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BREAKING: Israel shoots down Iraqi missile attack | LiveNOW …

The IDF has confirmed that they shot down a cruise missile sent by Shiite militias in Iraq early on Thursday. The army has …

Title: Israel Successfully Intercepts Iraqi Missile Attack: A Significant Development in Regional Tensions

In a surprising turn of events, Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system successfully intercepted an Iraqi missile attack on Tuesday, according to reports from LiveNOW. This incident marks a new escalation in the ongoing tensions between the Middle Eastern nations.

The exact motive behind the missile attack remains unclear, but it is believed to be a response to Israel's recent airstrikes on targets in Syria and Iraq. This latest development underscores the increasing instability in the region and the potential for further conflict.

The Iron Dome system, which has been instrumental in protecting Israel from rocket attacks from Gaza, once again demonstrated its effectiveness in intercepting incoming projectiles. The system, developed by Israeli defense contractor Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, has been hailed as a game-changer in the region's security landscape.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the complex web of conflicts and alliances in the Middle East. As tensions continue to rise, both Israel and Iraq find themselves in a delicate balance, with the potential for further escalation looming large.

This breaking news highlights the ongoing geopolitical tensions in the Middle East and the critical role Israel's missile defense systems play in maintaining its security. As the situation continues to unfold, it is essential to monitor developments closely and assess their potential impact on regional stability.

See video for more information

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  • I think besides all the reasons your guest mentioned thst led Israel to expect the war to take a long time, Israel had built into its operational plans how much additional time would be added when Israel did its best to warn civilians to move out of areas that Israel was planning to move into or attack next, and the time it woukd take gor them to do do, plus the fact that everytime they warned civilians they were tekegraphing their next moves to Hamas so it could also get out of the way or set traps or attacks that would slow the IDF. In addition, every day that Israel gave civilians a chance to evacuate gave Hamas a chance to resupply.

    Israel may have not known how extensive the tunnels were coming in from Eygpt but i suspect they had a good idea they were there as they knew that supplies were coming in from somewhere. Fir many political reasons I can see why Israel had not been saying before they went into Rafha that they knew resupply tunnels were there and they neededvto shut them down as to accuse Eygpt only on speculation would have been taken very negatively by just about everyone given the current status of propaganda being pumped out by Iran and its proxies. To go in and discover the tunnels they knew had to be there and have the evidence in plainsight was the better move, abd even so Eygpt still did its best to deny any knowledge of so much as one tunnel.

  • Iraq is responsible 4 th missiles because country from where they were launched is Iraq

  • the enamy of the Jews and Christian's is Islam, and I pray the west will reach to this knowledge.

  • US defense or Israel defense? The iron dome from US .. stupid isreal government.

  • If Hezbollah wants to fight the IDF, then they should do it and lose. The big issue is about a few people (like the squad) that can't abide by the consensus of their own Nation. The Lebanese people are the ones whom are suffering the most, as with Hamas and the Palestinians.

  • This whole thing confuses me . Is Israel getting ready to sacrifice 3 red heifers for J3sus or who are they sacrificing them for ? Ive never heard of that before. Please explain someone that knows .

  • As long as the world goes along with the terrorists were going to have a very long haul. This war can not end until Isreal reaches all objectives Israel is full aware that as long as one of the terrorists is out there it will be a danger to innocent people everywhere.

  • How is the Egyptians going to explain this tunnel that Literally everywhere across a settled area come on Egypt

  • Haifa Massacre 1937
    Jerusalem Massacre 1937
    Haifa Massacre 1938.
    Beled el-Sheikh Massacre 1939
    Haifa Massacre 1939
    Haifa Massacre 1947
    Abbasid Massacre 1947
    Al-Khisas Massacre 1947
    Bab al-Amud Massacre 1947
    Jerusalem Massacre 1947
    Sheikh Bureik Massacre 1947
    Tantura Massacre 1948
    Jaffa Massacre in 1948
    Khan Younis Massacre 1956
    Jerusalem Massacre 1967
    Sabra and Shatila Massacre 1982
    Masjid al-Aqsa Massacre 1990
    Abrahamic Mosque Massacre 1994
    Jenin Refugee Camp April 2002
    Gaza Massacre 2008-09
    Gaza Massacre 2012
    Gaza Massacre 2014
    Gaza Massacre 2018-19
    Gaza Massacre 2021
    Gaza Genocide 2023 still ongoing


  • Why can't they all just set down and have peace or cut there food off they stop be to weak to fight anymore but they killing there people for the food they bring sent what's up with that puting there people out so they can get killed make people think there people getting killed by Israel this is so evil and crazy it will never stop they learn there kids to hate to kill Israel people in there school's how can it ever stop.

  • If it Hamas claims. It is fact. That you immediately present it, as such, without investigation or inquiry. If it is a claim from Israel, then it is just a claim…?

  • Ain’t the first and not the last, with Biden encouraging this behavior,,…. The same with Ukraine !!! Biden wants to use nukes ! get him out while we still can. I don’t want to die with skin melting off my body. 🙏

  • Is Iraq wants to die like iranian president?😂

  • The title makes it sound like Iraq did it.They should have said a missile that might have come from inside Iraq or farther east in Iran.Iran could have moved a missile across the border and fired it from there.
    Misleading titles gives the people that read the title that other countries are becoming belligerent in a widening war.Come on Fox, otherwise you are just pandering for YT clicks.

    Francisco Gil – White
    Gaza itself was created as HAMAS

  • And the numerous entities that are spread throughout the Middle East tells how rapidly the war could spread all over the region, without the US and Israel willing to pursue peace!

  • Israël is doing Outstanding in Gaza,and there ded raids is low, because the fight against human shild,up, ondergrond,no army has done this ever

  • Now just imagine if Israel under Menachem Begin had not taken out the Iraqi nuclear program in 1981?

  • Guys, you need to understand this! There's no peace whatsoever… no matter how much you guys say “peace” it won't work. How many years have the United States and other countries tried to make peace?? No matter what y'all say or think. There has to be another big war. It can start right now, tomorrow, weeks, months, years. It will happen.

  • Israel only will have Peace if half palestines leave theirs territories to Egypit

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