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Being Evel – Johnny Knoxville Evel Knievel Documentary Film

Millions know the man; few know his story. Academy Award-winning director Daniel Junge and producer Johnny Knoxville take a …

Title: "Johnny Knoxville's 'Being Evel' Documentary: A Fresh Perspective on a Legendary Stuntman"

In the realm of contemporary documentary films, 'Being Evel', directed by Daniel Junge and produced by Johnny Knoxville, offers a unique and captivating portrayal of the legendary stuntman Evel Knievel. This film, released in 2014, is not new information, but its relevance to current events lies in its ability to rekindle interest in Knievel's life and career, especially among younger generations who may not be familiar with his daring exploits.

The film, which is based on interviews with Knievel's family, friends, and colleagues, provides an intimate look into the life of the iconic stuntman. It delves into Knievel's personal struggles, his unwavering determination, and his indomitable spirit, offering a more nuanced portrait than the larger-than-life image that has often been associated with him.

Johnny Knoxville, best known for his role in the 'Jackass' series, brings a unique perspective to the film. As a fellow stuntman, he shares a bond with Knievel that allows him to connect with the audience in a way that other biographers might not be able to. This connection, coupled with the compelling narrative and high-quality production values, makes 'Being Evel' a must-watch for anyone interested in the world of stunt work or the history of American popular culture.

While 'Being Evel' is not new information, its continued relevance lies in its ability to engage audiences and spark conversations about the legacy of Evel Knievel. As we continue to celebrate the brave and daring stunts of the past, 'Being Evel' serves as a reminder of the risks that these pioneers took to push the boundaries of what was possible.

In conclusion, 'Being Evel' is a documentary that offers a fresh and engaging perspective on the life of Evel Knievel. Despite being released several years ago, its relevance to current events lies in its ability to captivate audiences and spark conversations about the legacy of this legendary stuntman. Whether you're a fan of stunt work, American popular culture, or simply looking for a compelling documentary to watch, 'Be

See video for more informatio

#documentary film

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  • That was awesome to see that young lady driving her race car

  • Notice how they say america loved it. Todays United States is not America any longer we are throwing our rights away for safety and security

  • That oj quote didn’t age well😂

  • The greatest stunt was Don E telling the hells angels he's got $1000 in cash….🙄

  • I was in a bar one time in fort Lauderdale and Evel Knievel came in with all his bodyguards oh my God his bodyguards were so good-looking he was a jerk

  • The simple truth of Evel Knievel was, He was not a good man, but he was a great man.

  • I meant Knievel he worked at a motorcycle shop in Yakima Washington. I ended up buying a motorcycle from him. I actually traded a 55 Chevy two door post to him for a 250 Bulltaco pursing 5 speed He worked at that cycle shop as a motorcycle mechanic for Jim Pomeroy senior. He was a good old boy. I liked him. I was only like 14 years old Pom Junior became fifth in the nation, motocross They were just normal every day people trying to make a living that love their business you know jumping like evil dead was all fun and smooth until you landed wrong lol I watched him jump a bunch of Pepsi-Cola trucks in Yakima right on the main street. There was a big shopping parking lot there like town and country. I think it was called. It was a different world back then and especially Yakima Yakima in that area has turned into Little Mexico with illegal immigrants everywhereBiden border policies have destroyed America I can tell you one thing Evel Knievel would be a Trump supporter this day and age 100% people like that snotty news reporter that worked taking his interview at the snake Canyon. You know the one he worked for Fox until they fired him, he would have knocked fire out of his butt. There will never be another evil Knievel just like they’ll never be another Elvis Presley Nora, Donald J Trump, the best president this country will ever have or ever has had.

  • Very nice film… knew his name… played his game like a true champion!!! There will be countless legends but there will never be another Evel Keneivel

  • There wasn't anyone co 2:49 oler or badder than Evel Knievel

  • Mark from Shipping Wars literally shipped Evel's rig from wherever it was. Elvis was my guy then Evil.

  • He was my childhood hero. I got a little banged up trying to be like him! 😊 Evel is a true American legend! The real deal!

  • Evel is the reason my toes are crooked today bad bike jump broke my toes and my Schwinn on the landing rip evel my childhood was the best Evel was my hero

  • Growing up in the 60's and 70's you couldn't get away from Evel Knievel he was the schizzle we used to line up as many garbage cans a make a ramp and see how many we could jump after getting a good start down Faheys driveway across the street and then take flight it was a blast and he was our muse!!!!!!!!

  • A man that LIVED !!,, and did it his way ,,no regrets!! True hero 💪 and legend…and i DARE any rider out there today to jump one of his jumps ,,on what he was riding !! Hahaha!! The balls !!!

  • Maybe Evil had that rare condition where you can't feel pain & was just smart enough not to tell anyone ! 😂

  • Ugh you’d think after the first few wrecks he’d had figured out his bikes weight was the problem ugh / epic stunt man but the cheating on his wife after $$$ part I dislike

  • Thanks for sharing. The most important thing in life is your scorecard with God, Evel said. Kinda right, but it is to repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

  • The song played over the opening credits is 20th Century Boy by T. Rex.

  • his essence carries on forever, all my gusto comes from watching him, as extreme sport junky I bomb down hills on piece wood and four wheels at 100kph, he is the reason I LIVE my life not just sit back and do nothing with it.
    its my choice my life and if your gonna go, go out with a bang.

  • He hit on my mom 50 yrs ago when she worked at Doug's body shop..I had the chance to meet him but he was more interested in my mom

  • Evel, Alice Cooper, Ali, plus the music, the 70,s the last great decade, Canada Russia, 72, Billy Jean King….etc let's take our time machine …. those were the days.

  • The childhood hero of millions of us. I had all the action figures, the wind up motorcycle, but best of all I ended up with my own Evel Knieval story. I was 4 years old. We had a steeply sloped back yard. I put a ramp up the front of my raised sandbox. I got on my metal tricycle and and started flying down the hill towards. Only problem was my sandbox was built up on a tree. My 4 year old brain didn't compute that I would hit the tree mid air. Smashed my face pretty bad. My mom asked what I was thinking. I said I just wanted to be like Evel Knieval.

  • to commemorate the snake river conspiracy, i think it only fitting that Johnny Knoxville do the jump!

  • I had the stunt bike toy. It was one of the first toys I remember having, and definitely my favorite.

  • If he didn't get off the chopper quick at snake river a lot of nuts would have died…dont rush a helicopter..great pilot.

  • In England the dude that grabbed the throttle almost hurt him more than the jump.

  • I didn't buy any toys from my deal when I was a kid and I damn sure wouldn't buy it now!!!!!

  • When I was a kid, I was a bike jumping Evel Kneivel wanna be in the 80's. When I was 5, I had to be the first one to do the biggest jump in the neighborhood. I angled it wrong, landed on my front tire, and went face first into a trailer lock hitch. I broke my skull just above my left eye. I had to be life flighted 400 miles. I was luckily not even knocked out. Even though I had a gaping hole in my skull. If I would have been knocked out I wouldn't have survived. I sure put my parents through hell when I rode my bicycle. I had two speeds. Fast, and faster. Also once I healed up, I got right back on my bike. My poor parents.
    Thank you to the doctors, nurses, and life flight crew for saving my life.

    Also I got to watch Travis Pastrana land the first double back flip while I was on vacation. That was one of those moments you never thought could happen. These extreme sports people just blow my mind these days. Much respect to all of them.

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