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The RTX 5090 is TOO BIG for its Own Good – (GPU NEWS)

SO MUCH GPU and TECH NEWS! More leaks are out about the RTX 5090 and it is looking wild. Nvidia also is somehow still …

Title: The RTX 5090's Size Proves a Challenge in the Era of Miniaturization

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, size matters, and Nvidia's latest offering, the RTX 5090, is bucking the trend. While the graphics card promises groundbreaking performance, its substantial dimensions have sparked controversy, making it a topic of discussion in the tech community.

The RTX 5090, set to be unveiled soon, is reportedly larger than its predecessors, causing concerns among potential buyers who value compactness in their systems. This development comes at a time when the industry is leaning towards miniaturization, with companies like Apple and Dell focusing on sleek, space-saving designs.

The size of the RTX 5090, according to insider sources, is primarily due to the increased cooling system required to manage the card's high power output. However, this design choice could potentially limit its appeal, especially in systems where space is at a premium.

While the RTX 5090's performance is expected to be exceptional, its size could prove a significant drawback for some consumers. This news is particularly relevant as the tech industry continues to push the boundaries of miniaturization, with the RTX 5090 serving as a reminder that not all advancements are focused on making devices smaller.

This article is based on recent reports and rumors surrounding the RTX 5090. The information presented is not yet officially confirmed by Nvidia. The debate over the RTX 5090's size underscores the ongoing tension between performance and compactness in the world of technology. As the RTX 5090 approaches its release, it will be interesting to see how consumers and the industry at large react to this sizeable innovation.

See video for more information

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  • Imagine rich kids putting on their 5090's, while not being aware of a gpu support. RIP to their systems. The last gen needs brace supports, i wonder how heavy the next gen will be.

    This will also start requiring bigger cases, unless they start making cases towards compact fitting for these huge gpu's.

  • Lol stacked pcbs have been mainstream since the 80s

  • They are used to AI's huge markup. They want the same % from consumers now. Bam. You now have what happened to their prices.

  • 😂No no buy 4060 4070 4080 4090. its time for 50% off all rtx 4000 gpu now. Or Grab rtx 5000 better😘



  • Wait… will nvidia skip the 6000 series or will we have a sixty-ninety?

  • 3:04 regarding the 24GB of RAM being "enough" .. unfortunately for gamers who just game.. they're forgetting that for AI workloads like running llama 3 locally.. we can easily see filling up the 24GB of a 4090/3090 .. and in fact most models right now need 2 4090s to be run entirely in RAM .. ie 48GB

  • So basically the 5090 gonna have the size of a mini tower and needs a own little nuclear power supply.😅🥲🤣

  • So why is SLI not a thing anymore when they are putting to boards in one gpu?

  • No one should buy the 5090 to send Nvidia a message about price for one.

  • Your idea about anti-lag 2 is a nice thought but extra latency usually isn't a bit deal in single player games generally sure a lot of latency in a single player game can certainly make the game feel delayed or look strange. But if you as the player are experiencing high latency then the NPCs are also "experiencing" or rather operating with that same amount of latency since they are being operated by your PC as well so it doesn't really put you in the same disadvantage as it would in a competitive multiplayer game where you are up against other people who aren't experiencing the same latency as you, theoretically giving them a slight advantage if their latency is lower.

  • I think you are under-estimating AMDs network with game developers. Remember both Xbox and PS5 are all AMD, so you can easily expect that any game that is on console as well as PC is going to have this technology, AMD has already begun to implement FSR3 frame gen and upscaling into console games. Immortal's of Avium on Xbox just recently had FSR3 implemented into it.

  • I lucked into a TUF 4080 back in the pandemic days when one popped up at my computer vendor [I was on a waitlist] on the same day I got a hefty tax refund and felt like indulging myself. I don't regret it…but I also know I'm going to wait another 4-5 years before I upgrade. I wonder what kind of technology will be available in 2029…

  • it won't have a 512 bit bus, but a 448 bit bus with 28gb of total RAM. the higher specs are reserved for the 5090 TI (Super)

  • Old rumors. 5090 will be 448bit memory bus, 28Gb.

  • RTX 5090 – Alaska Edition
    As a 4090 owner, and knowing how hot that 4090 GPU gets, I can only imagine how much hotter this can get with 5090
    In fact my 4090 was getting SO HOT in my Lian Li EVO case, that the metal faceplate near connectors was scorching hot, even with 10 fans intaking air. It was scorching my Display Port cable header, and that metal grill near the connector was too hot to hold longer than 10 seconds.
    Now 5090 and probably a power target of 600 watts, right?

  • Why do you make content about tech when you have absolutely no idea what any of it means? Praising 512bit bus xdd

  • You should know better. 40 series GPUs are not huge because of the board. The board is actually pretty small. They are huge because of the cooling required. I'm ashamed of you.

  • i dont get it might as well make the GPU the size of the PC at this point.

  • The Nvida FX5800 back in the OG day had a 512bit bus on it but it was kinda of a big pos!

  • I got the ryzen 7 78003D for a good price of 484 at microcenter that came with ram and motherboard -> AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D, Gigabyte B650 Gaming X AX v2, G.Skill Flare X5 Series 32GB DDR5-6000 Kit, Computer Build Bundle

  • It’s not going to matter cause soon after the release with that import tax tariff going up the import tax tariffs are you gonna have scalpers buying the cards and you’re gonna have they’re gonna be posting them for like $10-$15,000 for sale on Amazon and stuff and then the 4090s are gonna be five to $7000 apiece if you can even get one if you’re upgrading in 2025

  • im a video production person, please stop making everything graphics card related to gaming. i fucking hate how i can’t find any information on a workstation without someone mentioning gaming which i don’t do anymore. also i’m just gonna get the 5080 if it has 20gb or more for production work. really hope you can be considerate with benchmarks in other areas besides gaming because not everyone wants a 5090 for gaming. this isn’t about you, but everyone making graphics card reviews and content.

  • Thanks. cool. rip to gpu technicians. thermal pads are not cheap to swap, and a lot of work.
    You forgot to show they sell best gaming CPU on Aliexpress. That blew my mind. It's cheaper and 100% real. It still didn't beat Amazon's 280 USD. It was 320 USD.

  • There has already been stacked models before!!

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