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Third Eye Spies (FULL DOCUMENTARY) CIA, ESP, Psychic Program…

For more than 20 years the CIA studied psychic abilities for use in their top-secret spy program. With previously classified details …

Title: Declassified CIA Documents Reveal Deep Dive into Psychic Spying: A Glimpse into the Past and Present of Paranormal Intelligence Gathering

In the realm of espionage and intelligence gathering, the concept of psychic spying may seem far-fetched. However, a recently declassified CIA document titled 'Third Eye Spies' sheds light on the agency's decades-long interest in the paranormal, particularly psychic abilities for intelligence purposes.

The documentary, which delves into this intriguing topic, offers a unique perspective on the intersection of the intelligence community and the paranormal. The declassified documents, dating back to the 1970s, reveal the CIA's exploration of extrasensory perception (ESP) and psychokinesis as potential tools for intelligence gathering.

While the veracity of these psychic abilities remains a subject of debate, the documents underscore the CIA's commitment to exploring unconventional methods in the pursuit of intelligence. The information presented in 'Third Eye Spies' is not entirely new, as the CIA's interest in psychic spying has been documented in the past. However, the release of these declassified documents provides a comprehensive overview of the agency's psychic spying program, offering a fresh perspective on this intriguing chapter of intelligence history.

The documentary also highlights the ongoing debate within the intelligence community regarding the validity and utility of psychic spying. While some argue that these abilities could provide a unique advantage in intelligence gathering, others question the scientific basis for these claims and the potential for misuse.

In the context of current events, the release of these documents serves as a reminder of the CIA's willingness to explore unconventional methods in the pursuit of intelligence. As technology continues to evolve and the boundaries of what is possible expand, it is worth considering whether the agency's interest in psychic spying may resurface in the future.

In conclusion, 'Third Eye Spies' offers a fascinating glimpse into the CIA's past exploration of psychic spying. While the validity of these abilities remains a subject of debate, the declassified documents provide a comprehensive overview of this intriguing chapter of intelligence history. As we navigate the complex world of intelligence gathering, it is essential to remain open-minded and curious, recogn

See video for more informatio

#documentary film

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  • Cease and desist all death threats, rape by lesbians, harassment and physical/emotional abuse using malicious AI. I am not your property.

  • I'm gonna tell u a story that happened to me an a group of people a friend wad downstairs an I was upstairs we didn't know we were drawing the same pic to our armament we showed everyone we didn't even know. It was a eye with an eyebrow that was a gemini eye an a Simi colon inside and on the outside was a triangle it both of our pics look alike this happened back n March.. I have been have problems with a gift that I can't explain but I can tell u my ability and the people around were all amazed that I knew things abou them. Love mary jane

  • Psychics are claimed to be used whenever they have an informant in witness protection.
    Psychics aren't real and most certainly DO NOT exist.

  • Remote Viewing – because Americans will believe anything.

    I just had a remote vision; I see a boogeyman coming and his name is 'Disease X.' You'd better run down and get you an _injection of health,'…………again. 😆 Actually, I saw the last one coming, and it's not because I have 'ESP,' it's because I've watched the US Government do HORRIBLE things to people, over-and-over-and-over, again.

  • Respect. USA is a leader in science and technology such programs should be carried on. This program is way better than useless funds being spent on useless stuff. This program is important for human evolution.

  • The constant noise in the background makes this such an awful and unwatchable program!!
    You should add the sound of barking dogs as well!! Why not?

  • Consciousness resides in the Pineal Gland. Meditation and letting go, Consiousness can travel dimensions. 👁️🧘

  • Call me a radical but I believe the CIA should bring back some of the MK ultra experiments but with Pure DMT, DMT in its pure form would greatly enhance the abilities of the already gifted and could potentially give those more mentally suitable with a military mindset the ability to Perceive beyond physical reality.

    IF the CIA could predict where the next school shooting was going to take place they could stop it and thats worth a try.

  • Waaaaaaaaasay toooo many add interruptions. You skip one and another comes right back.

  • A visao remota continua sendo usada. Porque Russos deixariam de usar esta tecnologia ? Porqie americanos deixariam de usar esta tecnologia? Em uma guerra de 5 geracao , informacao faz toda diferença, se voce acessa informacao de seu inimigo de forma discreta e conhece os planos do seu inimigo dia, hora, local, como, quando onde, quem, endereco, localuzacao GPS. Voce tem muita vantagem sobre seu inimigo. E voce pode interceptar um ataque ou neutraluzar um ataque por atecipacao. Qualquer ataque. O alvo pode ser qualquer coisa. Em qualquer lugar, tempo, distancia, peso, etc se a conexao remota for estabelecida com alvo de interesse as possibilidades sao ilimitafas. Ja vi muitos filmes sobre isto.

  • Fabulous documentary, thank you everyone who contributed to its creation.

  • Something might be wrong if he died and he wasnt heard from since.

  • Spies, informants and new enemies – Today’s intelligence agencies. Cease and desist malicious use of AI, rape, poisoning, death threats, harassment, vandalism. I am not your property.

  • I saw my death cousing 5 minutes before we got a phone call that he had died in a car accident

  • Remote viewing is real. The government lying to us, saying it’s a hoax, is a real shame.

  • If you can do it, better not tell no one. Better watch the X-Men series. Ppl would not be comfortable with such power. 😂 in the event that it's possible.

  • Someone said that the CIA is not in the business of killing. Is that a joke? No one trusts the CIA. They are responsible for the deaths of many Americans. John Kennedy was right about them. They have no business existing anymore.

  • Directly tied into the projects on authority and following authority, and how to make others buy in to it

  • Am I the only one who finds it ironic the anti😂 religious Marxist socialist soviets had more raw belief than the capitalist democratic cultural Christian /monotheistic so called faith filled Americans! I guess considering how we ended up as of now and they did actually says a lot! We got lost in the process as a people and they have had the opposite

  • De ce nu subtitrati și în limba Română sau in toate dialectele ,ca alte site-uri ?! E păcat ,aveți postări interesante , și v-ar putea aduce multi abonați și vizitatori !

  • Hmm, makes wonder about the current protesting specifically at Stanford.

  • Every country has to have insugance in them by now

  • Psychic abilities exist, removte wieving is posible… the past in the future, difrent contries…eatch….
    Tray to go in alpha state, and see YOURSELF ❤🎉😊….or find a psychic to help You…❤❤🎉😊😊

  • I needed a long form podcast to play in the background. so this will do. Right up my alley of weird stuff I find entertaining 😂

  • Just started waking up mine
    Well better said using it
    At first i was told i had mental health issue's until i got a grip of usung it

  • I give readings 17 yrs now an have remote viewing clear as day people have found valuable things in the floors of there homes an I was never there.


  • Sometimes after having third eye activation I become very tired and simple minded though I believe I have 33 degree knowledge I believe I have the holy spirit with in me and I can say so much but would like some one to reach out to me I will explain myself and my experiences I believe the 5th element is within me I see things from the 5 dimension perspective

  • I like YouTubes new-ish feature where the comments change after a bit, they rotate now. Pretty cool, YouTube 👍🏻

  • My heart goes out to any person who suffered loss of people who loved are alone. Much love understanding

  • What's up with the Bad Violin music 🎶?? All the background music is distracting and unnecessary!

  • Someone says he was cremated straight away then his wife was told but then it says that he had an open casket????

  • THE 17% WWG1WGA

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