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Will Nvidia Hardware Be Used In A Next-Gen Console?

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Title: Nvidia's Role in the Future of Next-Gen Consoles: A Speculative Analysis

In the ever-evolving landscape of gaming, the question of whether Nvidia hardware will be used in next-generation consoles has sparked intriguing discussions. While no official announcements have been made, the potential collaboration between console manufacturers and Nvidia could revolutionize the gaming industry.

Nvidia, a leading manufacturer of graphics processing units (GPUs), has been a significant player in the gaming sector for years. Their state-of-the-art technology has powered numerous high-end PC games, offering stunning visuals and smooth gameplay. This expertise in GPU technology could be a valuable asset for console manufacturers looking to push the boundaries of what is possible in gaming.

The current generation of consoles, such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, have relied on custom-made GPUs. However, the rapid pace of technological advancement has made off-the-shelf solutions increasingly attractive. Using Nvidia's latest GPUs could potentially allow console manufacturers to deliver more powerful hardware at a lower cost, benefiting both developers and consumers.

However, there are challenges to consider. Console manufacturers would need to ensure that their systems are optimized for the specific GPUs used, to avoid performance issues and maintain a consistent user experience. Additionally, the use of Nvidia hardware could potentially limit the exclusivity of console games, as they would be using the same technology as high-end PC games.

In conclusion, while it is not certain whether Nvidia hardware will be used in next-gen consoles, the potential benefits are significant. If console manufacturers choose to collaborate with Nvidia, they could deliver more powerful hardware, potentially at a lower cost, and push the boundaries of what is possible in gaming. However, they would need to carefully manage the implementation to ensure a consistent user experience and maintain the exclusivity of console games. Only time will tell if this speculative scenario becomes a reality.

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  • I reckon nvidia “wholesale” prices would be too greedy if their retail pricing is anything to go by. E.g. release overpriced cards until AMD release a only slightly worse cards for $200+ less 😂

  • If MS makes a xbox with nvidia or intel, sony would win by default.

  • Nvidia probably won't bother with AMD margins. Sony and MS is the true winners in the console segment, not AMD. Consoles makes money from software sales and accessories not the box itself. The hardware is kinda cheap. The APU used is worth peanuts. AMD "just" needs to improve FSR massively and make it on par with DLSS. AMD also needs to fix proper Frame Gen tech like 4000 series. Upscaling + Frame Gen would be GOLD for Consoles and at this point even XeSS beats FSR overall. Upscaling is HERE TO STAY and will replace AA completely. Tons of new games already have DLSS/FSR and no other AA methods. Upscaling is SHARPENING + AA built in + PERF IMPROVEMENT.

  • Youre totally lost if ypu think the bulk of the public cares about ray tracing

  • Nah, I don't think so. Console manufacturers are focused on maximizing profit. Paying a premium for Nvidia GPUs wouldn't really make sense. I myself use Nvidia GPUs in all of my machines, but that's just personal preference. From a business point of view, I think using AMD would be a better choice.

  • Nvidia is a gpu only company. AMD is much more equipped to create and integrated platform for CPU and GPU. Not to mention Nvidia isnt so far ahead in raster that it's enticing for a console manufacturer to carry the burden of mixing and matching parts to get it to work. AMD can pump out a chip that's very competitive, works great on the hardware, and is cheaper.

  • Nvidia wouldn't even be able to buy enough manufacturing space I think. The new plant in Arizona wouldn't be able to produce chips until 2027/28. GPU production is roughly 50% of their income now. And likely going to drop with the onset of more need for AI processing (which is way more profitable). Purely for these reasons I don't see it happening any time soon.

  • Yes it can. PS6 will cost $899

  • Going with Nvidia would be an exciting way for Xbox to differentiate itself. Sony, however, is too heavily invested in the APU design, and they depend on AMD for backward compatibility. They would have a tough time changing suppliers.

  • I wish it would. Nvidia has far superior AI tech that would greatly benefit a console

  • Stupid Choices.. let's not go to that place.. ever

  • Nvidia graphics suck and the console would cost $100 more.

  • nvidia does not offer adequate solutions at a reasonable price. they dont have a powerful processor architecture for high performance gaming. its another sponsored digital foundry wet dream

  • Everyone is talking about DLSS, but could anyone mention Auto Super Resolution? It's called Microsoft's DLSS equivalent by some. Is it any good? Can NPUs really match Tensor? Is that a reason why AMD never invested in Tensor equivalent in their GPUs?
    I'm pretty sure that this tech will be in new consoles, at least Xbox, so I'm super curious.

  • Only way i see nvidia getting into consoles if they can make a dedicated Dlss Ai tensor upscaler chip that can be put into the new system for AMD piggyback off of.

  • I think a deal with Microsoft feels not impossible at least for a few reasons:

    1) MS will be building out XCloud and while they could just stick with AMD there, if they want to say and actually mean "it's best on xbox (which now includes anything on an xservice I guess)" they probably need Nvidia hardware

    2) They would then also want parity between XCloud and their hardware, so that also lends to making a deal with Nvidia

    3) That leaves room for some give if they package the XCloud orders in with their console orders–I doubt Nvidia would want to fulfill anything that was just console orders for consoles that might not even sell 20M in 4 years

    Saying it's likely would maybe be a step too far, though. MS still feels very risk averse and AMD likely gives them a way better deal on both the XCloud hardware and the console hardware. AMD really would not want to lose those orders. And as to point (1), well, MS already feels comfortable saying a lot of things that just aren't true so they could very well just continue to do that. So, "it's best on xbox" will still be said even if their streaming service is inferior to GeForce Now or any other service using 4080s or better in the future.

    For Sony, I think it's kind of a given that they'd have to make a deal with Nvidia if MS did first? Sony has always felt frightened about what happened with PS3 so I doubt they'd want their hardware to look too different from a competitor again. And on the software side of things, working with AMD has always seemed to be less than helpful compared to working with Nvidia. Similarly though, absent MS making a move I doubt Sony would either.

  • I hope not.. We can't keep feeding the oppressor.

  • Didn’t they try it once with Xbox? We see how well that worked out

  • Apple refuses to work with Nvidia also

  • they will probably always use AMD because AMD offers CPU and GPU in one package at a probably reasonable price

  • I don't think Nvidia will be an option for the next gen but Intel could sneak in there. They want customers for their fabs. Their next gpu could be a huge leap in performance and efficiency compared to arc. They have already made huge strides in performance with their drivers. I also imagine even ARC has potential for much more performance if that specific architecture was the target for games unlike AMD and Nvidia. If Intel really cares about the discreet gpu side they could get in consoles just to give their pc gpus relevance. Intel is getting a lot of performance out of relatively small die sizes. They could go all efficiency cores and make a a 24 thread/24 core cpu on a tiny die and a separate die for the gpu while costing less than what Sony is currently paying for the large AMD die. Intel just needs to want to work for their future profits and not filling their pockets right now.

  • Nope it will kill backwards compatibility on PlayStation if they do that lol

  • Imagine what a 8 years gap between Switch 1 & Switch 2 processor can do. We know that mobile technologies vastly improved every year. Between non customised (Switch 1) vs customised (Switch 2) processor it's gigantic advancement in graphics power & efficiency 💪

  • History told how Nvidia is bad at partnerships. Sony and Apple suffered because of Nvidia, Nintendo too. The first version of Switch could be hacked with a paperclip. It wouldn't be a surprise if they just change suppliers.

  • Maybe not a traditional home console, but ill take another handheld with nvidia hardware in it.

  • It's clear as day that it should be. But I doubt either console maker is smart enough to do it. With DLSS and frame generation we all know the consoles desperately need all the boost they can get.

  • The big question is not if AMD can afford to lose those contracts, but can the gaming community as a whole. If AMD loses those contracts, they will go down. They will lose almost any chance to have the R&D money to keep up with Nvidia. And we as the gaming community will lose the only competitor nvidia really has. It's already an Oligopol and it shows… prices are basically dictated, but with nvidia leading without opposition… prices will go even higher.

  • I can see Jensen only agree to this if they get the cut 30-40% of hardware sales and 10% of all the games lol

  • Lol no. Nvidia has a history of being difficult to work with and AMD with both Playstation and Xbox are committed. Even if they switch ISA to ARM, AMD will have no problem. It's not like AMD is locked out of ARM64 like how Nvidia is to x86_64. Also, Intel's fab business is open to work with ARM. There's nothing stopping both Sony and Microsoft from designing their own silicon and having someone else, other than TSMC, to manufacture it. Hell, even Nintendo can do this if they really wanted too.

  • I have been wondering for ages will there ever be a console that uses Nvidia.

  • Xbox would absolutely kill it if they create an Xbox OS such as Steam Deck OS where Xbox games continue to run like normal but allow PC games to get Xbox OS verified. Developers would just need to make a PC development and just adjust the settings to make it Xbox certified.

    Steam Deck confirmed this is viable

  • The original Xbox did have an Nvidia chip I think
    Nintendo uses some kind of tablet based Nvidia chip

  • Dude why are we talking about "next gen" consoles if the current consoles haven't even got any game worthy of being called next gen, just Ps4 ports.

  • can it happen? sure. will it happen? probably not, too expensive.

  • Nvidia will never get the opportunity to make a console for PlayStation or Xbox

  • Navida would ask for 2 much money reason consoles use amd

  • This is chump changes for Nvidia. They're making so much money on A.I. they couldn't care less. How many consoles chips just to make ONE $40,000 AI chip profit? Yea? I ain't no accountant but even I could tell you it's probably THOSUANDS of profits on ONE A.I chip alone. They're now firmly #3 behind Micro$oft & Apple in LESS THAN ONE YEAR. Crazy.

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