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Ryzen 9000 Desktop CPUs Are OFFICIAL!

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amd next gen cpu

Title: AMD Confirms Development of Ryzen 9000 Desktop CPUs: A Stepping Stone Towards Future Performance

In a recent development, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has officially announced the upcoming launch of its Ryzen 9000 series desktop processors. This news, while not providing specific details about the CPUs' features or release date, serves as a significant milestone in the tech industry, hinting at AMD's commitment to continued innovation and performance enhancement.

The Ryzen 9000 series, expected to succeed the current Ryzen 5000 and Ryzen 7000 series, is rumored to be based on the Zen 4 architecture. This architecture, if implemented, could potentially offer improved performance, power efficiency, and support for the latest technologies, such as DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0.

This announcement comes at a time when the tech industry is bracing for a wave of next-generation hardware releases. AMD's confirmation of the Ryzen 9000 series adds to the excitement, as it indicates a potential competitive edge in the market, especially against Intel's upcoming Raptor Lake and 12th Gen Alder Lake processors.

While the specifics about the Ryzen 9000 series, such as its release date and exact performance metrics, remain unknown, this official announcement serves as a beacon of what's to come in the world of high-performance desktop processors. As always, tech enthusiasts and professionals alike will eagerly await further details and benchmark tests to gauge the true potential of AMD's latest offering.

In conclusion, AMD's confirmation of the Ryzen 9000 series desktop CPUs is a significant step forward in the tech industry. The announcement, while not providing specific details, hints at potential improvements in performance, power efficiency, and support for cutting-edge technologies. The upcoming Ryzen 9000 series will likely play a crucial role in the competitive landscape of high-performance desktop processors.

See video for more information

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  • Started back in Dec 23 trading out my 5900x for 5800x3D. Then realized I could sell the 3D and basic x570 board and barely spend any out of pocket for a 7600x/x670/32gb combo. Then found two local deals on brand new 7800x3D for $340 and $260. Then a 7600x/Asus b650e-e for $240. After selling off 5600G,5600,5600,5600x and four entry level x570 boards and some ram the out of pocket was very little.

    Hopefully Ryzen 9000 doesn’t trigger any upgrade remorse. The deals were just too good. 😂

  • Amd announced a new processor
    "It's over 9000"

  • AMD needs to increase their single thread performance by atleast 25%. Also, they should do something great, and give us more than 16 cores / 32 threads. Something like 32/64 for the same standard consumer price. Reduce the temperatures. Don't go over 80C. Increase the memory clock speed support to 8000 mhz base. Not XMP/AMP.

  • 4:04 …… Intel BATTLEMAGE is yet again another BIG fail !!! Just go home Intel ! Keep all your CRAP to yourself !

  • "OFFICIAL" in Gamer Meld's mind seems to mean "alleged by a leaker." Thumbs down.

  • So, in other news… AMD just GIMPED their entire APU lineup to be GREEDY AF pieces of FERTILIZER (aka shit). Also, AMD is spoiling to make the Ryzen 9000 series /zen 5 a $2k to $3k PC build cost.. with motherboard manufacturers being greedy as fuck with their prices on am4 continuing into AM5… there is no rest– combine that with the fact that demand for lower latency higher frequency ram, nvme 5 to build a PROPER pc will push prices into the stratosphere with $2k to $3k pc's being the NORM (when combined with greedy AF video card prices)

  • Battlemage is gonna be pretty exciting if intel plays it the right way.
    since Battlemage is currently already performance around 2.5 times better than alchemist based on the info they leaked during the intel vision 2024 event.

    while they didn't directly say it they actually shared one other statistic about lunarlake's gpu which we know to be battlemage(also since it is 2.5 times faster already than alchemist so has to be battlemage).
    they gave away the full system TOPs, and when we subtract the TOPs dedicated to the NPU and the CPU we have the TOPs of the GPU, generally seen due to how videogames work and how gpu's work the TOPs a gpu has and the game performance tend to scale quite linearly, as a example when comparing the rtx 4060ti to the integrated gpu in the metiorlake apu's based on tops then the ratio is pretty much the same as the compared ratio in gaming.
    the same is also tru comparing metiorlake to elite x.
    and pretty much any other current gpu architecture.
    TOPs just turns out to also be a rather accurate estimate for gaming and such when comared to other gpu's.
    in this case we compare it to metiorlake which is based on alchemist and we see that battlemage is litterally 2.5 times faster for a similar size and powerdraw.
    next to that intel also said speciffically more than 100 tops total, which means they expect it to actually still increase potentially, the NPU won't increase, the cpu has little effect on total tops, so might be the gpu will become even more powerfull.
    they also stated they where pretty certain to have shipped 40million battlemage units before the end of the year in the form of lunarlake.
    to put this into perspective, the battlemage integrated gpu in lunarlake might already beat some of the lower end dedicated alchemist cards.

    if the desktop cards get similar increases, or even in that direction(as long as there remain budged and mid end options as well) then that will be great.
    if intel keeps the pricing similar to alchemist then intel will almost certainly take the value crown and many people might get those gpu's.
    if they add the hardware memory compression into it(might sound bad but in a gpu hardware memory compression actually gives more virtual ram as well as higher total bandwith, since gpu's require more on bandwith and big messages rather than rapid small messages like cpus do.
    and perhaps if it also has a npu next to it that will also get those last people away from nvidia.

  • what is high end?
    if what these days is called high end are gpu's around 4 to 8 times above a normal gamer enthausiasts high end budged, would that mean that mid-low end should be called high end instead?

  • I'm well fed now was starving for next Gen AMD CPU and GPU's especially since all the news from Green and Blue have bored me…I'm now just waiting for R7 9800X3D and RDNA5 RX 9800XTX which is why Nvidia is releasing a 5090 in the first place and Nvidia High maintenance fanboys should be thankful for that 😀

    edit: also as long as I can Uninstall Copilot with something like Revo Uninstaller and it not mess with the System files making my Computer unusable without reinstalling Windows should be fine.

  • Give not give CPUs FP8 capabilities instead of NPU, FP8 should make them decent at AI workloads.

  • I would buy a cpu with no AI accelerator and more cache over one that has an AI accelerator. AI is not a purchase decision factor for me at the moment. Maybe on a discrete GPU, but not on mobile.

    I would use it if there was more software maybe, but at the moment I have no compelling reason to buy it, and llvm still takes too long to compile. More cache please.

  • I have a future prediction. Graphic cards will be obsolete as we know them. The power of these desktop computers are now so enormous that they already rival the graphics cards for compute power, not in all specialized areas, but in most use cases. So my future prediction is that there will be a transition back to software rendering, and CPU will eventually become so strong that it will bear the load and the graphics card will mostly be basic and just display a fast 2D rendering, while the 3D rendering and effects will be mostly done in software and utilize the CPU itself.

  • Maybe they will create a AI and non AI version of the cpu for those who don't need it.

  • 1:10 I bet AI flavours of products will start being released to try and maintain gaming performance, untill they can combine with smaller tradeoff.

  • Upgraded my PC early to AM5 when my motherboard started acting up… Been using a 7600 and I hate it. Waiting impatiently for a 9900

  • Is this AMD's "hold my beer moment"? Why not a more affordable dedicated card for AI or they already have an X3D version over the base model, what's another column in the graph. Just have Base, X3D and oh my AI. Those who want every bit of performance possible shouldn't have to feel hosed cause AMD bought into the Great Tulip Craze of the 2020s.

  • Since I don't trust any of these companies, nor do I trust AI, no. Not at all worth it.

  • Let's just hope we get actual high-end ITX options for ryzen 9000. 7000/8000 series only has one crappy x670e board from asus and nothing for the x670 non-extreme(tm) edition. Considering that a lot people want small PCs which typically basically require 2 highspeed usbc ports…well… options are really lacking, even for b650. Why on earth does the ATX giga-tower get a mobo with enough ports to be a hoe-board? while the actual io constrained form-factor with far fewer connectivity options ends up only a a few usb ports? Even if they are 3.2 gen 2? Why?! If any form factor needs usb 4…it's the super tiny ITX. I haven't checked out the ITX support on intel yet, but I'm seriously getting pissed. While there are some attractive options for ATX, it just isn't worth the dream of a tiny minimalist power house PC. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of complaints about 7K Ryzen chips and EXPO…(BTW asus….WTF IS THERE NO CLEAR CMOS BUTTON ON A PLATFORM WITH A NEW MEMORY OVERCLOCKING STANDARD!?!?!)

  • OVER 9000! don’t miss the opportunity AMD

  • they will release 100 cpus before they release another decent series of GPUs.

    since 4000 wasn't worth it over my 3080ti now I've been waiting. why do the companies make it so hard to spend my money

  • I actually use AI rendering on my GPU way more than I game on it.

    When I upgrade my GPU, it's going to be to double my AI rendering power and half my AI rendering time.
    Gaming is so… yesterday. I mean literally, who games in 2024. Millenials hugging onto their obsolete Xboxes and way late and lagging far behind the times.

  • Is it worth it? Just look up 'The Sixth Day Hologram Woman' for your answer.

  • it's stupid that they ruined cache for "ai".
    Just leave ai to GPUS. Nvidia is great at it.

  • No, I don't want to sacrifice performance, and have NO use for AI on my system.

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