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China and Philippines row over claims in South China Sea | DW News

Tensions between the Philippines and China spiked once again this week over the South China Sea. Manila released footage of …


Title: Escalating Tensions in the South China Sea: China and the Philippines Clash Over Territorial Claims

In recent news, the South China Sea has once again become a hotbed of international tension, with China and the Philippines engaging in a dispute over territorial claims in the region. This latest flare-up comes amidst a long-standing territorial row between the two nations, with both countries asserting sovereignty over various islands, reefs, and maritime features in the South China Sea.

The latest incident occurred when a Chinese Coast Guard vessel allegedly rammed and sank a Filipino fishing boat near the Whitsun Reef, a contested area in the South China Sea. The Philippines has strongly condemned the incident, accusing China of aggressive behavior and violating the country's sovereign rights. China, on the other hand, maintains that the area is part of its territorial waters and that the Filipino fishing boat had illegally entered Chinese waters.

This incident has further strained relations between the two countries, with both sides trading accusations and threats. The Philippines has lodged a diplomatic protest with China and has called for an investigation into

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  • It’s not south china sea it is West Philippines Sea Territory

  • Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand!!!

  • 1st island chain and South China Sea nations, and India should unit to form an alliance to counter China aggression. All are on the same boat.

  • 95% of filipinos are ready to fight for their land and sea💪💪💪

  • According to God's Holy Bible it states in the book of Revelation that there will be wars n rumours of war in the last days…

  • You'd think they'd have run out of excuses by now? Maybe China should focus on resolving conflicts rather than escalating them.

  • Western country's want conflicts bewteeen India and chaina… If the two countrys start a war the usa uk France Germany are all happy

  • Philippino. Ok. I thought I misread that but its ok. X

  • International court has repercussions so Xi don’t care. Maybe tariffs are placed on anything leaving China to make them leads viable for companies

  • hey world, there is no dispute in the waters of the philippines. the philippines already won at the permanent court of arbitration. china is just creating a dispute by pretending they own the sea

  • Obviously these are the 2 choke points. If one of these islands get captured by China then Philippines is done.

  • Philippine keyboard and coolkid be like : let us defend our land against china

    Also them: i dont want to go military drill and rotc, i just want facebook and tiktok😂

  • 看评论就知道我们在忍受一个多么懦弱的政府

  • Hi… can you do an investigative report about the UN and what it is doing about the south China sea disputes… has the UN gone useless on international matters?

  • China's sovereignty over islands in the South China Sea comes from the Cairo Declaration and the San Francisco Treaty. As a victorious country in World War II, it legally took over the islands and reefs in the South China Sea occupied by the Japanese. PRC and ROC have the same demands at this point. The Philippines declared sovereignty by grounding its old warships on rocks, which was completely foolish and influenced by the United States. The United States is a pest, and any place in the world with America will not be peaceful!

  • There is no dispute, PCA has already ruled the waters belong to the Country but China is not recognizing it. That's the problem

  • The 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, to which China is a signatory, mandates states to respect Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) as a legal basis. An EEZ is an area extending 200 nautical miles from a country's coastline, within which the country has special rights regarding the exploration and use of marine resources.

    However, China seeks to extend its territory well beyond its EEZ, disregarding the territorial claims of Southeast Asian countries. Despite an arbitration court ruling that declared China's actions lacked a legal basis. Unlike most nations that settle territorial dispute this way, in a respectful and peaceful manner, China refuses to honor the court decision. They even threaten war.

    This behavior demonstrates China's greediness in pursuing expansive territorial claims, undermining international agreements, and the sovereignty of neighboring nations. China disregards its own agreement and international laws which it willingly entered into. At this point, how can you trust China? Beware, just another Putin!

  • first of all, based on UNCLOS any countries 200 nautical miles has the right to explore and use the natural resources of it, but china harassment and the encouragement of our fishermen are what they doing and based on UNCLOS all can go through the freedom of navigation,while china interference with the 200 nautical miles exclusive economic zone of the Philippines and drives local fishermen as well as water bombing, realizing that china does not know international law, they do not want to talk to UNCLOS when we want to talk to them, to prove their accusations? while the bombing of water violates the law while in our exclusive economic zone, go ahead china prove it to UNCLOS if you really have a 10 dash line you say, that whatever country no one knows,china we don’t have to take a second thought to invoke our defense treaty to our allies especially in our own territory, so you can’t just shy away from what you do, we want to talk to UNCLOS based on proving the true 10 dash line that you say, you are facing and carrying papers that you really are, secondly you can’t just bomb water and pump our fishermen, violate international law and do not care if we want to take natural resources we especially right to explore the 200 nautical miles exclusive economic zone of the Philippines

  • the Asean naval ships should unite against China with the support of NATO or UN ships. the direct abuse of China against the Phils is an implied abuse against the countries of the United Nations.


  • What about NATO's aggression against Russia? They are now regularly conducting exercises. At the same time, they are actively talking about the war.

  • Both nations claim sovereignty over various islands and waters in the region, leading to tensions and occasional confrontations.

  • only kids play water guns😬😬🫵🫵

  • When Chinese fishermen started fishing in this area, Philippines people still not wearing a clothes 😂

  • God is Not blind this is for my fellow Asians who oppressed by this GREEDY CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY



    Romans 12:19

    New International Version

    19 Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.

  • It is not the South China Sea. It is called the West Philippines sea.

  • Philippines: These islands belong to us because they are closer to the Philippines on the map.
    China: Philippines is also very close to us on the map!

  • You don't have to know the actual economic zone to know how absurd the China's one is. Come on now

  • God bless the Philippines! ❤️✝️🇵🇭
    With love from the UK ❤️✝️🇬🇧

  • China said US is using Taiwan and PH to cause maritime issues but who is the attacker here?
    Twisted minds and twisted lips.

  • Nine dash line is made in China. International law should prevail. Enough of these big countries bullying their neighbors. This is 2024. Learn from history.


  • If china arrest trespassers in SCS and they will base it in their 9/10 dashline all the neighboring is their enemy.

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