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Why AMD Gave Up on GPUs…

2024 is looking like a crazy year for graphics cards. Rumors are starting to build up for RTX 5000 series from Nvidia, along with …

amd next gen gpu

Title: AMD's Strategic Shift: Abandoning GPUs for a Focus on CPUs and APUs

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, the decision made by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to prioritize Central Processing Units (CPUs) and Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) over Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) is a significant shift that has garnered attention in the tech industry.

This strategic move, while not entirely new, has gained renewed relevance in the context of recent market trends and AMD's ongoing efforts to compete more effectively with industry giants like Intel and Nvidia.

The reasons behind AMD's decision are multifaceted. Firstly, the market for GPUs, particularly for high-end gaming, has become increasingly saturated. With Nvidia dominating the high-end market and AMD struggling to keep up, a shift in focus seemed necessary.

Secondly, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has created a surge in demand for CPUs and APUs, which are essential for these applications. AMD sees an opportunity to capitalize on this trend by focusing on these areas.

Lastly, the manufacturing process for GPUs is complex and costly, requiring significant resources. By focusing on CPUs and APUs, AMD can leverage its manufacturing capabilities more efficiently.

While AMD will continue to produce GPUs, they will no longer be the primary focus. Instead, the company will invest more in its Ryzen CPUs and Radeon APUs, aiming to establish a strong position in the CPU market and capitalize on the growing demand for AI and ML.

This strategic shift is not without risks, but it reflects AMD's determination to compete effectively in the tech industry. As the tech landscape continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how AMD's decision plays out in the coming years.

This article provides a concise overview of AMD's strategic shift away from GPUs, highlighting the reasons behind this decision and its potential implications for the tech industry. While the decision itself is not entirely new, the renewed focus on it in the context of current market trends makes it a relevant topic for discussion.

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  • Ey bro, I can't wait to be proven wrong

  • It is obvious that decreases are due to ridiculous price tags. GPUs over last few years went up few hundreds procent which is crazy for regular client base. They are greedy bunch and engineers of their own downfall soon.

  • Price is the key here , AMD 7000 series would have been a much better choice if they were about 20% less expensive on the start , AMD wanted to compete with NVIDIA performance wise but consumers were not ready to pay same price as for NVIDIA, i mean why would i pay 1000$ for a 7900 xtx when AMD never made a good high end gpu ? AMD should have stayed in middle end and have competitive price here , 580 is still rocking today lol and what about 7600xt ? it offers less performance than 4060ti while costing also less its 15% less for also about 15% less the price , they are doing it wrong , remember when 580 came ? it costed what 250$ ? while nearing the performance of 1070 that costed 350$ , since then AMD never made a good move in this regard , they just tried to match nvidia performance to price wise.

  • I upgraded from gtx 1080 to RX 6800 last year. I am quite happy

  • Because most people already have good hardwares from the previous drop, and being good with it

  • Yeah I just took my 3070 out and replaced it with 7800 XT. While the green machine has some good features, I am putting my money on AMD. NVIDIA needs a wake up call.

  • If AMD makes nearly a billion while Nvidia makes 3. With their market shares it must mean there margins are big.

  • I am 100% excited to watch the green team zombies sell a kidney to afford a 5080 or 5090 $1700+ and 2500+. You can't beat the perks of being a green team fan. for their loyalty they get to pay HUNDREDS more for every new card release. lets they crying start

  • Nvidia is focusing on AI, AMD is focusing on better value cards. Both brands' top-end GPU's are already overkill for gaming. We don't need them anywhere. And if any software's resource needs goes over what these battleships can provide, the software devs must start to code better and improve their efficiency at some point. We just can't keep adding stuff indefinitely and ask for more GPU power. We didn't make cars faster by adding cylinders to the engines, otherwise everyone would be running W24's today.

    At this point, we could go easily five years without a new top-end GPU model and that wouldn't hurt anybody.

    If AMD wants to make more revenue, they have to keep lowering their manufacturing and logistics costs, and think a lot before they undertake any operation that's financially risky.

  • I love how fanboys say the 4k series is alread dead. Arc baby, full team blue. Well, till strix halo comes out than I can cut my form factor teeth again.

  • People don't want to upgrade from the 6000 cards like the 6700xt, 6800 and 6900xt which are all great cards. Worth waiting at least a gen as the 7000 series just isn't very exciting unless your coming from a generation prior to the 6000 amd cards or 3000 nvidia

  • I have 7800 XT and so far I'm extremely satisfied (moving from 1050Ti 4GB Mobile).
    I hope they can continue and be well and strong, so they can offer more competitive products (price and performance wise).

  • A monopoly is dreadful news for everybody. nvidia has proven that it abuses its market position.

  • I just hope that Amd will remain a competitor in the mid and low range so that Nvidia will have to keep somewhat good prices and innovation.

  • I have asolution
    Amd needs to stop his greed. Amd sell products with reasonable profit.
    7900xtx should have been named , 7800
    This product have been sold for 1000$ , should been 550 $
    Everything else go bellow this price and names properly.
    Here is your solution.
    Amd would gain extremely well profit by each product. It would also sell waaaaay more units as well.
    But greed is killing them

  • APUs are fast enough to not warrant a GPU for budget builders, who are like " I'll save my money until I can get the 4090".

  • One has to ask, how many employees does AMD and Nvidia has. Also, is Nvidia using secret AI for boosting manpower?

  • You can buy a used 1080 Ti for <$200 and get 60 fps on almost any modern game. No need to spend thousands on the latest cards.

  • here is some food for thought, Nvidia is making way to much money on their chips and AI to bother launching a lot of cards. There is too much of a demand (because of AI) and not enough fab of the chips available, as of now. The cards, that they are probably going to launch, are going to be majorly over priced like a 5090 being $2500-$3000. There are going to be companies and people buying up all those cards (like with the crypto mining craze) for there home LLM training rigs or for their companies, leaving very little for the gamers. This being said, AMD will be mostly the only option, so having no new Nvidia GPU's or some mid-tier AMD GPU (like during Covid) for options, which would you rather. Keeping in mind, by then (last quarter of 2024) the 40 series will have stopped production and sold out mostly. I hope this is not the case, but I don't see things being good for PC gamers regarding GPU's from Nvidia. If they figure out how to farm AI capabilities, like they did with crypto mining, people will pay $1000's more to the scalpers (just like they did for the 30 series from Nvidia) because of the limited availability and in my opinion limited production…WHICH THEY SHOULD NOT DO…Because supporting this type of thing is just making things worse and causing people to scalp because it is so profitable. I honestly think this is why GPU's from both companies jump up in price so much, they saw people would pay hundreds more to get their hands on one during the shortage and decided to make more money for their companies. I hope I am wrong, I really need to update in the next year of 2, but I am not paying more for a GPU than my car. I am hoping, because Jensen is supposedly a gamer, that they don't forget about us because of their insane profits that can be had putting all those GPU's into LLM super computers. I think Intel realized this a head of time, and that is why they started producing dedicated graphics cards. AMD needs to wake up and fill the void with some high-end, good products and the mid-range because Nvidia is NOT going to care about us. Show me any huge company that cares about their customers, Google, Microsoft, Apple…They don't exist and now Nvidia is the third most valuable company, come on people wake up.

  • Amd just need to focus on mid range and make it so we dont need sell our kidneys to play games on decent fps

  • Bad perf per Watt, bad extra perks and bad performence per USD.

  • A lot of us may be still rocking on older AMD cards. I have an RX 590 that plays Starfield and DD2. While I don't really need a new card, I've been considering either a 7000, or an 8000 when they come out.

  • Within 2 years GPU for gaming will be irrelevant.
    Any APU combine with AI will be more than enough and still very expensive.

  • FSR upscaling looks better if you turn off imagine sharpening in Adrenaline software

  • I’m team amd. Just got into pc recently. Got a 6800 for under 400 on sale on Amazon. Can’t beat that in my opinion.

  • I did not have the best experience with AMD driver issuses and my 6800xt died a year and half later

  • I have hope for amd gpus… Especially after what they did with their cpus… If they made their cpus comparable to Intel and they played catch up with them… Then I have faith in them as a company to stick it to Nvidia this time around with the 8000 series cards. I think they have another ace up their sleeve. They have done it once and I bet money they can do it again.

  • AMD also has a lot of AI money! Yes also from OpenAI and Microsoft.

  • Still running 5700xt i bought at launch. It was a good deal.

  • I have asolution
    Amd needs to stop his greed. Amd sell products with reasonable profit.
    7900xtx should have been named , 7800
    This product have been sold for 1000$ , should been 550 $
    Everything else go bellow this price and names properly.
    Here is your solution.
    Amd would gain extremely well profit by each product. It would also sell waaaaay more units as well.
    But greed is killing them

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