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MINIMALISM: Official Netflix Documentary (Entire Film)

Directed by @mattdavella. After 80M+ views on Netflix, MINIMALISM, starring @TheMinimalists, is now on YouTube. Listen to our …


Title: "Embracing Simplicity: Insights from the 'Minimalism' Documentary Amidst Consumerism Overload"

In the era of rampant consumerism, the Netflix documentary 'Minimalism' offers a refreshing perspective on living with less. The film, directed by Matthew Testa and produced by the Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, delves into the lives of these two men who have chosen to live with minimal possessions, prioritizing experiences over material goods.

Relevant in today's fast-paced, excess-driven society, 'Minimalism' challenges viewers to question their consumption habits and consider the impact of their lifestyle choices on their happiness and the environment. The documentary is a timely reminder that less can indeed be more, especially in a world where the pursuit of material wealth often overshadows personal well-being and sustainability.

The Minimalists argue that by reducing the number of possessions, one can lead a more intentional life, focusing on what truly matters. This philosophy resonates with the growing trend towards sustainability and mindfulness, as people increasingly seek to reduce their carbon footprint and live more

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  • I'm 20 next month and I've been a extreme minimalist for the past 3 years it's awesome,so for example i didn't bring any of my stuff w me cause i didn't know I'll have to spend a whole month here it was sudden so i only have the clothes I'm wearing,phone,charger,papers, backpack and wallet and honestly i don't miss anything so when i go back I'll declutter even more❤

  • Id love to hear Joshua and Ryan's opinions about the book of Ecclesiastes

  • Promote minimalism …. its healthier… your mind and body will thank you for it. STUFF doesn't make you happy.

  • Jesus already said, all we need is clothes, food and a roof over our head. He always knows what's up 👌🏼

  • The guys are doing well with their message, but their annoying need to hug needs to end. You don’t give an option, you just move in. Horrid. You need to read the other person first. Had to share this.

  • With purpose my friends comes happiness.

  • I simply have to laugh on it. First, a gigantic wave training people to believe they'll be happy when they have. Then, it becomes old fashioned, and a new wave comes. Now, we have to be minimalists. Of course, while that's is trending. The point that really matter is that each individual should know what's really necessary for him/her; then, those "isms" wouldn't even be necessary and people wouldn't have to produce a documentary to create a new wave that people would follow.

  • I got news for you, We have just started, I am Australian, and we have just started, we are accumulating at the speed of light, the Urge to get to the Super Australia, the vast country with huge possibilities has awakened 16 years ago, bigger, faster, greater is the norm. We have grown from 18 million people to 30 million in a very short period of time, Immigrants are swarming in by the millions, carefully screened, we only accept people with either lots of cash to spend or educated to service the growing country that is for ever urging for more. Our cities skylines has changed dramatically, high rises are going up faster than you can breath. Not a single house for sale less than 1.3 million Dollars, and that is the starting price. People believe that it is the Rich Chinese and Educated Chinese only, but it is far from true, by far the majority Immigrants are European, South African and Americans. Our geographical location to China and the imminent treat is so real that we have to become the next Super Power to be able to stand our ground, so even the Military is growing at a very faster pace. Even the "promise" of a free Nuclear Australia is out the window, it is coming soon, sooner than anybody thinks. We have only one Military Ally and it is the US, but we can see the decline, not so much in the US Armed Forces but the Expansion of the Chinese, and at some point it will be only us against "them", so believe it or not, the Giant Australia is coming weather you are ready or not.

  • Once you become a minimalist your bank savings will grow. Because you're a minimalist you have to get rid of that accumulated savings. travel. Don't be afraid and just go.

  • They say money is not everything yet the hobbies they do require money. I don't understand

  • These minimalist Now call High living being basic this is trash

  • Bro this motherfukers talking about minimalism his apartment looks 10 times better than anything I could ever accumulate

  • This is happening mostly in USA and other rich country, while many people in the world is trying to be enough.

  • It was ridiculous when I retired from a communication media company, they gave me some magazines to encourage me to follow my fashion dream. The most important thing to me at that time was not career, but my family. They were a family owned corporate and they called me betrayer anytime I talked bad things about them. They didn't care about my real family but they forced me to think they were my family, really ridiculous.

  • Capitalism & money took away happiness from human beings, people end up sacrificing their well being & health to make money then spend the same money to reverse the damage done so who is playing who?

  • I can’t say I’ve actually *Practiced Minimalism* or even *Chosen* it bcuz I’m not wealthy. However, at some early point in my life I became cognizant of the fact that Once one’s *Basic Needs* are met you really don’t need much else to live a content and dare I say Happy Life!! As I’m older now, I really make a conscious effort to keep my life Simple. Also, since 2020, I haven’t owned a vehicle (Horror of Horrors 😂😂😂😂) and I definitely feel LESS burdened. I’m now Forced to either walk to desired locations, which is Great Exercise!! Or drum up the courage to ask a friend for a ride, take public transport or order a Ride Share. Believe me, I was really LOATHE to do ANY of those things 😂😂😂😂 but I’ve met the challenge and I feel quite proud 💜

  • “Ok well um good luck, take it easy and don’t buy anything today… does a creepy ass laugh then he awkwardly leaves…. What a fake ass person. 46:20

  • Why is pro-genocide Sam Harris in this documentary?
    Also, he is a podcaster, not a scientist.

  • useful documentary…. I sent it to my children….

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