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China: Advance notice needed for PH to access Ayungin Shoal …

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Title: China Demands Advance Notice for Philippines Access to Ayungin Shoal

In a significant development, China has reportedly demanded that the Philippines provide advance notice before any Philippine vessels approach the disputed Ayungin Shoal in the South China Sea. This revelation, which comes amidst ongoing tensions in the region, underscores the complexities of the territorial disputes between the two nations.

The Philippines' Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) confirmed the demand, stating that it was made during a meeting between Chinese and Filipino officials in Manila. The DFA emphasized that the demand is a departure from the previous understanding, which allowed for "ad hoc" visits by both countries' vessels to the shoal.

This development is particularly relevant as it could potentially escalate tensions in the region, where China and several Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines, have long-standing disputes over territorial claims in the South China Sea. The area is rich in fisheries and believed to hold vast oil and gas reserves.

The Philippines, which has been vocal about its territorial claims in the South China Sea, has previously accused China of harassing Filipino vessels in the area. The latest demand from China could be seen as a further attempt to assert its control over the disputed waters.

The Philippines has not yet responded publicly to China's demand, but the issue is expected to be a topic of discussion during the upcoming Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit, where regional leaders will gather to address various issues, including the South China Sea disputes.

This new development underscores the need for diplomatic efforts to resolve the territorial disputes in the South China Sea. The international community is closely watching the situation, hoping for a peaceful resolution to prevent further escalation in the region.

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  • Ngek ngek ninyo… Kung pupunta sa Hainan- ayan!

    Negek ngek ninyo… kayo ang dapat magpaalam sa pag-intrude ninyo sa WPS.

    Ngek ngek ninyo, angkinin niyo ba nman halos lahat na kalitbahay ninyo.

    Sunog na kayo- lahat na kasinungalingan lunukin ba naman ninyo, sino pa sasagip sainyo 😅 life is just like roller coaster- lahat meron KARMA!

  • The ignorant stupidity of China is becoming legendary. Philippines are acting honorably and righteous when they push back Chinas bullying and attempts of robbery. There is no other way than confrontation when it comes to China. Negotiations is a waste of time because it requires common ground between parties. China only plays its own game and always talk about the necessity for others to act properly. They don't care at all about anyone else or international law. Like Russia they want to impose their own point of view as law for others. This is of course a matter of making themselves the master of everything. China is pushing for war with every action they make. It is wise for all of Chinas neighbors to prepare and make alliances with bigger countries.

  • This is the Philippines EEZ. China do not have any right in any way, in any time span and in any means. CHINA SHOULD NEVER BE ON WPS

  • China should just leave the west Philippine sea area. the sea is peaceful china came from far away harassing people.

  • We are not your territorial regime China. Philippines do not ask permission from China, so get off your high horse.

  • Ano ba to mga blogger gumagawa ng title nyo tuwang tuwa ang china sa inyo. Title nyo plang lamang na China mga bopol kyo.

  • Kung ano ng yari sa Tibet ganun plano gawin ng mga Chinese para ma invade ang Pilipinas. Una blaming game ginagawa nila tapos pag hindi gumana gagamit na sila force to poke para malaman defense strength hindi nila magawa mang patay ng isang Filipino dahil alam nila na merun tayo Mutual defense treaty government natin sa US at may allies din tayu. Problema lang ay hindi kaagad sila rerespond kaya ginagawa ng government natin sa PCG at Ph Navy maximum tolerance resistance aim na ma expose ginagawa para makita kabahuan na ginagawa ng CCP sa buong mundo. Mga kababayan tingnan nyo lang ng mga ginawa ng mga chinese sa mga tibetan national sa sarile nila bansa.

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