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Ryzen 9000 Is Here & It’s A Monster

0:00 – Intro 0:18 – Ryzen AI 300 Laptop Stuff 3:58 – More AM4 Chips 5:29 – AM5 Socket Support Extension 6:00 – Ryzen 9000 …

amd ai

Title: Ryzen 9000 Series Unveiled: A New Era of High-Performance Processors

In a recent development, AMD has officially announced the launch of its highly anticipated Ryzen 9000 series processors. This announcement comes amidst the ongoing competition in the high-performance computing market, making it a significant event in the tech industry.

The Ryzen 9000 series, which includes the Ryzen 9 9900X and Ryzen 9 9900, promises to deliver unprecedented performance and efficiency. These processors are built on AMD's latest Zen 4 architecture, a significant upgrade from the Zen 3 architecture used in the previous Ryzen 5000 series.

The Ryzen 9000 series is expected to offer a significant boost in performance, with AMD claiming a 15% improvement in single-threaded performance and a 25% improvement in multi-threaded performance compared to the Ryzen 5000 series. This performance boost is attributed to the improved instruction per cycle (IPC) and the increased number of cores and threads.

The Ryzen 9 9900X, for instance, boasts 16 cores and 32 threads, making it an ideal choice for demanding tasks such as 3D rendering, video editing, and high-end gaming. The Ryzen 9 9900, on the other hand, offers 12 cores and 24 threads, catering to a slightly less demanding audience.

The Ryzen 9000 series also promises to deliver improved power efficiency, thanks to AMD's new 5nm manufacturing process. This not only helps in reducing heat generation but also allows for smaller, more power-efficient designs.

The Ryzen 9000 series is expected to hit the market in the coming months, with prices starting at $549 for the Ryzen 9 9900 and $799 for the Ryzen 9 9900X.

In conclusion, the launch of the Ryzen 9000 series marks a significant step forward in the high-performance computing market. With its impressive performance and power efficiency, the Ryzen 9000 series is poised to challenge Intel's dominance in this segment

See video for more information

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  • Another great episode of The Brett News, thanks Brett Host!

  • Am4 is officially G.O.AT.ED.!!!!

  • wish they released 5950 3D

  • Nice, been waiting for another 65tdp 8 core

  • AM4's longevity is the main reason I went with AMD in my newest build, I felt confidant that AM5 would be supported for many years. Even back in the day they had Super Socket 7 which was quite chad as well. Good history of supporting their CPUs over time. Cant say that for Intel, thats for sure.

  • AMD is playing it smart with AM4. They know that the platform is rock solid and pretty much every "bug" has been fixed. A drop in upgrade for an existing platform will make current AM4 customers happy. New builders for AM5 have the assurance that AMD is trying to address some of the quirks with that platform. Having said that: I have seen a couple of PC builders/testers feeling unsettled with DDR5 in the upper end of RAM capacity (i.e. 96GB and 128GB) not being able to run at the full rated speed of the RAM modules. Maybe AMD 9000 will address that. Overall though: I am now a bit torn between my next PC build. Having said that and to quote another streamer: "Time will tell."

  • So when I got used to the old naming and could tell every spec of the last Ryzen CPUs… They made another one and its even more confusing. From a marketing perspective, they're just saying their AI chips are a generation ahead which is kindda true. But from a customer's perspective its annoying and even harder to understand.

  • Is 6:31 compared to a specific chip or just AM4 ? I wanted to know how much better the 9950x will be over the 7950x 3D in terms of gaming and rendering etc.

  • Not a single mention of those scam E cores on Desktop 🙌 How can you buy intel in the current year is mind boggling.

  • Lackluster release, the benchmark was against 14900k with 6400mhz memory, with higher speed memory, it will just be on par with raptor lake,

  • I love how AMD support their sockets for long time differently from Intel who force users to change mobo every time.

  • AI and 9000 series cpus ,,,,,then hello Dave lol

  • Imagine if Intel wanted laymen to know about generations of CPU, so they started naming their CPUs Kilo, then Mega, then Giga, Terra, Peta, Exa, zeta, yotta, ronna, Quetta, and then they have to pick a new making scheme.

  • I was getting AMD stuff but since they name changed I'm not getting it.

  • Comparing to the currently existing gen means almost nothing to me. The real comparison comes when Arrow Lake comes out and then we will see if AMD can out punch them. It’s nice to have competition

  • is it certain whether a 9700x will be better than a 7800x3d as that would determine whether i build my PC late june or middle of august

  • The ryzen 9 7900x is no different than the ryzen 9 5900x.

  • Bro, this is not news. What we need to know is if Steve and Linus saw each other, talked, and squashed the beef or not

  • Cinebench R23 R9 9950X: 44,151 My OC 13900KF + DDR4 4000: 42,300
    Single-Core: 2365 Single-Core: 2362
    Don't get swept in the hype folks. It's not bad, but a "monster"? I would've been impressed with something closer to 50K in R23.

  • I'll get excited when they push the core count in the CCX's up.
    Zen 5c is rumored to be 16 core CCX, Zen 6 is rumored to be 32 core CCX.
    64 core desktop processors in a xx950 would be awesome.

  • So happy I went with am4 like 4 years ago if not more I got the x3d chip rn and will upgrade later to the 59000xt I’m riding out am4 for another 5 years tops feels good

  • Will the new 9000 series have igpu like 7000 series?

  • 8 years of support for AM4. That is absolutely amazing. I'm still running my original day one board. It started with a 1700x and now boasts a 5950. The fact that they continue to support this platform pretty much guarantees that when I do leave AM4 behind I'll be moving with AMD.

  • I’m excited to see what the real live performance would be from the new 890m integrated gpu

  • Wow! Ryzen 5000 series getting a discount when this comes out is going to make it look better than ever

  • I'm not sure if a 15% (at most) IPC uplift = monster, will have to wait for actual data

  • What about all those Epyc cpus ending up in AM5 sockets? Any new news about that?

  • SO hold on.
    Is AMD releasing another CPU for AM4 that is FASTER than the 5950?!?!?!!

  • I'm going to hold on to my 9700k a little longer but I'm getting a 9800x3D instantly when it drops 💀

  • Everytime I come back to this channel this guy is all over the place with his opinions. It's not like he corrects himself either its.just contradicting statements. I'm not watching this.

  • intel is COOKED
    they outta clap back with 15900k

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