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China defends actions at sea after close call between warship and American destroyer

China is defending its latest act of aggression at sea after one of its warships came within 450 feet of an American Navy destroyer …


Title: China Responds to Naval Incident with US, Reinforcing Tensions in South China Sea

In a recent development, China has defended its actions at sea following a close encounter between a Chinese warship and a US Navy destroyer in the South China Sea. The incident, which occurred on Monday, has raised concerns about escalating tensions between the two superpowers.

The US Navy's 7th Fleet stated that the Chinese warship came dangerously close to the USS Decatur, an American destroyer, while it was conducting a freedom of navigation operation near the Spratly Islands. The US Navy asserted that the Chinese vessel conducted a series of risky maneuvers, including crossing the bow and stern of the USS Decatur at close range.

In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying dismissed the US Navy's account, stating that the Chinese warship had acted professionally and in accordance with international law. Hua emphasized that China has indisputable sovereignty over the South China Sea and its adjacent waters, and that it would take all necessary measures to protect its territorial integrity and maritime rights.

This incident comes at a time when tensions between the US and China are already high, with ongoing trade disputes and political disagreements. The South China Sea, a strategically vital waterway, has long been a source of contention between China and several Southeast Asian countries, as well as the US.

The US Navy regularly conducts freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea, challenging what it views as excessive Chinese maritime claims. China, on the other hand, views these operations as provocative and a violation of its sovereignty.

The latest incident underscores the need for dialogue and diplomacy to manage tensions in the region. Experts warn that any miscalculation or escalation could lead to a dangerous confrontation between the two powers. Both the US and China have a responsibility to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea, and to resolve their differences through diplomatic means.

In conclusion, the close encounter between a Chinese warship and a US Navy destroyer in the South China Sea has reignited tensions between the two nations. China has defended its actions, while the US Navy has accused the Chinese vessel of dangerous maneuvers. This incident underscores the need for dialogue and diplomacy

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  • This is what the biden and Obama administration wants to happen because they wants This war to happen with someone because they think this will clear their corruption that they are doing to the American citizens with their corruption ways !!!! This administration is very corrupted !!!!

  • Why is a war ship on some other countries' borders? What else do you expect!!! International water or not, these are war ships, and the only reason they exist on someone else borders is to start a war… wake up b4 its too late…

  • Shameful on China side , we are a country called Taiwan , Republic of China born 1912, and Communist China party called people republic of china born 1947, please donot intimate us, why don't communist China faced " Reality " one side one country, we Taiwan are separate from china , we have our own government own military,own president vote by the people. Taiwan is not china internal affair , so shameful, the world democracy countries have right to protect Taiwan from Evil communist harmed . 🤪🤪🤪 what's you gonna do Devil? a crying pig!😭😭😭

  • Come on now. They just wanted to drop a check to hunter

  • The amount of Chinese bots in the comment sections goes crazy fr 💀

  • Austin please do the right thing. If china is your friend then u should not bring the warships here. If china is your enemy then u should not complain. So which is which?

  • The United States is too unprofessional. It breaks into private houses and can be shot directly according to U.S. law. China is too kind.

  • Imagine someone swerving on the road infront of you hoping you crash into him, saying : He provoked me!

  • How did a Chinese Naval Vessel get that close to a U.S. Army Naval Vessel with that level of radar on those ships? Something ain’t smelling right! 😡😡😡

  • Do you just take me as some kind of braindead monkey, we're literally at their coast. They are navigating the strait how they like, you navigate in the direction you like. They got their order to just keep heading in the direction they were demanded even risking it might be a head-on collision with the warship. tf is this narrative suppose to be? "We're right and China is being a bully" my buttcheeks.

  • These US warships are on China's front yard and they are saying China is provoking the US?? thats like someone walking into your front yard with a machine gun and telling the house owner to mind their own business!

  • I'm sorry but we the US would destroy China 😂 we did it to Japan. Don't think we won't china.

  • Is this not a threat and challenges from China to USA directly . It seem extremely dangerous, as in such incidents collision could happened. China has directly challenges USA as catch me if you can .

  • Why bother China. There’s nothing to defend. You did it. It’s proven.

  • Western generals are either crazy or idiots. That location is within the range of the two major fleets of the PLA, nearly half of Air Force, thousands of coastal defense missiles, and various radar lockdowns, and can be reached by attack waves within ten minutes. The sea is shallow and submarines cannot hide. It is a perfect fleet tomb.

  • Taiwan strait belongs to taiwan, not evil china's territory. So US can sail there coz America is taiwan's friend

  • US are far away from China. Why go there and provoke?.. US and China accused each other but both were wrong. Both disturb other country. Both disturb mankind.

  • well done China, that's the ways dealing with aggressors coming from thousands miles away. Not long ago, they came with gunboats, invaded & occupied/colonized land killed millions of indigenous peoples, looted artifacts now displayed in their museums.

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