

  • I don’t know how anyone could shake hands with Jinping??? He puts people in prison for saying things he doesn’t like.

  • I find it insane how some people still find ways to defend the CCP and Russia when documentaries like this show what their reality is. Hope they can find freedom one day.

  • Oh st** you know damn well that China is doing good in Xinjiang, and calling the denazification of Xinjiang the moral equivalent of the holocaust by calling it "genoicde" is beyond stupid. We should mind our own business (the US, my country).

  • Not to mention that the Chinese harvest the organs of the Muslim population because they live relatively clean lives. I'm absolutely disturbed with the actions of the Chinese communist party. Who knew winne the pooh could be such a prick!

  • 12:03 Wow, shocking to see islamists setting off explosive devices and using vehicles to run over innocents. It seems so unlike them.

  • all creepy wite guys should watch killers of the flower moon

  • China reminded me of North korea !!!

  • Religion has no place in Communist China. Their basic tenet is Dialectic Materialism. There is no such thing as spirit therefore there is, also, no such thing as God. Everything is simply material. And so, any form of religion in China is viewed with suspicion. It was a big change in policy for China to allow higher education when in the beginning the intelligentsia were crucified, killed and "re-educated" because only the working class knew what was good for China. This was fanaticism in tight embrace with ignorance. Some of the wrong beliefs of the Communist Party is still followed up to this date out of convenience. I pray that those two million Uyghurs and other Muslims, are able to negotiate a peaceful and fruitful co-existence with the rest of China's population. Or that those in power may somehow have an Epiphany and see the Light. But I will not hold my breathe on this.

  • America has to tolerate this though.. how else can we work with China to fight climate change?


  • Now we know why so many Chinese people want to come to the US. Chinese illegal immigration has spiked in the us.

  • China is nipping that Muslim issue in the bud….no jihad here

  • They are extremely lucky that their government is so involved with the education of the citizens as well as their safety from terrorist. Free education, free home security system, free vocational training, free communal housing, how wonderful!!

  • If your smart TRASH YOUR PHONE!
    Remember it’s in 60 Countries!

  • Whom to believe? Every nation and country when they have upper hands they torment and torture their minorities. China and India are examples. India kills Muslim people in Guzarat and Kashmir and lately in Asam.
    I think India is worse than China.
    China, at least, doesn't kill. Israhell kills.

    But PBS won't light on those issues. All are bious.
    Phillipine did with Moros for so long but no one mentioned ever.

  • Don't forget that the Quaran requires muslims to lie to non muslims until they have an oppurtunity to force conversion to Islam or execute those who refuse to convert. Have no sympathy for muslims. China was doing the right thing.

  • X'ian is a dumpster, only poor Chinese got send there as a punishment, like Siberia. 😂

  • Honestly, America seems so motivated to dig at China, but look at Muslims around the world and ask yourself who makes more sense, America & Europe who are facing a while subculture that is trying to destroy them whenever the population concentrate of Muslims get high and radicalized or China? I admit I don't know a lot of the history here but what we see in our obviously biased media, but some of it is true, but I do know that much of our alarmist rhetoric about Russia and China is not as bad as one would be led to believe. China has 3 times as many people as the US and still maintains the largest politically representative body even if it is limited in power. So is ours and everyone else's. China and Russia both have to deal with their government the best they can, and both are much better than they were 30 years ago, and probably will be better than they are now 30 years from now.

  • Why don't they all leave China why don't they all stop visiting China why do they keep going to look for relatives… I'd of left long ago..

  • Fully support the Chinese! The way those vile muslims behave is discusting!

  • Maria Rosa's first Son….Again…Thanks NYPD

  • PRC is committing genocide against the Uighur people. The CCP is a racist autocratic govt that oppress Chinese, Tibetans, Uighurs and Hong Kongers. Free Tibet, East Turkestan & Hong Kong from the PRC. Free China from the CCP.

  • Watching this PBS video I ask myself what would my country do if something similar happened (bombings and killings of innocent people going about their day to day activities)? The reaction of my country’s government may not be so broad-brush in response to such domestic terrorist attacks, but its response will be just as swift and just as strong and just as vigorous and just as thorough. America’s pluralistic society is governed by a set of rules and laws. If an American citizen breaks them, then she or he will reap the consequences of breaking them. I’m thinking also: Will an ethnic Han Chinese citizen in China be treated with more leniency for committing acts of domestic terrorism than an ethnic Uighur Chinese citizen for committing the same? I don’t think so. In America, citizens who commit acts of domestic terrorism will be punished with clear and severe consequences (e.g. this happened in my beloved country before and a very severe punishment was meted out to the perpetrator).

  • It's 2024 and you have college students helping to fund the Chinese government by broadcasting their Palestine protests on Tik Tok instead of protesting this truly grotesque thing that has gone largely ignored by western society.

  • That's the difference between the ukrainians and the Russians. Ukrainians treat all war dead the same. They treat their captives humanely, but not the Russians. It's like they take no prisoners they kill them all strip the supplies and ammunition. Russia is evil, Ronald Reagan was right. They have become the evil empire,

  • China was in the Bible as the last true state to save mankind

  • Imagine a country where political leaders make decisions based on their own religion. Thank goodness that this doesn't happen in the US.

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