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Wait for RDNA 4 – AMD RX 8000 Specs & Performance

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amd next gen gpu

Title: Anticipating AMD's RX 8000 Series: A Look at Potential Specs and Performance

In the ever-evolving world of graphics processing units (GPUs), the anticipation for AMD's upcoming RX 8000 series, codenamed RDNA 4, is growing. Here's a glimpse at what we might expect from this next-generation GPU lineup.

The RDNA 4 architecture, expected to power the RX 8000 series, is rumored to be a significant leap from its predecessor, RDNA 3 (RX 7000 series). AMD is reportedly focusing on enhancing performance per watt, aiming to deliver a more efficient and powerful GPU.

In terms of specs, the RX 8000 series could feature a significant increase in compute units (CUs), potentially reaching up to 96 CUs. This would represent a substantial jump from the 56 CUs found in the RX 7900 XT, AMD's current flagship GPU.

The increased CU count could translate to a significant boost in performance. Early benchmarks suggest that the RX 8900 XT, a potential flagship model, could outperform NVIDIA's RTX 4090 in certain scenarios. However, it's essential to note that these benchmarks are based on preliminary information and should be taken with a grain of salt.

One of the key selling points of the RDNA 4 architecture could be its energy efficiency. AMD is reportedly focusing on reducing power consumption while maintaining or improving performance. This could make the RX 8000 series an attractive option for gamers seeking high-performance graphics without the need for a massive power supply.

The RX 8000 series is also expected to support Ray Tracing, a technology that simulates the behavior of light to produce more realistic graphics. This could give AMD a competitive edge in the high-end gaming market, where Ray Tracing is becoming increasingly popular.

In conclusion, the RX 8000 series, powered by the RDNA 4 architecture, promises to be a significant leap forward for AMD. With potential improvements in performance, energy efficiency, and Ray Tracing support, the RX 800

See video for more information

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  • Its better than 4080? Which card though? Anyways it need not be better than 40 series is its equal or better is enough honestly

  • Going by past history, it's going to be closer to the 4070Ti Super than the 4080 and closer to $700 than $500.

  • They can just rebadge the 7000 series, only clocked ~10% higher, but with 1/3 price…

  • My prediction is that RDNA4
    will perform between the 7900 GRE and 7900 XT in raster and about the same if not a bit faster than the XTX in RT.
    I'll return here next here to see if I was correct

  • Ok so I went out and bout a 5900 and 3080 when it was brand new, the pc is still doing plenty fine to this day, that being said I am planning on getting a second pc and was thinking of changing things up a bit.

    I seriously so not need that much power to play games. As long as it plays new game releases good on mix of high/ultra settings, raytracing off (never cared for it), 60-120fps and no screen tear at 1440p I am happy.

    When I had the 3080 for a while and my buddy bought the new 4090, the difference in what he was doing performance wise just didn't make sense to me. It was a 40fps+ or so more for games we are already playing at 120+fps to begin with at 1440p… Big whoop? You could say he has access to better Ray tracing and higher 4k resolution or super wide monitors at 1440p, but I don't care for Ray Tracing, and ultra wide monitors do not appeal to me, I'd rather have a triple monitor setup with one of those screens placed vertical for web browsing.

    Edit: Forgot to mention, building a mid performance PC for just the new tech alone, and sell my current PC to help fund it. (These things don't last forever)

  • With all respect to this channel, there won´t be anything interesting from AMD GPUs (if you own a 7900) in at least a year. AMD CPUs again will be interesting!

  • 1/2 price won't happen, absolutely no way. 😂

  • even if true, the 5080, 5090 will decimate anything AMD 8xxx. I was an avid AMD gamer, and finally wisened up and switched to intel/nvidia 2 years ago. there is absolutely no comparison.

  • A competitive AMD on GPU's is a long time desire for so many of us… With that in mind, the amount of YT "content creators" that have been speculating and riding the rumour mill for years is amazing. It should be considered an actual job, properly named and pay taxes. Amd gpu speculator, amd gpu witness or amd gpu prophet.

  • Calling something a killer of a previous generation is nothing to brag about, you either stand on equal footing to the current generation that is being released or you beat it.

  • How about 5090 killer? It probably wouldn't happen because almost everyone will still buy Nvidia. Look at the 7900xtx, it sits between the 4080 and 4090 and people still choose to pay 1k more for the 4090

  • I just need AMD to compete so Nvidia doesn’t get comfortable

  • No one cares what RDNA4 does unless it can do better than a 4080 Super in Ray Tracing for under $750

  • AMD is only there to keep Nvidia from getting sued for monopoly.

  • so to sum up, amd's new gpu will be better than 4080 but not 4090. and by the time they will come out nvidia will launch their 5000 series. so amd will be 1 gen back and wont even beat the last gen flagship card of their competitors. nice.

  • Is my dude doing a line of coke right before every video??!

  • Its not a 80% boost over AMD RX 7000 generation as there will be no GPU who will out perform the 7900XTX the boost will come for the raytracing only

  • I cannot wait for the next someting that is better when it Will Come? Sometime in the future😊

  • a 4080 super for $500 is getting close to being worth it.

  • 8900 XTX –> 3.4x 7900 XTX :D. Great "content"

  • Meh. No 5090-killer, no buy!

  • it won’t be nvidia… 😒they already have blackwell

  • rdna 3 was a failure. It should not be hard for them to make rdna 4 look great in comparison . It will still need to compete with nvidia. something rdna 3 could not offer.. Amd needs to do better. RDNA 3 would have been great if it worked as they hoped. it just didn't. it had issues

  • am i the only one that likes to spam the 0 button and make remix music from his intro? :3

  • the next big thing is grapiccard producers will make a ai shop there you can buy ai video enhancing or voice chancing app or avatar creater or ai frend that you can invate in the to the game that would be a good thing and you can maker also a bit more money

  • have you got worms ? what is happening with you ?

  • Please AMD I rly don't want to buy Nvidia anymore…

  • rdna could be garbage as rdna 3 and similar could be for nvidia rtx 5000 !! They will give few percent more fps and 20-30% higher prices!! Same thing as with 7800xt over 6800xt or 4060ti.over 3060ti

  • NVIDIA isn't going to worry until AMD figures out how to get a much larger market share. I've been NVIDIA forever, decided to upgrade to AMD 7900 XT, mainly for the price and extra vram. No matter what I did, it could not handle running 3 monitors 1080p, identical monitors. It would constantly wake up from sleep and have one monitor stuck in 800×600 resolution.
    I did all the troubleshooting steps and the only thing that sometimes worked was unplugging and replugging. I use this setup for work so I can't be having to mess with plugs every time the PC wakes.

    So now I have a 4080. Rarely have any issues with it, just like the 3070 I had before. I really hated paying that much more for the NVIDIA.
    Setup is:
    64 GB DDR4
    2 TB NMVE

    Now if I had it to do over again, I would have upgraded to the i7-13700K and used the built in GPU for the 2 extra monitors, but since my current CPU doesn't have integrated graphics, that wasn't an option at the time.

    I plan on giving them another try in the future, in fact I really want to do an all AMD build, Ryzen CPU and Radeon GPU, but that's at least a few years away

  • Would be awesome to get a sub 500$ card with 24gb vram

  • Give me 4090 performance for a 4060 price otherwise- eh!

  • If they could equal 7900xtx raster with better rt I'd move to 8800xt from 7900xtx

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