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Aggression in West PH Sea: China’s maritime ‘Great Wall’ pla…

China is building a maritime ‘Great Wall’ in the South China Sea, including the West Philippine Sea, according to analysts who …

Title: China's Maritime 'Great Wall': A Response to Escalating Aggression in the West Philippine Sea

In the face of escalating tensions in the West Philippine Sea, China has announced plans to construct a maritime 'Great Wall' to bolster its territorial claims. This development, first reported by Reuters on August 24, 2022, sheds new light on China's aggressive stance in the region.

The proposed structure, a network of underwater sensors and sonar systems, is designed to monitor and deter potential intruders. The system, according to Chinese officials, will be installed across the South China Sea, an area contested by several nations, including the Philippines.

This move comes amidst increasing international pressure on China to respect the ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, which in 2016 declared China's nine-dash line claim over much of the South China Sea as legally invalid. The construction of the maritime 'Great Wall' can be seen as a response to this pressure, aiming to solidify China's territorial claims and deter further challenges.

The announcement has sparked concern among regional nations, particularly the Philippines, which has been at the forefront of disputes with China over the West Philippine Sea. The Philippines has called for diplomatic talks to address the issue, expressing its commitment to uphold its sovereign rights and jurisdiction in the region.

This development underscores the ongoing tension in the West Philippine Sea and the need for diplomatic dialogue to resolve disputes peacefully. As the international community watches closely, the outcome of these discussions could shape the future of regional security and cooperation.

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  • China will suffer the same fate like Nazi Germany,Soviet Union,and Imperial Japan did in WW2.

  • China seems to be out of touch of reality and is losing the sympathy of the rest of the world. What happened to China's benevolence? Is China's peaceful rise a farce?

  • Who would of thought a military's that has zero real world experience with cutting edge equipment, ranks filled with cowards/little emperors and zero competent allies would sck?

  • Might be thinking that the China Sea belongs to the country because of its name!

  • There's a small problem for godless communists in the West Philippine Sea. The Philippines has 7,000 vessels permanently stationed in South East Asia with more than one hundred million faithful inhabitants. Welcome to the jungle!

  • PRC government has designated the Philippines as military objective/military target as evidenced decades presence of militarized/weaponized atolls near or within Philippine territory and the stalking HOSTILE conduct of the Chinese Navy/Chinese Coast Guard (glorified pirates of the South China Sea)! PRC government rationale for such actions is the fact that in order to totally claim the South China Sea, PRC government must control the Philippines! When the time comes that Taiwan is successfully invaded (not hoping for it), PRC government will aim for the invasion of the Philippines! The Philippines will be the “Great Wall” or security buffer just like North Korea in the Korean Peninsula and Tibet in the Himalayas!

  • Communist Chinese government is objecting to EDCA sites, Balikatan and renewed RP-U.S alliance because such alliances will hinder the communist Chinese government objective of totally claiming the South China Sea. PRC government heavily supported PRRD administration with the hope of preventing a U.S. military comeback/presence in the Philippines. A fact why PRRD was heavily anti USA!

  • Im ancient times, The Great Wall of China inevitably failed in keeping the Mongols out.

  • If those are sunk, they'd be great artificial reefs to replace the ones they destroyed.

  • Expel Chinese diplomats and spies in LAOAG and Manila.

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