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Demons – documentary film with Dr. Michael S. Heiser

What does the Bible say about demons? Are demons real? Get the book “Demons” by Dr. Michael S. Heiser …

Title: Unveiling the Ancient: 'Demons' Documentary Delves into Biblical Mythology Amid Modern Controversies

In the realm of contemporary discourse, where spirituality, religion, and mythology intersect with politics and societal norms, a new documentary titled 'Demons' offers a fresh perspective. Produced by Dr. Michael S. Heiser, a scholar renowned for his expertise in ancient near eastern studies, the film delves into the lesser-known aspects of biblical mythology.

Dr. Heiser, known for his books such as 'The Unseen Realm' and 'Supernatural', presents a unique interpretation of the biblical texts, challenging traditional understandings and offering new insights. The documentary, which premiered recently, is based on his research and aims to shed light on the complexities of the ancient world and its influence on modern beliefs.

The film's relevance lies in its timely exploration of topics that have gained renewed interest in recent years, such as the nature of angels and demons, the role of fallen angels in the Bible, and the concept of the Nephilim. These subjects have been at the center of numerous debates, particularly in the context of religious fundamentalism and the ongoing struggle for religious freedom.

While the information presented in 'Demons' is not entirely new, Dr. Heiser's approach and interpretation offer a fresh perspective that could potentially reshape the way these topics are understood and discussed. His research challenges traditional interpretations, providing a more nuanced understanding of the biblical texts and their relevance to contemporary issues.

In a world where religion and spirituality continue to play significant roles in shaping societal norms and political discourse, 'Demons' offers a unique opportunity for viewers to delve into the complexities of biblical mythology and gain a deeper understanding of the ancient world's influence on modern beliefs. The documentary is a testament to the enduring relevance of ancient texts in the contemporary world and serves as a reminder of the importance of critical thinking and open-mindedness in navigating the complexities of spirituality and religion.

See video for more informatio

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  • This would have been a lot better without so many interludes with so much weird imagery and music stuck in.

    BTW, what about what Peter says that the rebels from Genesis 6 are chained in/with darkness?

  • To translate the bible is as confusing as those trying to translate it,,, how can one book be so hard to comprehend….

  • Good video, but A LOT of ads, Logos. A little greedy with this one, especially considering how expensive your book catalogs are already.

  • I'm not calling God yaweh…or giving the book of enoch any legitimate creedence…the holyspirit doesn't gel w enochs books…it glorifies angels

  • I feel sorry for you all, stuck in the dark ages, but like the Roman Maxim says… the world wishes to be deceived, let it be deceived. If you read your silly book carefully you'll notice that God is the place where evil spirits come from ( 1 Samuel 19 9), and what is another word for an evil spirit? A Demon. So according to this foolishness aliens are up there hanging out with god and his buddy Satan building UFOs and sending them here to make crop circles and mutilate cows and do anal probes on us… come on, quit grifting and say something true… oh thats right you think truth is a person not a thing, well in reality when something is true we can actually demonstrate or show how it is true, something Christians fail to do over and over. Believing does not make something true. So show me the truth of your claims or STFU.

  • Really informative. But I still don’t know what demons are. He said they’re not fallen angels but that they’re evil Elohim. I mean, isn’t that semantics? Here’s my point: God creates everything good initially, right? So all Elohim were created good. In order for some of them to become evil they had to have “fallen”, right? I’m okay with it not being 1/3. But it’s clear that not only Satan rebelled, that many others followed suit, and not just the watchers who went after women and are now in chains. These evil Elohim are still running around free. I was also really hoping he would discuss the fate of the hybrid spirits of the Nephilim, because some people say they roam the earth disembodied after death and they are demons seeking to possess people. I take that with a grain of salt, certainly, but they are a conundrum. I mean, what’s to be done with the spirit of a creature like that? What standing does its spiritual heritage give it? Or its human heritage? Or does it have no standing? I’m curious!

  • suddenly, Burning Man festival taking place out in the desert makes soooo much sense.

  • This guy is a dumb-ass, applying terms like 'after' (at 32 mins) to an a-temporal God outside time space and matter is a concrete example of NOT understanding how God and Heaven are beyond human understanding of causality and not bound by human perceptions of time. A basic theological foundation he clearly lacks.

  • Hello, my name is Mya and I’d like to share with you the spiritual residue images from the Shroud of Turin with photographic evidence proving Jesus didn’t just die, but went to Hell and rose again.

    The Shroud isn’t just a burial cloth. It’s a battle shroud, and  a Right Side Up & Upside Down Paradigm. Hanging up the Shroud with Jesus’ peaceful physical body stands up right, where the chaotic backside would be upside down and above, heads touching, Jesus being the right side up image. The images I’ve pulled from the Shroud of Turin prove this indeed is Jesus our Savior.

    The mess on the back hides humanity’s enemy, the Unholy Trinity, and other entities from Hell. There are only four images on the Shroud that belongs to Jesus and the Holy Spirit. 

    1. There is the physical image of the body that everyone can see. The Holy Spirit is located over Jesus’ heart. He faces off with the Second Beast that has horn as a lamb,  written about in Revelation. 
    2. There is the  image of the broken Spirit of Jesus Christ that was only found with blue lighting. This is located in the stomach area. A snake that I believe is the snake from the Garden of Eden goes from one cheek, slithers down through Jesus’ beard and up to the other cheek
    3. There is the soul of Jesus, which is the only picture I haven’t shared on YT or X. It’s visible, but to see it God has to give people eyes to see. The image of the soul is where Jesus became sin and I’ve saved that image for the reader of my book: Sin On The Shroud… Proof Jesus Died For You. There is so much to the Shroud that even a large group of scientists won’t find all its secrets. 
    4. Lastly, but definitely not least, is the Holy Spirt image, located over Jesus’ heart.

    On the other side of the spectrum are the fallen. The yellow & red image shows the marks of Genesis 3:15. There is a large mark of a cross on the backside of the head and a demented face for the mark on the heal. This is also one of many images I share on one of my short videos. This image came out striking as I changed the contrast and exposure to the image, bringing out hidden secrets.

    I also have a 1:33 video that I first shared showing how I pulled the images from the black and white exposure pictures from Google. This is where I pull a cursed lying tongue from our enemy’s mouth on the backside of the Turin. 
    The second video in about 18 minutes long, in two parts. This is where I pull certain images that I found as God first showed me what I was actually looking at. I’d recommend to watch all three and see for yourself what the Shroud of Turin is hiding. It won’t  take 20 minutes from your day. 

    No one else, but God Himself could have done what is on the Shroud of Turin.

    I promise, you won’t regret just looking at the information. Remember when Jesus told Peter, “Get behind me Satan.”There’s a reason for that and you can see why on the backside of the Shroud. There is literally the Unholy Trinity looking back at you. I put this image on the cover of my book, Look closely.

    I’m also have the picture of the face cloth/napkin that I outlined. It shows Jesus’ eyes opening, looking to his right, our left, at the beast that’s facing off with the Holy Spirit. These images are found in my 2 part video that I’ve shared on YouTube.

    The next video I put up on YouTube will be of Judas. His spiritual residue is also on the Shroud, along with other characters, such as the pharaoh of Egypt that drowned. King Herod is also visible as a demon points at him seeming to be screaming at him. 

    I hope you’re willing to see this for yourself, please believe me when I say, “You won’t regret it.”

  • The word demon is not in the KJV. Maybe the globalists have put it in the fake bibles they write but it is not in the KJV.

  • Satan from Job is the serpent from Genesis.. Revelation 12:9 “So down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; he was hurled down to the earth, and his angels were hurled down with him.”

  • I was in a Southern Baptist church, biggest one in my area and the pastor who frequently mentioned a Baptists we believe in the inerrancy of the Bible yet he stood in the pulpit and said something like "regarding demons, we know me know and we know that's mental illness." He did but say sometimes, or in some cases but demons are mental illness. He left no room for actual demons. To me he may as well have stood there and just openly said "i do NOT believe in the inerrancy of the scriptures. "

  • As Satan asked God about Job and his faithfulness and job was truly tested beyond what I think any of us could bare…I think about how God protects us from fallen angels and demonic attacks while we are growing in Christ and trying to walk righteously and how he truly loves us and protects and guides and delivers us in our path when we truly seek him and invite Christ in our lives and our hearts…. True Love … thankyou Lord

  • DE [opposite] MON [one].
    OR, remove oneness.
    There are monsters in our world, but make no mistake about it, they are men.
    MEN have potential to be angelic [exemplary conduct, virtue] or demonic [frenzied, energised for evil].
    As a direct result of this, the world has the potential to be both EDEN or HELL.

  • Music/sound effects detract from the study to the point of being annoying. May have to stop listening.

  • Fantastic. Best explanation of many guestions I have thought about for years. This is so important to get out to people for so many think he is a joke. I am 81 and this was just brushed over in church. Thank you and God bless you and your mission ❤❤❤❤

  • Chant Hare Krishna and be happy! It’s the most efficient method to attain God consciousness in this age of Kali, as prescribed by Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Christ/Krishna, the name is the same. Call on Him by name and He will always protect you!

  • David was a murderer and adulterous back stabbing judas to his ppl.. real horseshit

  • Paul in Corinthians about the meat sacrificed to false gods or idols, he basically said to use your wisdom. If others see you eat the meat, they may think you worship idols but that if there is nothing else to eat and it wouldn’t be misinterpreted by others in the eating of it than it’s ok. Nothing is more powerful than Jesus. We must use our wisdom and discernment not that Paul discouraged people of eating meat sacrificed to idols for fear you’re going to catch a demon. Jesus is Lord and King and more powerful than false idol worship. ❤

  • Between Jordan Peterson, Jonathan Pageau, this guy, and the Catholic exorcists, I see the entire world through new eyes.

  • Very interesting 👍👍 Thank you and God bless ✌️

  • demons god s servants an taught by religion

  • A blessed teacher, wonderful that we can continue to receive these teachings. His life was a race well run.

  • Remember our job is to make disciples of all nations. When we accept the sin offering of Jesus' work of suffering death and resurrection we are now out of rebellion with our Creator…can't be damned. Our message friends is, "come out of rebellion because if you don't, you WILL go to hell" and yes a loving God will send you there, . That is our punishment for the rebellion but easy-peasy.. "Jesus Save Me!" And you are saved, period.. remember to leave people with those words on their lips to be used now or later… And if they have more questions direct them to Dr heiser's books or Scripture❤ of course…Godspeed everyone 🙌

  • what's the Septuagint verse for ass humans ?

  • So sad to hear of Michael's passing. Such an unusual scholarship. Reminded me when I was first introduced to Francis Schaeffer…. a different perspective on the Christian life.

    Though I say this with great caution, if you're interested in the subject, look at Fred C. Dickason's books. "Angels: Evil and Elect" were his teaching notes in Angelology. I took that class at a time when it occurred directly after his counseling someone who was having "spirit" issues. Not long after that his counseling was forced to move off campus. Another title is "Demon Possession and the Christian" which has some case studies record after more than 50 yrs of counseling.

    Another author is Kurt Kock, if you can still find his many books in print.

  • WOW! This blew my mind. I fully comprehend what Dr. Heiser is trying to convey and he is not wrong or saying anything unscriptural. It would be nice if YouTube would stop shadow-banning my comments.

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