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‘BRATS’ | Official Trailer | June 13 on Hulu

In the 1980s, everybody wanted to be in the Brat Pack. Except them. Director Andrew McCarthy reunites with Demi Moore, Rob …

Title: New Trailer Reveals Upcoming Hulu Series 'BRATS' Based on 70s Girl Group

In a fresh development, Hulu has unveiled the official trailer for its upcoming series 'BRATS', set to premiere on June 13. The series is inspired by the real-life 70s girl group, The Runaways, and promises to delve into the tumultuous journey of the band members as they navigate the music industry, fame, and the complexities of adolescence.

The trailer offers a glimpse into the lives of the five teenage girls, played by actresses including Aidan Alexander, Quincey Fleur, and Dylan Minnette, who form the band. It showcases the challenges they face, from parental disapproval to the harsh realities of the music industry, all while maintaining their friendship and musical ambitions.

'BRATS' is not just a tribute to The Runaways but also serves as a reflection of the struggles and triumphs faced by many young artists today. The series promises to be a captivating blend of music, drama, and coming-of-age storytelling, making it a must-watch for fans of both music and compelling narratives.

This announcement is particularly timely, given the renewed interest in girl groups and the music of the 70s. The trailer's release has sparked excitement among viewers, with many looking forward to the series' premiere next month.

'BRATS' is the latest addition to Hulu's growing roster of original series, further solidifying its position as a leading platform for quality television content. With its unique premise and star-studded cast, 'BRATS' is set to make a significant impact when it premieres on June 13.

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#documentary film

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  • I heard the movie is bad, but this trailer brings back all the feels. Those were the days when you got excited after watching a trailer in the movie theater.

  • No Judd nelson no movie.

  • I'm sorry to say but what an 1,5 hours of yawn! Nothing but pointless repeated conversation on the same topic of why were we tagged as the brat pack.. some interviews were hard to watch because it felt contrived. I expected it to be as exciting as Netflix's Wham docu, with interesting witty narrating, rare footage and yes – to see them all together again as the brat pack walking out from the breakfast club's school. What a missed opportunity!



  • AWFUL documentary, I was so excited for this but it's basically a neurotic actor who has spent decades being upset over a silly headline that created a pop culture landmark. We get It, you wanted to be a serious actor, but jeez! it wasn't just a headline that stopped that.

    The irony is he sounds like a spoilt brat throughout, it's embarrassing at times how he refuses to move on.

    Three words… GET OVER IT.

  • Just watched this, it's absolutely insane to me that they took that label as a negative. To me they were the exclusive cool kids, elite Hollywood. The kids we all wanted to be in the 80's! You all should own it and be proud of it!

  • andrew comes off as annoying, I dont know he reminds me so much of Tucker Carlson, maybe that's why. I always thought James Spader was part of it, he's in every 80s movies.

  • I just finished watching this documentary and you can easily attach it next to the word somber in the dictionary. If anything I just felt bummed out afterwards. What a shame that none of them embraced that title when it was given to them and even a bigger shame that they all parted ways almost immediately. 30 years of being affected by a word and not owning it is quite jarring. I do look forward to FINALLY watching all of those movies from the 80’s. I was born in 86’ so my only true addiction from that era was The Goonies and The Breakfast Club.

  • OK so I watch it and I don't watch documentaries.

    a) I didn't know the "Brat Pack" bothered them that much. Really shouldn't have. I always say it like a GenX badge of honor.
    b) Was upset more people didn't agree to interview. They've moved on I guess but would have been nice. Many I expected don't really have that much going on as far as I know. Seeing Demi and Lea was nice.
    c) Michael Anthony Hall??? Maybe Andrew and he have bad blood? Didn't even mention him.

    Andrew McCarthy (who I knew did the thing before I even sat and watched it) really seemed (still) upset about the whole moniker. But then you realize many of them were at that time upset. I'd never read the article (still haven't).

    That all being said it made me realize that was a BIG generation of really talented actors and there is nothing like that today. He touched on the fact that movies and music were intertwined, and they really were. Nothing like that would happen (as successfully) today. Entertainment is just consumed differently.

    Anyway… it wasn't that great unfortunately.

  • When I saw the film I was 31 years old and so I've seen what I consider to be a very good to classic films I gave it a fair run maybe 15min then walked out. Reason being, too many reasons. Kubrick, Kurosawa,Coppola………..

  • Back when fans could actually look up to actors now their all woke and soulless


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