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Why Nvidia Is Killing GTX

Check out MSI’s blisteringly fast and crystal clear QD-OLED monitors at Reports indicated that Nvidia is …


Title: "Why Nvidia's Phasing Out of GTX Series Signals a New Era in Graphics Processing"

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Nvidia's decision to phase out its GTX series graphics cards has sent ripples through the gaming community. This move, while significant, is not a death knell for Nvidia but rather a signal of a new era in graphics processing.

The GTX series, which includes popular models like the GTX 1060 and GTX 1660 Ti, has been a staple for gamers seeking affordable high-performance graphics solutions. However, Nvidia's shift towards its RTX series, which incorporates real-time ray tracing and AI-enhanced technologies, indicates a focus on future-proofing its product line.

Ray tracing, a technology that simulates the physical behavior of light to produce realistic rendering, has been a long-anticipated feature in consumer-grade graphics cards. Nvidia's RTX series, with its dedicated ray tracing cores, offers this capability, opening up new possibilities for immersive, lifelike graphics in games.

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  • Ah the good old days! The nostoglia that just hit, I remeber being 15 and a sophmore in high school when the Geforce 7 series launched, and buying a 7600 GT KO from Evga, and as well paired with my Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic sound card, and buying BattleField 2 on launch day for pc, and just playing that game like crazy back then. What good times and good memories, makes me feel old now lol!

  • Gtx1080 ti still great in 2024. Not much reason to upgrade unless ur rich, the RTX trade off still doesn't seem worth it becausemore or less I'd have to build a whole new PC to upgrade CPU & GPU, hopefully the 5 series will be a great leap & cost effective but i doubt it.

  • GTX 1080 Still great GPU. I still remember how NVIDIA announced it long time ago. Many streamer change they GTX 980Ti to use this monster. This GPU can play almost any game at maz setting with more than 60 FPS that time. But somehow because this great NVIDIA start hard doing sell at new GPU RTX series, because everyone only want GTX 1080 and its already good enough for game. So they start killing GTX 1080 by stop the production and sell 2000s more cheaper than 1000s, not giving new driver update, give special redeem promotion to RTX users, etc.

  • "big era for 2s" yeah rub it on our faces that we aren't getting a era for 3s.

  • nahh i'll stick to my GTX 1650 no matter what it still running strong

  • So does this mean my 1660ti becomes obsolete?

  • Actually the 1660 and 1650 is still kinda nice even today. (If not playing 1440p and above)

  • when another company cares more about your products than you do, something is wrong…

    (AMD/Intel with FSR/XeSS)

  • My guess is that probably only
    like 5% of people use Ray Tracing

  • Funny, I don't see the point of Ray tracing in games, but I love the fact that I can use my RTX card for Dldsr , can be used to replace anti aliasing

  • If they can't kill the 1080 ti by hardware they will by software 🗿

  • I kind of wonder with the lower end RTX cards, how many people actually crank up graphics settings on those? enabling RTX is a minor performance hit, and if the card is already on the lower end, do people use the ray tracing feature? I'm biased towards wanting a higher and smoother frame rate at the cost of detail though, so I could very well be missing a large segment of people that want it to look good and don't mind lower FPS/stutters.

  • The thing is, any RTX card with a 60 or lower at the end of the model number is terrible at raytracing. And any 20×0 card as well.

  • Thank you for explaining what the Fuck a Delta is supposed to mean

  • why did u make the aspect ratio that, it actually ruined the video for me

  • The gtx1060ti was so powerful 2018 when i bought them

  • As long as my RTX 3070Ti is good for a while I couldn't care less what their graphics card naming scheme is

  • Despite no longer being manufactured. GTX is still living because of support.

  • also my old laptop 810m (not even gtx)

  • GTX = Giga Texel Shader eXtreme
    RTX = Ray Tracing Texel eXtreme

  • nvidia is literally making people switch to their competitors lmfao

  • Funny thing is the 1080ti still preforms hella well still to this day so its only for money reasons

  • Stupid question, if all products supports HW RT and 'RTX' was supposed to replace 'GTX' …

  • Because the GTX 1080TI is causing them to loose money like absolute nuts.

  • Still use my 1080 andd its more then fine for modern games

  • This means "end of support" not literally kill (that'd be making it useless) the end of support for gtx 900 series is very close, by 2026 it will end for gtx series 10, and by 2029 it will end for gtx series 16, this just mean end of drivers updates, which means you'll still be able to play games, but on newer games you'll have problems to run them correctly, or they won't run at all.

  • The 1660ti for laptops was actually a great gpu for the price. When I bought a 1660ti laptop I figured I'd only get a couple years use out of it before it just couldn't handle new games, but it actually lasted a lot longer than I expected. I mean, a new game would launch and I was like, "This will be the one that's unplayable," but would constantly be surprised how well it would handle that game.

  • That's why I'm avoiding updating my drivers so my 980Ti won't work at 60% of it's efficiency it should have, because nvidia tries to force folks to buy newer one. If they only understood that people don't buy newer hardware not just because it's not that much better, but also because it's stupidly expensive.

  • QD OLED and burn in warranty? Aren't they supposed to not have burn in??

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