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Will RTX 5090 Launch Kill 1440p Gaming? RTX 5080 Weak Performance? May 2024 Q&A EP2

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Title: Will the Upcoming RTX 5090 Disrupt 1440p Gaming Market? Addressing RTX 5080 Performance Concerns

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, the anticipation for the release of the RTX 5090 graphics card has been building. As we approach May 2024, gamers are eagerly waiting to see how this new powerhouse will impact the gaming landscape, particularly in the 1440p resolution market.

Recent rumors and leaks suggest that the RTX 5090 could outperform its predecessor, the RTX 5080, significantly. However, concerns have been raised about the performance of the RTX 5080, with some users reporting less-than-expected results.

The RTX 5080, launched in late 2023, was expected to deliver a significant boost to 1440p gaming. However, some users have reported that it struggles to maintain consistent frame rates in demanding games, even when running at lower settings. This has led to speculation that the RTX 509

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  • I'm guessing if you buy another over-priced Nvidia top card, you'll be broke.

  • PC Builder , can you build a mini-PC for us that would like to have one in our backpack? Yes I know Laptops exists but I want one of these 6L / 7L cases with normal pc parts in it , some can even fit decent sice GPUs.

    Budget 6L mini pc please :3

  • Remember 30 series were advertised for 8k gaming tooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • 1440p will still be viable for the 5090 because of ray tracing.

  • I only just upgraded to 1440p this month. Upgrading to a 4K means more expensive GPU's and the GPU options suck. Every Nvidia card is short on VRAM except the 4060 Ti that's nerfed by 128bit memory, or you just gotta pay 2,000 for an RTX 4090

  • I think 1440P only dies entirely if GPUs that are capable of 4K-60fps are under $200, and those capable of 4K-120fps are under $300. Also 4K-120fps (+1ms, HDR) monitors needs to be under $250, too.

    I get what you said in the video. It's just the title really did a good job on annoying people.πŸ˜‚

  • I couldn't disagree more about the 1440p being the past, if you are not hitting at least the 144hz at 4k, or making out the new 360hz 1440p monitors refresh its not dead. especially now that 4k is 240hz and nothing is close to hitting that FPS at max graphics

  • I can't tell 1440p from 4k, i don't care about 8k

  • 1440p gaming is not over – have you seen the Steam hardware survey recently?!? BY FAR the dominant GPUs are the xx60 class cards – 3060, 2060, 1060, 4060 and their laptop versions, even the 1650-s has much higher percentage than the 3070 (the only higher tier card above 3% ownership. In the real world people spend significantly less for gaming PC's than the very small minority in the world of GPU enthusiasts.

  • So question for you man would you recommend waiting for newer parts such as cpu,gpu,cases or even fans? Should I wait for the new things or buy current generation components?

  • Thanks to Jason, I made my decision to get a 4070 Ti Super in January, and been super happy with it. Crushing 1440p and I might bump up to a 4k monitor next year, so the 4070 TiS should be able to handle it as well.

  • I'm hearing about 4K gaming since 1080Ti, even that card has problem with 1440p. 8 years later, 3080 cards 4 times expensive with less RAM, can barely handle 1440p Valheim on more then 60FPS…Sorry but 4K mainstream is bullshit AF……

  • Folks don’t want to admit it but the industry is outpacing the consumer. 1440p is definitely being phased out. 1440p replaced 1080p, and developers are spending their time pushing out 4k based content (hence the lack of game optimization and VRAM usages). This is why you are seeing the early mentioning of 8k more often now within the industry. Sorry folks

  • Staying out of the hardware race for the moment. My pc runs smoothly. I was exited for Ghost of Thushima for pc, but them Sony dropped the ball big time and I'm staying away from that for now. Still have a bunch of games I haven't played or finished yet, so all is good.
    Uhh, and Starstruck Vagabond just came out.

  • I (unfortunately) switched to 4k years ago. Now my eyes and brain have adjusted, 1440 and 1080 look horrible.

  • im personally having a hard time telling the difference from 165hz/165fps and 200hz/200fps at 1440p on a 4080super, Without the benchmark overly I couldn't tell the difference, is the 5080s over kill for me Yes, my monitor taps out at 170hz the 200 i can get at 1440p is good enough for me. Ghost of Tsusima runs at 200, HellBlade 2 runs at 180 Diablo 4 runs at this very moment dlss quality in a Nightmare dungeon im getting 285fps at the moment with an OLD 58003d cpu

  • if 4090 is banned why would 5080 not be? they have said its faster or on par with a 4090?

  • Hey Jason, do you know of any sites I can sell case fans on? I was sent $400 worth of the wrong fans and I can’t return them. Phanteks D30-120s still in the box.

  • hey, can anyone tell me if thi is a good pc. (Skytech Gaming – Eclipse Gaming Desktop – AMD Ryzen 9 7900X – AMD Radeon 7900XTX – 32GB Memory – 2TB NVMe SSD – White)

  • AMD closely relates to the opinion about 1440p and 4K. If NVIDIA continues to place the price onto the consumer, I think 1440p and 1080p will continue to be here for a while

  • I've been running 1440p for 13 years(not the same monitor). A 3080 ti pretty much kills everything.

  • You cannot tell the difference between 1440p and 4k. This was demonstrated by Linus Tech tips years ago. Instead of spending thousands on a new card and monitor, pay off some debt.

  • 4K is for adults, 1080p and 1440p is for kids. This is not a joke, a 4k competitive system will set you back around Β£3k minimum. Parents aren't going to spend that on a kid.

  • Uh, shit, I'll skip the 5000 series and wait till 8000 series come out in 2028…same crap…

  • these gpu need to be more expensive there way to cheap

  • Hey Jason, wondering how I submit my PC part picker list for boost my build. Thank You.

  • 😒 I need help with a certain gaming laptop priced at $1800 US, 2023 Acer Helios 16 with RTX 4080 and 240hz display…How likely do laptops in this range come down to $1300 during Christmas??

  • Does any one have any thought's on the ASRock 27" 180 Hz IPS QHD Gaming Monitor FreeSync (AMD Adaptive Sync) 2560 x 1440 (2K) PG27QFT2A for ~$200 after shipping and taxes on newegg? It looks great on paper but it's so new that it's hard to find any reviews or tested data on it.

  • Hi Jason. I love your videos. Right now, I have an LG gram that I use for school as well as some gaming on the side. Unfortunately, it sucks for gaming. It has an intel i7-1195G7, intel iris xe graphics, 32gb of ram, and a ~2TB ssd. It can only run GTA V and Skyrim Anniversary Edition (basically Skyrim Special Edition but with a bunch of Creation Club mods/dlc included) at maybe 30-0fps on low at resolutions like 720p or 1080p. Just Cause 2 (from 2008) is mostly in the 40s-50s fps on 1080p high. Cyberpunk won't even launch. I've also started getting into arena shooters as well as flight sim x. I already know, based on how other games perform, that recent games in those genres would not run or would run horribly. I'm looking to get my first real gaming pc. My budget is ~$1000. I've considered buying, but I'd only get the performance of maybe a $600-$700 build for a $1000 prebuilt. I've watched your boost my build videos and I've come up with a part list for my build. However, I'm wondering if I've left a bunch of performance on the table. I'm actually concerned that I'd be overspending on the GPU for a Ryzen 5600x.

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£i still play at 1080p i must be dead and burried

  • Bruh i cant even game on 1080p πŸ’€πŸ’€

  • Given the price trend of new graphics card releases, I'm guessing that at around $2000, the 5090 won't be killing anything except most people's hopes at an upgrade. I spent the money on a 4090 and while it is a fantastic card, I cringe at the thought of buying something more expensive even with a trade in. I'd most likely find myself cpu limited as well, meaning the cost would go up even further if I wanted to take full advantage of the card's potential.

  • Bro a 1440p screen is absolutely perfect an smooth AF it's the clear sweet spot for the foreseeable future

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