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China to conduct military drills in South China Sea | US sen…

China will conduct military exercises in the South China Sea this week, just days after Beijing bristled at a US aircraft carrier …

Title: China Announces Military Exercises in South China Sea Amidst US Tensions

In the context of escalating geopolitical tensions, China has announced its intention to conduct military drills in the South China Sea. This news, first reported by the US Senate, signifies a potential escalation in the ongoing territorial disputes in the region.

The announcement comes amidst heightened tensions between China and the United States, with both nations engaged in a trade war and ongoing disagreements over issues such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. The proposed military exercises, if carried out, could further strain relations between the two superpowers.

The South China Sea, a crucial shipping route, is a contentious area where China claims almost all of the waters, despite competing claims from several Southeast Asian countries. China's decision to conduct military drills in the region is a move that could be interpreted as a show of force, intended to assert its territorial claims.

This development is significant, given the potential for increased military activity in a region already fraught with tension. It underscores the need for diplomatic efforts to manage these disputes and prevent any potential escalation that could have far-reaching implications for global stability.

The information provided is new, as China's announcement of military drills in the South China Sea has not been widely reported until its disclosure by the US Senate. This news serves as a reminder of the ongoing geopolitical tensions and the potential for further escalation in the South China Sea.

See video for more information

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  • 多数国家不要战争或军事竞争,不是说美国显示一下实力,各国就会有信心选边站。美国不如认真考虑提升自己的基建实力以便和中国竞争协助各国想要的基建来发展经济。
    Most countries do not want war or military competition. It does not mean that when the United States shows its strength, all countries will have the confidence to choose sides. The United States might as well consider seriously upgrading its own infrastructure capabilities in order to compete with China to assist countries in the infrastructure needed to develop their economies.

  • China can hold as many drills as humanly possible but it won't help the fact that they have a weak girly army.

  • Hello gentlemen.
    This is the .era all concepts became uselessness…
    .what it thought to be American s very best for scientific Corona .coming it became useless…European a too Israel good intelligent fighters ..we can see it whenever Iran attack everybody get GOOD LESSONS

  • Imrand katora khan Apne began ko girvi rakh Kar karj le Raha hai China se 😋😋😋

  • Result will be ———- just 🐚🐉🕊🦅

  • While reading comments here. I saw Indians wants war more than peace. Be careful what you wish for. You forgot that were at nuclear era. If China lost they will use those Nuclear and India is one of the main target.

  • China turn more vicious day by day they plaguing and tormenting neighbor country who will stop China vicious plan to conquer whole world ?

  • China is really testing how the current biden administration will react, if the biden administration doesn't react strongly on this provocations then China will surely go back to their more aggressive behavior before trump took sit.

  • That's why we Filipinos is on final stage of acquiring brahmos super cruise missile we don't want to be an easy target of Chinese communists. 🇮🇳🇵🇭💪

  • I am working with Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Bangladeshi, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Polish, German, American, Russian people and they all my good friends. We never argue but we watch our corrupted power hungry governments causing war all the time. They spend our tax money on ammunition and nuclear weapon instead of proper education and health system.
    They are shameless and we need to tell them to stop. Kind regards to all

  • China is only bully they had no balls to fire the first shot into taiwan because they know what is the consenquences if they do.

  • Aliens will be watching this destruction
    And enjoying please continue we must not fail to entertain our masters

  • China has risen with different ideologies under continuous confrontation with the West. It is time for India to learn China's political wisdom.

  • Guys don't get drawn into NOT your war! It is our corrupted governments who is creating war for our money from our taxes instead of investing in education and health properly. They manipulate us and we let them. I am not at war with nobody but our corrupted governments are always at war! Shameless!

  • China needs a war to divert the attention of its own people who have been suffering badly from the CCP oppression

  • A 13-year-old girl has been raped and murdered in India.

    Her body was found in a sugarcane field in northern Uttar Pradesh state, police said on Saturday. Two neighbours in the village have been arrested.

    Police have denied the father's account that his daughter had had her eyes gouged out and her tongue cut.

    Rape and sexual violence have been under the spotlight in India since the 2012 gang rape and murder of a young woman on a bus in the capital, Delhi.

    That attack led to huge protests and changes to the country's rape laws, but there has been no sign of crimes against women and girls abating.

    According to recent crime figures, every fourth rape victim in India is a child. In an overwhelming number of rape cases, the victims know the perpetrators.

    Four men executed for 2012 Delhi bus rape

    Why India's rape crisis shows no signs of abating

    Raped for money 'by her father's friends'

    The pregnant child caught in a media storm

    The latest incident occurred late on Friday in Pakaria village in the Lakhimpur Kheri district, police said.

    The family went searching for their daughter after she failed to return from a toilet break out in the fields.

    They say they found her body mutilated.

    But police said the post-mortem examination had concluded that she had died from strangulation after being raped – but not that her eyes had been gouged out or that her tongue had been cut.

    "There were scratches near the eyes, likely due to the sharp sugarcane leaves where the body was found," police spokesman Satendra Kumar said.

    A senior member of the Opposition Congress Party, Jitin Prasada, condemned the attack as "saddening".

    "The inhuman act with a girl has put humanity to shame," he said, according to the Times of India newspaper.

    The incident comes months after the case of a six-year-old girl who was abducted outside her home in Madhya Pradesh state and raped.

    The attacker inflicted severe injuries to the child's eyes, in an apparent attempt to stop her identifying him.

    In February, a 25-year-old man was arrested for allegedly raping a five-year-old girl on the premises of the US embassy in Delhi.

    In November last year, the gang rape and murder of a 27-year-old vet in the southern city of Hyderabad also made global headlines and triggered protests.

  • Are battle lines drawn in the South China Sea? Hardly. No one wants war there. The recent "domestic law" is to prevent CCP maritime militia to fire first. There is no other militia in that Sea. A very neat CCP tactic. It also gives a "tough" CCP veneer for domestic consumption. With the US government invoking Japanese and Filipno Mutual Defense Treaties there is no way CCP Coast Guard will start WW3 or even a localized "mistake" by shooting first. This is a prelude to serious diplomatic and peaceful resolutions and negotiations to the CCP 9-dash line.

  • Not from the US but this dispute has me more worried than if I was
    If something was to go down things could get hairy very fast
    Don't know why so many people underestimate China's capabilities
    I hope for the best outcome

  • Balless india can join usa to fight china in chinas scs if you wish.

  • Another show-off from a big bully who doesn't have any other business. The world is getting so bored 🥱😴🥱.

  • Many probably wish China would do something stupid so the allies could put their ships and aircraft to work in stopping them.

  • Amid tensions, Tensions that xi Jinping has provoked not only the tensions with the USA but also Japan and India these Tensions are Xi's fault

  • Biden is playing with his two dog's in white House & forgotten his responsibilities.wakeup sleeping zoo

  • Every time we get a new president china always tests the US

  • Love how the PRC doesn’t understand why its policy of “If you want to cooperate you must do as I say” falls on deaf ears. The PRC is the one playing the role of provocateur. Taiwan should consider leasing facilities to the navies in the region.

  • The USS Theodore Roosevelt led a group of ships into the South China Sea on Saturday to promote “freedom of the seas,” the US military said, days after Joe Biden began his term as president

  • So this is start of how Biden will gift south China sea to of course China

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