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The World In 2050, The Real Future Of Earth (BBC & Nat Geo Documentaries)

Take a look at for the most practical blueprint to produce your own energy and your own food. Nobody …


Title: "2050: A Glimpse into Earth's Transformative Future - Insights from BBC and National Geographic Documentaries"

In the rapidly evolving world we inhabit, it's essential to look ahead and anticipate the changes that lie ahead. BBC and National Geographic documentaries have provided compelling insights into what the world might look like in 2050.

One significant aspect is the potential transformation of our energy landscape. Renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, are expected to dominate, with fossil fuels becoming a relic of the past. This shift is driven by growing concerns over climate change and the depletion of non-renewable resources.

Another key area is urbanization. By 2050, it's projected that over 70% of the global population will live in cities. This urban expansion will necessitate innovative solutions for housing, transportation, and waste management. Smart cities, where technology is integrated into infrastructure to improve efficiency and quality of life, are expected to become the norm.

The future of food production is also under scrutiny. With a growing population and dwindling resources, vertical farming and

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  • They say at night the power is gone because there is not sun, I don't understand, I thought there was a way to storage energy.

  • The true enemy right now are the corporations that sale petroleum. Is all a competition to stay on power .

  • A Filipino invented a fuel using merely saltwater but it wasn't supported by the government. Suddenly news about him and his invention was put into silence.

  • There's no battle except against elitist depopulation propaganda. They own 90% of everything and there's just way too many dirty proletariats to feed, clothes and house.
    Switzerland: Do something about these …. BREEders!!
    America: How bout we spy on everyone so nobody wants to f*ck anymore?

  • WOW!! If I hadn't paid so much attention to the documentary's details, I wouldn't have been able to get such a real picture of what the future will be like.

  • Technologies with robot self driving vehicles isn't bad but, have you guys actually considered the cons? You are creating unemployment and incapacitating Laboure market. practically, education will make no meaning anymore. Ye, the same robot will one day revolt against humanity and destroy you all.

  • How about, we stop for once in making more vehicles and let humans to rely more on only the use of public transportation, doing this will put more of the land spaces for more housing and amenities, humans needs homes to live in and homes needs lands. Adjustment to humans populations is needed, more education for development to down size populations by increasing understanding to family planning.

  • … What Would We Do Without Our Boffin's and Go-Getter's

  • This is my first time watching this documentary The World in 2050 The Real Future of Earth 🌎 (BBC & Nat Geo Documentaries). For real everyone. Yes. Facts. Believe it.

  • Life will be just fine. We'll look back to the 2020's wondering how people survived without the new technologies that we have in 2050's.

  • How about we live as God intended and stop making it all about stuff and how much stuff is pushed on people.paper money don't grow food don't drill oil but it does make billionaires I suppose and slaves of the rest

  • @Pemex Tengo la solución al problema y podemos hacerlo en @México si aún no llega EE.UU. y es una inversión rentable ya que al sol no le pagas por @Energía, incluso para @vehículossolares independientemente de los @ProyectosInternacionales de los cuales ya saben yo e participado y su presencia junto con los grandes empresarios del País e inversionistas extranjeros, incluyendo parte de la familia @HARP. @ASsolutions @PCLsoluciones @Alejandros

  • @Pemex I have the solution to the problem and we can do it in @Mexico if the US hasn't arrived yet and it is a profitable investment since you don't pay the @sun for @energy, even for @vehiculossolares regardless of the @InternationalProjects of which You know, I have participated and its presence together with the country's big businessmen and foreign investors, including part of the @HARP family. @ASsolutions @PCLsoluciones @Alejandros😮

  • Now go compared this to Earth2100 (made in 2011) and see if you can find any similarity.

  • Nothing positive ahead of us. Mega rich phucks, billions of poor lads (working or non-working). Big question is how small group 1 can brainwash ginormous group 2 enough so that they don't get their throat cut.

  • Reasons to replace cars with trains:
    1: No traffic
    2: No drunk drivers
    3: Can run on electricity
    4: Faster

  • U talk 40 minutes about alternatives for cars and gasoline, which we had decades ago, worst video here about the future

  • Take bill gates into account, legal murder, a military that works for political greed and police that prey on their communities..don't care for the future, humans are as watered down as they can get..tartaria was way better..

  • I will come to look this again if am rich in wealth and health

  • On a race against God. He has won since day 1, turn to him❤


  • A mi me suena a una publicidad tremendo para comprar este tipo de vehiculos y más control sobre nuestro quehaceres por robots. Creo que seria mejor mejorar el transporte publico , promocionar mas el uso de la bicicleta en ciudades y asi las families no tienen la necesidad de tener tanto coche en una casa. El sacar tanto elemento de combustion de debajo de la superficie tanto gas como carbon creo cavidaded vacias y un desequilibrio en la Tierra. El gran problema es que todo esto genera mucho dinero a las grandes multinacionales que están más que interesados de vendernos su versión

  • The fact that I literally come back to this video every month since 2021 lol. Well, I'll be back in 2050 too. Let's see how close your predicctions were.

  • The problem with ethanol fuel. Is that people will drink. And drive too. Much 😂😂😂

  • Removing humans from equation??? Driving is pleasure…. These people are. Idiots….

  • 2 minutes in. Climate change. Same ol, same ol. Gone.

  • Not if the government has anything to do with it!!!

  • But Gretta thundaberg said the world will end by 2012 cause of climate change 🤔

  • In hungary they cant finish building the new tube line for over 10 years… so 2050 will be this? I dont think so

  • So does Donald Trump get elected? And does he stay in power? Him and the MAGA cult Republicans? Or do they bring us back to the 1900s. Or do they start the brink of a civil war before 2050?

  • 👉 Take a look at for the most practical blueprint to produce your own energy and your own food. Nobody really knows what the world will be like in 2050, but acquiring these types of survival skills is definitely a good idea.

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