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China News Live : Philippines Calls on China To Stop Aggress…

China News Live : Philippines Coast Guard says it recently confronted Chinese Vessels in South China Sea. One Chinese vessel …

Title: Philippines Urges China to Halt Aggressive Activities in South China Sea

In the context of ongoing geopolitical tensions, the Philippines has called on China to cease its aggressive actions in the disputed South China Sea. This appeal comes as the Philippines expressed concern over China's recent activities, including the alleged harassment of Filipino fishermen and the construction of artificial islands.

This development is significant as it highlights the ongoing dispute between the two nations over territorial claims in the South China Sea. The Philippines, along with several other Southeast Asian countries, has long asserted its sovereignty over parts of the sea, which is rich in natural resources and vital for global trade.

The Philippines' call for China to respect international law and cease its aggressive actions is a timely reminder of the need for diplomatic resolution to this long-standing conflict. As the world watches the ongoing developments in the region, it is crucial that all parties involved prioritize peaceful dialogue and respect for international law to ensure stability and security in the South China Sea.

This news is relevant to current events as it underscores the ongoing tension between China and the Philippines over the South China Sea. The Philippines' call for China to halt its aggressive activities is a significant step towards diplomatic resolution and a reminder of the importance of upholding international law in resolving territorial disputes.

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  • The fact is Chinese did live on the islands of South China Sea. Ancient Chinese relics like temples, coins, porcelains, china artifacts and clay makings were found. These relics are ancient Chinese because at their same time, no other countries reached the same smelting or china/porcelain/pottery making skills. Only China could do that. China owns the 9 dash area of South China Sea. UN and most countries admit this fact. For example, it was US warships that carried China soldiers cruising that sea in 1946 to declare China sovereignty over there. But later due to navigation improvement in other SCS countries, they wanted to obtain the islands so they denied their previous admittance that the islands belonged to China.

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