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China blames PH again on raising tensions in the West Philip…

China is once again accusing the Philippines of making provocations and heightening the tensions in the West Philippine Sea.

Title: China-Philippines Tensions Escalate: China Blames Manila for Rising West Philippine Sea Disputes

In the latest development in the ongoing territorial disputes in the West Philippine Sea, China has accused the Philippines of escalating tensions. This assertion comes after Manila's recent announcement of plans to strengthen its military presence in the disputed waters.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Zhao Lijian, stated that the Philippines' actions are "provocative" and "threaten regional peace and stability." This statement follows the Philippine Defense Secretary's announcement of the country's intention to enhance its military capabilities in the West Philippine Sea.

This new development underscores the ongoing tension between the two nations over the disputed waters, a region rich in resources and with significant strategic importance. The Philippine government's decision to strengthen its military presence is seen as a response to China's increasing assertiveness in the area.

The Philippines has long maintained its sovereignty over the West Philippine Sea, a claim that China disputes. The disputes have led to several confrontations in the past, including a standoff in 2012 when Chinese vessels blocked Philippine oil exploratory ships.

This latest escalation in tensions between China and the Philippines is a reminder of the complex geopolitical issues in the region. As both nations continue to assert their claims, the potential for conflict remains high. The international community will be watching closely to see how this situation unfolds.

This information is new, as it reports the latest statements from both the Chinese and Philippine governments regarding the ongoing territorial disputes in the West Philippine Sea. The Philippines' decision to strengthen its military presence is a significant development that could potentially escalate tensions further.

See video for more information

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  • who is the REAL INTRUDERS…WHO is the one creating the problems….who is GREEDY????…#@×××*><@@@!!…

  • For how long are we going to tolerate these barbaric acts of the Chinese Coast Guards?

  • What else can you call them but FOOLS: Now the weakest link in the United Nations. Expel China from UN, NOW!🖕🧐😡👎🏼

  • Kabayan matuto tayo labanan propaganda ng China. Ganito sagot lage.:

    The Philippines demands that China withdraw its vessels from the Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone, respect the 2016 international ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, cease all provocative actions, and compensate the Philippines for damages to its marine ecosystem and the livelihood of its fishermen

  • Ban all, exports to Philippines and cut all, imports as well. The Philippine telenobela will, stop, airing

  • Ban Philippine bananas just like during Aquinos tym. Its tym to teach amdog a big lesson AGAIN.

  • Hey China get out of the Philippines territory.

  • Habang nag ngangalit ang china sa poot sa wps lalo namang lumalaki ang takot ng mga pilipino sa china wag nalang pumalag hindi naman talaga marami lang ang nalalagay sa alanganin nag mumuhang kawawa lang ang ating mga kababayang mangingisda baka mag buwis nanaman ng buhay ma uulila pa ang pamilya

  • The Chinese are intruders in Philippine EEZ.
    US-PH-Japan Coast guards should conduct joint patrols on West Philippine Sea to uphold the ruling of UNCLOS arbitral court and uphold the freefom of navigation.
    China's nine-dash line claim was invalidated by the Permanent Court of arbitration at the Hague in 2016. China is among the first countries who signed the UNCLOS in 1982 and ratified it in 1994. China should follow rule based order of UNCLOS and the arbitral court's' ruling.
    Stop China's belligerent creeping expansion in West Philippine Sea.

  • China government has always been a liar and a symbol of a dragon that growls looking for its prey, period.

  • Kailanfan magkaroon tayo ng Tactical Nuclear Hypersobic missile na may ramge ng 1000km.para lumayas ang China sa WPS

  • Where o where a dialogue can start and prosper? When the very premise that China starts and claims 90% of the whole South China Sea with their whimsical ten dash line! K

  • Make investigations to all filipino chinese national who obtain pasppport illegally and psa certification.

  • Stop all filipino chinese businesses in the philippines . Philippines must be strict more than what china did.

  • Chinese business ban all over philippines..

  • crazy…taking philippine EEZ

  • China is the one start the trouble in the philipppines.


  • Every year China buys over US 10 billions of goods from Philippines. China please stop importing and buying Philippines products. Distance yourself from Philippines 👍

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