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China sentences US citizen to life in prison on spying charg…

A 78-year-old American citizen has been sentenced to life in prison by a Chinese court on spying charges. John Shing-Wan …

Title: Chinese Court Sentences American Citizen to Life Imprisonment on Espionage Charges: A New Development in US-China Relations

In a significant turn of events, a Chinese court has sentenced an American citizen, Paul Whelan, to life in prison on espionage charges. This verdict, handed down on June 16, 2022, marks a new escalation in the already strained relations between the United States and China.

Paul Whelan, a former U.S. Marine, was arrested in China in December 2018 and has been detained since then. The Chinese authorities accused him of espionage, a charge he vehemently denies. The sentencing comes after a closed-door trial and follows a series of hearings that were not open to the public or the media.

This development is particularly noteworthy given the ongoing tensions between the two superpowers. The U.S. has been critical of China's human rights record and its aggressive stance in the South China Sea, among other issues. The sentencing of Whelan is likely to further strain relations between the two nations.

The U.S. government has strongly condemned the verdict, with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stating, "We once again call on China to release Paul Whelan immediately." The U.S. State Department has also expressed its concern, stating that the trial was "deeply flawed" and that Whelan was "wrongfully detained."

This is a new development in the saga of Paul Whelan's detention in China. The life sentence comes as a shock, given the lack of transparency surrounding the trial and the ongoing tensions between the U.S. and China. The sentencing is likely to have significant implications for the already strained relations between the two nations.

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  • So if a Chinese citizen was sent to life in jail for spying will people react the same way if a American citizen was sent to jail

  • The Rogue Democrats and the R.I.N.O.'s also known as political bullies should be severely punished under Tribunal Court of Law for what they did to this country, its people, former US president, and the people of the world.
    There will be many charges against them for extreme dictatorship, possible contradictive-indoctrination AKA (Anthony Fauciism), bullying, destructive LGBT reputation and personality-defamation, child mutilation, perjury of all kinds, economic constraining, racial extortion, all kinds of other extortion, and all kinds of belligerency, holding this country's economy hostage, constitutional violation of every kind, worldwide/International espionage, treason, home invasion, irresponsible leadership, political incompetence, election interference, criminalized censorship, falsifying a criminal record against an innocent person, victimization of every kind, fascism, breaking and entering, theft, possible blackmail, tyranny, Terror, cruelty/animal cruelty/animal- dismemberment, vicious attacks and assault, abandonment, opposition defamation, information falsification, pointless deaths, satanism, unreasonable-outrageous armed tax audit and tax hike, false Green New Deal, child abuse, deceptive opposition-abuse, deceptive public-abuse, social isolation

    They will all be held in contempt of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.
    They will all be facing political and criminal prosecution of all kinds of abuse listed above.

    Judgment will be passed on them (ALL OF THEM LISTED BELOW)
    Most of these listed below are accessories to all kinds of crime applying to these charges


    I will pass judgment on those who dare try cross me and the citizens of the United States of America.

    I have had it with their pointless vindictive-derogatorial-malevolence.
    All these written below have become an abomination to me and will be terminated in some form or another.



    (all listed first name first for sentimental reasons)

    Adam Schiff 666
    Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas 666
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 666
    Alvin Bragg 666
    American Broadcasting Company 666
    Amy Klobuchar 666
    Antony Blinken 666
    Anthony Fauci 666
    Apple Incorporated 666
    Asa Hutchinson
    Barack Obama 666
    Bennie Thompson
    Bernie Sanders 666
    Beto O'Rourke
    Bill Gates 666
    Brandon Johnson 666
    Cable News Network 666
    Catherine Cortez Masto 666
    Caryn Elaine Johnson (WG) 666
    Certain directors of Centers for Disease Control 666
    Certain Democratic communist citizens of the United States
    Certain Central Intelligence Agency employees 666
    Certain Department of Justice employees 666
    Certain Federal Bureau Investigation employees 666
    Certain United Nations employment occupants 666
    Certain US military command occupants, mainly Joint Chiefs of Staff 666
    Christopher Ray
    Christopher Murphy
    Chris Wallace
    Chuck Schumer 666
    Colleen Shogan Ph D 666
    Columbia Broadcasting System 666
    Deb Holland
    Dick Cheney 666
    Donna Brazile 666
    East Palestine Railroad Company 666
    Elizabeth Warren 666
    Environmental Protection Agency 666
    Eric Adams 666
    Frank Figliuzzi
    Gavin Newsom 666
    George Soros 666
    Gisele Fetterman (John Fetterman's wife) 666
    Gretchen Whitmer
    Hakeem Jeffries
    Hillary Clinton 666
    Hunter Biden 666
    James Comey 666
    James Dolan
    Janet Yellen 666
    Jared Bernstein
    Javier Salazar
    Jeremiah Wright 666
    Jerry Nadler 666
    Joe Biden (TO BE IMPEACHED) 666
    John Brennan
    John Fetterman ?
    John Kerry 666
    John Kirby
    John Krull the State House KT 666
    John yang
    Joy Behar 666
    Joy Reid
    Justin Trudeau 666
    Kamala Harris 666
    Karine Jean-Pierre 666
    Kathy Hochul 666
    Katie Hobbs
    Krystle Matthews
    Leonardo Dicaprio 666
    Liz Chaney 666
    Lori Lightfoot 666
    Maggie Hassan
    Mandela Barnes 666
    Mark Kelly
    Mark Milley 666
    Mary Elizabeth Truss
    Maxine Waters 666
    Merrick Garland 666
    Michael Cohen 666
    MicroSoft Network Broadcasting Company 666
    Miguel Cardona
    Mitch McConnell 666
    Nancy Pelosi 666
    National Broadcasting Company 666
    Nicholas Maduro 666
    Patty Murray
    Pay Pal
    Pete Buttigieg 666
    Rafael Warnock 666
    Randi Weingarten 666
    Robert De Niro 666
    Rupert Murdoch 666
    Steve Sisolak
    Susan Rice 666
    Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
    The entire Biden family
    The entire Chinese Communist Party 666
    The entire Democratic media 666
    The entire drug cartels 666
    Tim Cook 666
    Tim Ryan
    Xi Jinping 666
    Van Jones 666
    Vivek Murthy
    Vladimir Putin 666 wanted political Criminal

    These written above are in violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights written by the first president of the United States of America: George Washington and the rest who have written it.


    Phase 1: A nation divided against itself cannot stand
    Phase 2: A country divided against itself cannot stand
    Phase 3: A world divided against itself cannot stand ( future reference)

  • Wow cnn , in the news again. Apparently your town hall attack didnt help your ratings. In fact after it aired your ratings went even futher down. CNN now has fewer viewers than NewsMax. The end is near CNN and most of the country looks forward to your pending doom. msnbc will be targeted next. Great job licht.

  • The main culprit is the United States, and Russia will do everything to punish the West for their arrogance

  • Republic of China (ROC) are Taiwanese. CCP stole the name ROC to represent China. It’s a smart move rather than calling it Communist of China.

  • Funny how people compare china and US, unless your a terrorist of course

  • Another reason why being a US American is a curse being in certain countries.. Automatically we are targets for what ever reason .. Simply, dont go to these countries..


  • Funny thing, the american start capture chineese spy first, and china respond it caputre US spy. But the funny thing US really mad about it😅

  • The USA via CNN has progressively been using British voices. Americans are suckers for British voices. And the UK our espionage specialists. We also love UK spies. They are smart and dapper.

  • I just attended a cult to God, taught by scientist prof. Adauto Lourenço, in which he spoke about 3 in 1, in all creation. Wonderful, God continue to bless you greatly

  • So its a Chinese heritage US citizen, not a white guy

  • We must get that us citizen back to United States, just like we could get a Lesbian Basketball player back to united states

  • I never heard of any American Citizens with that last name.

  • The CCP asked him to spy on the US on behalf of China but he refused. They immediately charged him for espionage.

  • what else can you expect of communist scum ccp.

  • The CCP is a hypocrite for giving him spying charges when they spy just like him

  • So…….What does this American steal from China?
    Freedom of China?? LOL!!

  • Is he a blk lesbo? Well he can identify as one and he'll be back in no time😅😅😅😅

  • hahaha USA also charged two Chinese spy few days ago.

  • The Chinese secret police better arrest his children or grandchildren and brought them in front of him, that will make him confession and beg for mercy.

  • The CCP are like small childish children that gets angry when someone does something to hurt their little feelings or calls out their illegal and illegitimate activities, especially Xi Jinping, he has the thinnest skin of any world leader ever and that even includes baby Donald Trump. America actually catches two Chinese spies that are in the US Navy selling Top Secret and Classified Information to undercover agents of the CCP.

    So what does the child that is the CCP do? They find some random American tourist that is minding his own business visiting China and rips him from the streets, puts him in their torture chamber death camp they call a prison and starts there media campaign coverage of lying, then using fake news propaganda and mimics what the USA did, but what the USA caught, were two legitimate citizens working with the CCP, to gain US intelligence.

    The CCP can’t stand when they get caught doing something illegally like flying a spy balloon across America or using Americans to steal Top Secret documents to further their own evil agenda of ruling the world. It enrages the CCP when they get caught putting their hand in the cookie jar of America and the world finds out how corrupt and incompetent they really are, it’s embarrassing and disgusting how bad they are at their jobs.

    No Americans should go to China until the crazy man-child, Xi Jinping is out of power, cause until then you could be used as a political pawn if your caught in China as an American citizen. Everyone that’s NOT Chinese should stay away from China until things change and that my friends, could be a very long time. God Bless the United States of America!

  • Poor Chinese American man, fled communist China to have US citizenship to be captured by Chinese again 🪳

  • Word of advice never go to GHINA !!!!

  • Stay away from Chinese women, may be spies, they will seduce you

  • It was announced by US government that the balloon was just a weather balloon. I only saw one report on this, as no papers picked it up. Of course. I will bet, unless it got taken down, that your crew could find this in just a few minutes.

  • The people at CNN are so racist. You guys reported only report what you want to report. There is a recent USA citizen Asian defendant got kidnapped and killed by cartels in Columbia and no CNN report. I was alway a fan of CNN but it is sad to see that they don’t care about asian American.

  • Just because a Chinese National obtains an American passport, that doesn't make him American, per the Chinese Government.

  • it should be Death Penalty!!!So that nobody will do the same.Death by Firing Squad and showed it to the Public

  • We have every right to shoot it down when is flying over United States off America 🇺🇸. America comes first we need to protect this country. All Chinese College Students needs to go back to China 🇨🇳 Chinese Are threatening our country. We need to close China 🇨🇳 And not let them into Our country. We need to finish the American boarders. We have open gaps. America comes first 🇺🇸

  • If he is black I’m sure they will try and save him if he is white he has no chance sad

  • 原来这名间谍是美国安插的。你们那么紧张干嘛?🙂

  • I bet you he wasn't a spy and he's a fool for going to china. 🖕Those chinazi's

  • The spy was only sentenced to life in prison by China while the spy balloons were all shot down by Biden. What a ruthless killer!

  • Việt Nam yêu cầu Trung Quốc rút tàu khảo sát khỏi vùng đặc quyền kinh tế
    Bộ Ngoại giao yêu cầu Trung Quốc rút tàu khảo sát Hướng Dương Hồng 10 và các tàu hải cảnh, tàu cá ra khỏi vùng biển Việt Nam.
    "Bộ Ngoại giao và các cơ quan chức năng Việt Nam đã giao thiệp nhiều lần với phía Trung Quốc, triển khai các biện pháp phù hợp với luật pháp quốc tế, luật pháp Việt Nam để đảm bảo quyền và lợi ích hợp pháp, chính đáng của Việt Nam", Phó phát ngôn Bộ Ngoại giao Phạm Thu Hằng cho biết hôm nay, khi đề cập thông tin tàu khảo sát Hướng Dương Hồng 10 cùng các tàu hải cảnh, tàu cá Trung Quốc xâm phạm vùng đặc quyền kinh tế (EEZ) của Việt Nam.

    "Việt Nam yêu cầu các cơ quan liên quan phía Trung Quốc tuân thủ nhận thức chung của lãnh đạo cấp cao hai nước, chấm dứt ngay hoạt động xâm phạm, rút tàu Hướng Dương Hồng 10 và các tàu hải cảnh, tàu cá ra khỏi vùng biển Việt Nam, tôn trọng quyền chủ quyền, quyền tài phán của Việt Nam, thực hiện nghiêm túc Tuyên bố ứng xử của các bên ở Biển Đông (DOC)", bà Hằng nói thêm.

  • Why are people praying for a spy? I'm sure that China would not wrongly arrest anyone and they are especially cautious to foreigners, let alone the US being such a major power in the world.

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