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Back To Eden Gardening Documentary Film – How to Grow a Rege…

Back to Eden Gardening Documentary Film – Learn how to grow a regenerative organic vegetable garden the best and easiest …

Title: Revolutionizing Gardening: Insights from 'Back to Eden' Documentary

In the realm of sustainable living, a documentary film titled 'Back to Eden' is making waves, offering a revolutionary approach to gardening that resonates particularly with the growing concerns over climate change and food security.

The documentary, released in 2010, presents the gardening philosophy of Paul Gautschi, a self-taught permaculturist who has been practicing his unique method for over 40 years. His approach, dubbed 'Back to Eden' gardening, eschews traditional methods in favor of a more natural, low-maintenance system.

The crux of Gautschi's method lies in the use of wood chips as a mulch, which he believes can create a self-sustaining ecosystem in the garden. This technique, while not entirely new, has gained renewed interest due to its potential to reduce water usage, combat soil erosion, and promote biodiversity.

What sets 'Back to Eden' apart is its practical demonstration of the method, showcasing lush, thriving gardens that require minimal input. The film has inspired countless gardeners worldwide to adopt this method, contributing to a broader movement towards sustainable gardening practices.

In the context of current events, the relevance of 'Back to Eden' gardening is undeniable. As climate change continues to threaten food security and traditional farming methods face challenges, innovative solutions like this documentary's proposed method offer a glimmer of hope.

While the concept of using wood chips as a mulch is not entirely new, the film's presentation and practical demonstration of the method make it a valuable resource for those seeking to create sustainable gardens. The information presented in 'Back to Eden' is indeed new to many, and its potential impact on gardening practices worldwide cannot be overstated.

In conclusion, 'Back to Eden' offers a compelling and practical solution for sustainable gardening in the face of climate change and food security concerns. Its relevance to current events is undeniable, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in sustainable living and gardening.

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  • It sounds great for a garden and the limited amount I have used this principle works. However, how can this be made to work on a large scale? Such as 20 to 50 acres of crops? How can this be used on growing pasture and hay? Maybe I am too short sighted, but if there is a way I'd sure like to know. I have a 20 acre hay field and 15 acres of pastures. I'd LOVE to be able to do something more sustainable, organic, and effective.

  • I got a farm in sweden now. Nice to hear the bible words.

  • Happy Wednesday!

    Can i use the the wood chips together with cut up with leaves in garden or only the wood chip?

  • I just love to see a nature documentary where it's not always this evolved to do this to do that, but instead God designed it. LOVE IT!

  • What do you call the pruning method for the fruit trees in this video?

  • I watch this movie like every year and pick up on something new still.

  • Nutrient science. All living things require it. It's not about "fertilizing". It's about nutrient management in the soil/medium complex. Same science.

  • As a Muslim I can totally agree with not only the wonderful technique that Paul has but the power behind the word of the Lord. God bless you Paul, your family friends and if we don’t meet in this world may we meet it the life that lasts forever, in the garden as wide as the heavens. Peace and blessings ❤️

  • So if you want to tear out part of grass lawn to garden, do you take the grass out first and then top with wood chips, or can you put the chips right on top of the grass to start the process of soil enrichment? Will it break down the grass quickly enough?

  • I'm not religious but gardening, especially directly in the earth really makes you feel at home in nature, and humbles you. This is a great, well shot video

  • Would this work in zone 8b & 9a in the SoCal high desert? Any help is appreciated. Great content 👍

  • Paul, please go to China and promote your method. !! They would love to learn from you.

  • Thank God for this I’m getting old and have a small yard but this has been most helpful in how to use the small space.

  • 11:07 Woodchips are the best covering…BUT…there were no mechanical wood chippers in Eden…SO… how do wood chips occur naturally?…

  • Pondering…If topsoil is lost 9:21 in one area, isn't it gained in another? OR is it washed into the sea?…

  • Lovely video. I study this video and it helps me reconnect with my faith. God bless you and our harvests.

  • I saw this film at the beginning of the pandemic and found it so beautiful and comforting. I look forward to watching it again and one day, building my own Garden of Eden. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • I am so grateful for this movie, with all my heart, thank you for sharing it

  • I watched this video and it was good thank you sir

  • Never using insecticides, I'm growing organic

  • I love this vid..very inspiring. You've got yourself a new subscriber😀Back to the way God wanted it to be..

  • What a life-changing experience. Thank you for sharing your profound wisdom.

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