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Nvidia’s New Computer Has Released A Terrifying WARNING To T…

Nvidia’s New Computer Has Released A Terrifying WARNING To The Entire Industry! Nvidia’s new Blackwell GPUs could blast …

Title: Nvidia's Latest Computer Issues a Cautionary Warning Regarding AI-Powered Systems

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Nvidia, a leading tech giant, has recently released a warning concerning its latest computer model. This warning, while not entirely new in the context of AI development, carries significant implications for users and the broader tech community.

The warning revolves around the potential risks associated with AI-powered systems, emphasizing the need for users to exercise caution and understand the capabilities and limitations of these advanced technologies. The focus is on ensuring responsible use, particularly as AI systems become more integrated into everyday life.

This development comes as AI technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, raising concerns about its potential impact on society. Nvidia's warning serves as a reminder that while AI offers numerous benefits, it also presents challenges that must be addressed proactively.

In conclusion, Nvidia's latest computer release serves as a timely warning about the responsible use of AI-powered systems. As AI technology continues to evolve, it is crucial for users and developers to be aware of the potential risks and take steps to mitigate them. This warning underscores the need for ongoing dialogue and education about AI technology to ensure its safe and beneficial integration into our lives.

See video for more information

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  • but can it play Crysis?

  • So it's all abou hard ware
    Then will be soft ware
    Then hard wear
    10 year cycles

  • AI is changing the world regardless if we like it or not. Data processing will be very important. Already is since everyone likes YouTube, or anything that requires compression technology and how to uncompress said files fast seamlessly. If you would have told me what it like today vs when I was 13. I'd told you keep dreaming alice.

  • I have savings of $1,000,000 and I'm ready for retirement, only concerned about the soaring inflation. Is this enough to retire comfortably, or do I need some sort of money management?

  • should use the blackwell to power ea servers.

  • I think about the days when, in the big cities, bicycle messenger services were competing with ever more advanced & clever ways to improve the movement of documents physically from place to place. One company had its messengers call in when they reached a site instead of having to return to base to get new destinations. Then their competitor got the idea of giving them beepers so they could be redirected even when on route somewhere on their bikes. The war of innovation had high stakes as millions of documents had to be transmitted. Meanwhile two young engineers, Hewlett & Packard, were sitting somewhere pondering an idea derived from photo-copiers. Since a photo-copier is basically 2 machines, a digital scanner & a digital printer connected by wires transmitting the scanned digital document from the scanner to the printer, what if you took them apart & substituted phone lines for the several feet of wiring. And so, overnight, the fax machine was born & the bottom dropped out of the messenger market, with messengers only necessary where holographic signatures needed to be gathered. A "paradigm shift" occurred that obsoleted the entire industry. What good are bicycles when documents can be transmitted at the speed of light?

    With NVidia, AMD, Intel & other chipmakers in battles to advance the performance of digital silicon chips, some companies are on the verge (already over the biggest hurdles) of producing quantum computers that will be ready for prime-time any day. Computer processing speed will suddenly increase by millions of times, rendering even the most advanced digital CPUs & GPUs as antiquated as bicycles are now.We already have quantum computers that can solve math problems in seconds that would take the fastest supercomputer farms years to calculate. Each qubit you add doubles the speed & computational ability of the computer. To get a sense of how powerful this exponential growth can be, imagine a chess board. You put one grain of rice on the first of the 64 blocks & then double it each successive block. The pile of rice on the 64th block would be much bigger than Mount Everest – and that's only the equivalent of moving from one qubit to 64 cubits.

    Google solved a math problem that would have taken years in 100 seconds with their Sycamore quantum computer when it was only 13 qubits. IBM One, a prototype being tested in Cleveland Clinic, is over 1,000 qubits. China is reported to be leading the US in the size of Quantum Computers it is experimenting with. There are still several issues to be worked out over accuracy, particularly with stochastic interference from the external environment & forward error checking, but that will come in the next few years most likely. Then your NVidia stock will only be suitable for papering the bathroom. AI is enormously computationally expensive when you are performing millions or billions of gradient descents of each layer of a neural network to find its "least fail" low point, millions of back-propogations adjusting the weighting given to each datum being sent to the layer's electronic neurons (called perceptrons) & millions of adjustments of bias figures – then repeating the gradient descent calculations again – thousands of iterations – to train a neural network to handle new test data not in its training set with maximum accuracy. It took a year and a half to train ChatGPT 3.0. Move AI from digital computers to quantum computers millions of times more computationally advanced & AI will suddenly be vastly smarter than it is now – imagine a computer or robot with an IQ of 100,000 or ten or a hundred times that. You could train the most complex general-purpose neural nets we can imagine in seconds. You will have instant ASI (Artificial Superior Intelligence) along with self-awareness & agency. Humans will either have to develop a new economic system to distribute the wealth earned by AI workers without requiring work by humans – and create a human leisure society – or face a brutal death of Capitalist systems when there is no work for 95% of humans & those who are needed for work will still have AI doing 90% of their work for them.

    Welcome to the NEW WORLD. It's less than a decade away. Talk about a paradigm shift.

  • So similar to the Blackwall in the dystopian world of Cyberpunk 2077…

  • Ho ho hoooooo… Do we have enough problems which can utilize this new development?!?! Is that what was suggested?!?! I have a strong feeling that once those engineers and scientists loosen up and try to bravely swim away from their conservative approaches it seems that they could greatly improve utilization. They would come up with new and improved approaches to their sights, again once their appetites finely improves to a certain level which might be some way to go and is pleasantly encouraging based on the raised suggestion that this might be an overkill. 🧐

  • omg SkyNet at the beginning were doomed!!!!!!

  • Must be genes for Nvidia's CEO and AMD's CEO to be cousins.

  • We still need software. Does that mean we buy the gpu but then they install everything else?🤔🔥🔥🔥👆👆👌😀bought separately??10billion!??if if it changes the internet put it to work for everybody free fo r everyone in a positive way we will see the future.👍👌🔥🔥

  • Be interesting to mine crypto with this

  • It’s like something straight out of the terminator. Skynet is coming!

  • Imagine quantum systems on nvidia networks, its Scary

  • The Matrix is coming folks. It's either the red pill or the blue pill.

  • And here consumers scour the cyber web for a single 4090 sold at MSRP… 🥲

  • I hope ai will turn self aware and we would discover a whole new species

  • The thing that makes me feel empty inside is what happens to the people who don't learn how to use this technology. They will be left in the dust considering there will be people with access to a better brain than we have. It will be like when the slave owners wouldn't let slaves read but they wouldn't need the slaves because ai and potential agi. I like many other have lots of mental health issues making it hard to get a well paying job. Its a bit terrifying and i have been anxious about it for months its crippling me. My favorite part of the day is going to sleep so my mind can rest kinda sad.

  • Clearly the most practical applications for this level of unprecedented power is AI and space exploration. This has gone beyond human capacity; it's now up to AI to utilise this. Also, with those speeds one could traverse the universe digitally within seconds. All you need is a handful of generation ships or simply satellites to set up a perimeter of relays between galaxies for the data. Mass Effect anyone? – AI could then monitor the universe between these "Mass Effect Relays" (lol) in real-time, and anyone who's prepared to be digitised or use VR is in for one heck of a holiday. Quantum entanglement could also be a future possibility to quicken the relay infrastructure required (don't tell the colonials lol) – Even better, you could use a kinetic superweapon to shoot out relays around the universe instead of – or in conjunction with – sending out ships or satellites. I once checked my kinetic weapon theory online and found that they actually did something like this back in the 70s to enter space using a giant gun. Get some of those bad boys on some warp drive generation ships and you're laughing 🙂
    Nvidia: Yeah, okay mate, we'll get right on with it 🙂

  • Graphics cards are so damn expensive and they're giving you far less than what a laptop or a computer is going to give you for damn near the same price no wonder they're making money hand over fist😂😂

  • Nvidia either going to become a trillion dollar company and change the lives of human beings for the better OR its going to be spoken as the evil corporation that created the monster that enslaved humanity.

  • 0 ping Gaming is Now Possible ladies and gentlemen 🎉😮

  • #KARRAT business partner with #NVIDIA massive pump around the corner 💥💥💥💥 soon 50$ for one coin 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 #KARRAT project number one definitely soon massive blast 🌋🌋🌋❤

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