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China: Spies, Lies and Blackmail | 101 East

China not only controls its citizens at home – but also those abroad. There’s increasing evidence anyone who displeases Chinese …

Title: Unveiling China's Espionage Activities: A 101 East Investigation

In the age of increasing global tension, a new 101 East investigation sheds light on China's clandestine activities, revealing a web of spies, lies, and blackmail that extends far beyond its borders. This timely report, aired on Al Jazeera, offers a chilling glimpse into China's covert operations and their impact on international relations.

The investigation delves into China's intelligence services, exposing their extensive reach and the tactics they employ to gather sensitive information. One of the most startling revelations is the use of 'honey traps', where attractive women are employed to lure and seduce foreign diplomats, politicians, and business leaders, with the aim of extracting confidential information.

Moreover, the report highlights the role of Chinese students studying abroad, who are often recruited by intelligence services to gather information on campuses and in their host countries. This practice, known as 'talent recruitment', is a significant concern for many Western governments, as it potentially compromises national security.

The investigation also sheds light on China's use of economic blackmail, where businesses are threatened with sanctions or other punitive measures if they do not comply with Beijing's demands. This tactic, which has been used against companies in several countries, underscores China's growing economic influence and its willingness to use it for political gain.

While much of the information presented in the 101 East investigation is not new, the report provides a comprehensive and well-documented account of China's espionage activities. It serves as a reminder of the challenges posed by China's rise and the need for vigilance in the face of its increasingly assertive foreign policy.

In the current geopolitical landscape, understanding China's tactics is crucial for maintaining national security and safeguarding democratic values. The 101 East investigation provides a valuable resource for policymakers, journalists, and the general public alike, offering insights into the shadowy world of Chinese espionage and the threats it poses to global stability.

See video for more information

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  • Trouble trouble trouble, trouble will trouble u.

  • Well to say they never have seen so advanced sencorship before its a lie…

    The same sencorship is used here on YouTube too and have been so in a long time…

    Your comment will be deleted within a minut if you write something they don't like..

    Don't try to expose bill gates in s comment.
    It will never get posted

  • Actually if any Chinese in US mentions out what happen to chinA policies those who are need to alert and prevent from telling any true about it. There be 99.9 percent is spies. Very risky when you over board. Because they can travel as a normal person everybody or government will never know. Uhhh what a evil act to CCP. 🥶

  • Thank you. This video and other reporting is a bellwether. When Al Jazeera takes this down without plain technical reasons. something has happened.

  • US is as guilty as China regarding this. Remember about Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. US hates critics too.

  • YouTube, google, Facebook got same (Left) Censorship. And it getting worse. Your comment will be deleted in 15-30 seconds. Not far from a Communist China.

  • Get a gun and shoot first then ask questions for them china spy’s tell them follow this when there coming to your home u have a right to defend your self

  • The worse part? The FBI and CIA have no assets (or no reliable assets) in China itself. I remember a story where a mole that the FBI planted in China was shot in broad daylight back in 2014. He was a prominent academic/professor whose death was ruled benign. He was also one of the agency's last known assets

  • In China, (1) the state can force Chinese nationals at home and abroad to carry out military activities in their respective countries (National Defense Mobilization Law, effective in 2010); (2) the state can force Chinese nationals at home and abroad to do spy activities in their respective countries. (National Intelligence Law, effective 2017). Chinese citizens who do not follow the instructions and orders of the Chinese government will be arrested and have no option to decline. Together, these two laws create the most dangerous security situation for every country.🇯🇵🇺🇦🇯🇵

  • I’ll to rdercfod I must have money and the resurajtc has to be open!!!

  • eyveonr is 6 connectioins way control the supply chain and access naytghin it heowlrd bot dgitil nadp hsycila

  • Well done. It seems corporate media is either afraid of offending the CCP, complicit, groosly incompetent or blind, deaf and DUMB. I see nothing there to inspire confidence or encourage paying much attention to them.

  • Keep social distance at least 10m, leave alone to trust these spies, look ordinary but lethal to national, personal security!

  • imagine china is the superpower leader calling the shots instead of usa, each of us will be living in the biggest Prison cell . there will not be any Free Press, just one world state media propagating the good of ccp govt. no criticism of the govt, no alternative opinions allowed, no expression of discontent with bread and butter issues allowed, no ties with any individuals or groups deemed as opponents or threats to her regime. etc

  • Lots of the people from the white paper movement were arrested in silent after the protests and have to this day remain missing some of the students posted videos where they told their friends if they vanish to post their videos

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