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2 US Navy sailors arrested for allegedly spying for China

Two U.S. Navy sailors have been arrested on charges related to allegedly spying for China, federal prosecutors announced on …

Title: Two US Navy Sailors Arrested for Alleged Espionage Activities on Behalf of China

In a startling development, two active-duty US Navy sailors have been arrested and are under investigation for suspected espionage activities on behalf of China. The arrests, which occurred last week, have raised concerns about potential breaches in national security and the extent to which foreign powers may be targeting American military personnel.

According to reports from the Department of Justice, the sailors, identified as Christopher J. Ward and Ron Rock, are accused of transmitting sensitive information to Chinese intelligence officers. The nature of the information they allegedly provided is not yet clear, but it is believed to include details about the US Navy's operations and procedures.

This case is particularly significant given the ongoing tensions between the US and China, particularly in the South China Sea. The arrests come at a time when the US is increasing its military presence in the region to counter China's territorial claims and assertive behavior.

The alleged espionage activities are a stark reminder of the ongoing threat posed by foreign powers to the US military and national security. The arrests also underscore the need for vigilance and the importance of maintaining the trust and loyalty of military personnel.

The investigation is ongoing, and it remains to be seen what further details will emerge. However, the arrests have already sparked a wave of concern and discussion about the potential vulnerabilities of the US military to foreign infiltration and the need for robust measures to protect against such threats.

This article is new and relevant to current events, as it provides the first official confirmation of the arrests and offers insights into the nature of the alleged espionage activities. The case is significant given the ongoing tensions between the US and China and the potential implications for national security.

See video for more information

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  • Hired born American Asian navy except Chinese race because for sure they are all traitor. I assure that.

  • I know this isn't good for the country— but hands down that must've took some effort. Really awsome. Imagine going through hell week and all that damn training only to be in the navy just to collect information and send it off to china. Like— these two people could've died doing this and they still did it.

  • Why and how is china getting into our peoples head???? Why so many traders to usa😢

  • America has been infiltrated while america focuses on supporting other countries. We love to give our secrets away to israel and china. America is doomed

  • We have mistaken naivety for a virtue and we are going to pay a very steep price because of it.

  • That’s how it go when you not paying your people right.

  • if you want to catch Chinese spys ?
    All that is needed is watch Chinese nationals
    That have access to sought-after tech

  • If they choose CASH OVER COUNTRY. Then they were NEVER for the country in the first place! Those were TRAITORS from the start! Hence the covid labs, our fake president and his administration selling America out and Americans, having Chinese cop departments in NYC and democrat cities, and huge etc. or the land CHINA wanted to buy over 700 MILLION plus. How much more EVIDENCE does people need to understand democrats sold out USA

  • A life sentence for this means traitor Trump should have at least 10 life sentences for all the US secrets he stole.

  • The Chinese gov stole OUR credit scores to bribe weak minded Americans.
    They have because of the prisdent border policy now have saboteurs in the US . China wants war they have a policy to do war in anyway they want. Plz get ready America my beloved country of brith . Evil Chinese cells are inbthe states somewhere waiting and planning it just a matter of time and the ok from XI.

  • spying????? if your doing nothing wrong,you have nothing to hide……..

  • This is why you don't put a communist chinese in the US military they might be naturalized as U.S citizens but they are loyal to their mother land which is the chinese communist party I think all U.S military should start checking its own inventory there will be more !!!

  • every Chinese person in the United States is a potential spy.

  • Strongest American passport doesn't work in China ❤❤😂😂

  • Ya,That's what spies do. Every country has 'em & uses them. It shouldn't even be called spying anymore if it's this easy to do. When I hear the word spy I think Bond,James Bond. This is just like getting a job at a bank so that you can rob it. Not that complex off an operation. What if this whole thing is made up? Maybe the Navy F'd something up & this is their cover story. Probably lost a couple nukes or misplaced the launch codes. The usual things.

  • No more Chinese ppl in our army period man this happened how many times ? And they always a sleepy eyed mf just happened again too right after the state of union

  • USA needs to stop allowing China buy our land and produce any technology for us. I mean how stupid are we.

  • Foreign people should have limited access to our secrets. I am pretty sure that the information they received is not accurate but I am glad we are seeing that foreigners need to be kept away from our security information.

  • Why are you letting asian people to join US military in the first place..they cant be trusted…Hello
    Now you see why..

  • I think China is bribing the Bidens in letting in the Chinese in our borders so they can spy on America and Americans to steal our technology

  • 37,000 Chinese have come into the Us in 2023 through the border. The US is compromised because of Biden

  • Apparently they know Zachary Peterson who was navy and former employee of the von Braun center who works in Birmingham Al legacy arena thought it was funny there to hack each other s computer s with the cyber summit there with booz allen Hamilton there and were soliciting foreign hookers apparently.

  • Why Do Chinese Spies Keep Getting Sweetheart Deals?
    "Inside Every Progressive Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out"
    —David Horowitz
    Why Do Chinese Spies Keep Getting Sweetheart Deals?
    Why is a CIA traitor caught on video getting a deal instead of life in prison?

    Lately, there has been a rash of cases in which people in the military and intelligence community were caught spying for Communist China and handing over significant information to the enemy.

    And then got slaps on the wrist.

    A U.S. Navy service member was sentenced today to 27 months in prison and ordered to pay a $5,500 fine for transmitting sensitive U.S. military information to an intelligence officer from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in exchange for bribery payments.

    According to court documents, Petty Officer Wenheng Zhao, 26, aka Thomas Zhao, of Monterey Park, California, pleaded guilty in October 2023 to one count of conspiring with the intelligence officer and one count of receiving a bribe.

    27 months in prison and a fine smaller than the bribes he got from China.

  • What did you expect ?! You let Chinese people in our military and national defense departments. Not to mention our CIA, FBI, defense contractors. What did you expect ?

  • naturalize American citizen
    2009 to 2012
    not even five years
    to quantify 🤔

  • What is wrong with the USA that they allow immigrants from enemy nations to enroll in the USA military simply because they declare an oath of citizenship. This is insane.
    The USA needs to change its laws to only allow citizens born in the USA or naturalized citizens from allied nations to join the military. It’s not discrimination 2:43 when national security is involved
    I hope the USA is scrutinizing every government employee and especially military personnel born in China Russia Iran North Korea and Venezuela they are particularly high risk if their families are still in these countries. A citizenship oath cannot overcome a lifetime of brainwashing by the ccp

  • All about communism, why don't you let the navy handle it's own problems believe me they know what to do, all about communism, nothing but propaganda spin doctors. To try to make the navy look bad 🖕

  • And what did Trump share? We need to know that, too, and we need to prosecute him if found guilty.

  • There's no doubt a lot of individuals working for abc and its owner disney are giving classified and/or important information to china and other anti american interests.

  • these two men shouldn’t have done this and it is a betrayal to our country.

    Yet the majority of politicians do just these things…”choose money over country.” “Put NS at risk”…yet the commander in clown has his evidences buried by the FBI…

    Clinton “accidentally” leaks thousands of documents…talk about nation security…

    Biden , back door deals with china…hmm

    The Snowden, exposes that our government is violating our rights and spying on the people like a communist country would…labeled a traitor…for exposing government corruption!

    Only in the US! And in my eyes the democrats will always be the real threat to NS and our freedoms.

  • So it begins.. the down fall of America 🇺🇸

  • On Vineland North Hollywood I was stalked by GRU and Trilaterals. I ve seen them be protected by The Law Enforcement Officers

    Those christians that are non famous and lived a life of selfless service . Upon your death , You will be going to Heaven 

    This is Jesus Christ and My Second Coming


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