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China sentences Canadian Michael Spavor to 11 years in priso…

Canadian entrepreneur Michael Spavor was convicted of espionage by a Chinese court and sentenced to 11 years in prison on …

Title: China Imposes 11-Year Prison Sentence on Canadian Michael Spavor in Ongoing Diplomatic Standoff

In a move that further escalates the ongoing diplomatic tensions between China and Canada, a Chinese court has sentenced Canadian businessman Michael Spavor to 11 years in prison. This new development, announced on Monday, marks the latest chapter in a dispute that began in 2018 when Canadian authorities arrested Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou at the request of the United States.

Spavor, a business consultant, was arrested in December 2018 on allegations of espionage, which he denies. The sentencing comes just days after another Canadian, Michael Kovrig, was sentenced to 10 years in prison on similar charges. Both men have been detained in China since December 2018.

The sentencing of Spavor and Kovrig has been widely criticized as politically motivated, with many viewing it as retaliation for Canada's arrest of Meng. The Canadian government has repeatedly called for their immediate release and has expressed concern over the fairness of the legal process in China.

This latest sentencing is significant as it underscores the deterioration of relations between China and Canada. The case has also strained relations between China and other Western countries, particularly the United States, which has been vocal in its support of Meng's release.

The sentencing of Spavor and Kovrig is a new development in the ongoing diplomatic standoff. It highlights the complex geopolitical dynamics at play and the potential for further escalation in relations between China and the West. As the situation continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how both countries will respond and whether a resolution can be found.

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  • Fun fact. They are both spies. One spy sued another spy in Nov. 2023. LMAO. Lying Canadian pants on fire

  • So thoughts and prayers from Justin Trudeau, but no action.

  • WE NEED TO BOYCOTT THE BEIJING OLYMPICS . All Canadians need to get behind this.

  • Don’t break rules and spying in China or Asia period

  • Canada would rather serve their US master than taking care of their own people.
    It is pointless crying to the US master now…

  • My parents education that the outside world is stealing from China. But that fee Michael has to pay and the 11 year of time out of his life. Who is the one stealing? God only gave you one chance of life. That's rough… Losing 11 years for just taking a picture of planes.

  • We heard from Canada's ambassador to China but not China's ambassador to Canada.

    We heard from Canada's Prime Minister but not from China's leader.

    So this is propaganda not journalism. Agreed?

  • Justin Trudeau is weaker than Biden after a full day of sniffing kids hair.
    The only solution is complete separation and isolation of China; there are many countries who will, happily, build our cheap crap.

  • Failed to compete on the table, those losers are using their pirate traditions. By intentionally detaining the daughter of an 80 years old man, to stop his fast growing hi-tech company, a private company to create millions of jobs here in Canada and in the world, a company to build a bridge between human peoples for more and better understandings. Who want to stop him, only those mfged Anti-human terros.

  • This guy does tourism in North Korea. Of all the places to do business.

  • As a Canadian this is a God Damn Shame. Canadians being thrown in prison because our government chooses to follow the USA and arrest a Heuiwi Executive for violating sanctions on Iran. If the USA wanted her they should have arrested not Canada. And don't tell me about the rule of law crap, the president at the time had no care for the rule of law so why the hell should we when it comes to this matter. America wants her let the Americans get her not us. For Canada's government "following the rule of law aka doing whatever America says like an employee at fast food store" we have Canadians being used and abused in Chinese prisons. Well Canadians let this be a warning to us all we have no friends and to stay away from places where our American and Canadian politicians are causing issues because you are just a peasant who your government can care less for. This is a disgrace.

  • Send a bill to cia and get pension from cia. That’s all mike can do.

  • Canadian and Chinese are innocent. US is to be blamed.

  • Canada will just retaliate by shooting maple syrup and hockey pucks.

  • I had never liked Canadian Chinese people but now I have no good feelings at all for China.

  • People! Don't vote for Trudeau. Please. He is destroying country and all of us, decent common people. He is buying elections by spending money like drunken sailor, sending coronachecks like sunflowers seeds. By the way it's our money. It's easy to be good for the expense of others. He just care for corruption friends like Lavalin. Lavalin being sued around the world for corruption style business, bribery etc.. So many people around him " resigned " or fired. Including ministers, MPs, personal assistants. People, think twice .

  • Trade Trudeau for the Canadian prisoners in China that's the best solution

  • US spies in China must be sweating if Meng is extradited to US!

  • China starts their bargaining with one death sentence and 11 years sentence! Now Canadog must learn to haggle with the Chinese. Extraditing Meng to US will mean that the death sentence will be carried out instantly !

  • This is how spineless the CCP is. They make posts using english names. Just use your Chinese name and be men not cowards.

  • Convicted of spying with no proof. This is what you get with the CCP. CCP and North Korea, one and the same.

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