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NVIDIA’s New AI: 5,000x Faster Virtual Worlds!

Check out Lambda here and sign up for their GPU Cloud: The paper “LATTE3D: Large-scale …

Title: NVIDIA Unveils AI Technology for 5,000x Faster Virtual Worlds: A Game-Changer for Real-Time Simulation

In a groundbreaking development, NVIDIA, the leading technology company, has announced a new AI technology that promises to revolutionize the creation and exploration of virtual worlds. This technology, which is set to be 5,000 times faster than current systems, could significantly impact various industries, including gaming, simulation, and even scientific research.

The new technology, named Omniverse Enterprise, is designed to create and manage detailed, interactive virtual environments in real-time. This could potentially allow for the creation of incredibly lifelike and immersive virtual worlds, far beyond what is currently possible.

The announcement comes at a time when the demand for realistic virtual environments is growing rapidly. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic forcing many to work and socialize remotely, the need for advanced virtual collaboration tools has become more pressing than ever. Moreover, the increasing interest in virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) technologies for entertainment and training purposes further underscores the importance of this development.

While NVIDIA has been working on AI and real-time graphics for several years, the Omniverse Enterprise represents a significant leap forward. By using AI to handle complex simulations, the technology is able to create and update virtual environments in real-time, without the need for extensive pre-processing. This not only makes the creation of virtual worlds faster and more efficient, but also opens up new possibilities for real-time simulation and interaction.

The potential applications of this technology are vast. In the gaming industry, it could lead to the creation of more immersive and interactive gaming experiences. In the field of scientific research, it could enable researchers to create and test complex simulations more quickly and accurately. In architecture and design, it could allow for more realistic virtual walkthroughs and collaborative design sessions.

In conclusion, NVIDIA's new AI technology for 5,000 times faster virtual worlds is a significant step forward in the realm of real-time simulation. By leveraging AI to handle complex simulations, the technology has the potential to revolutionize various industries, from gaming and entertainment to scientific research and design. As we continue to navigate the challenges of the pandemic and explore the possibilities of VR/AR technologies, this development could prove to be a game-changer

See video for more information

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  • The voice in these videos annoys me immensely

  • I guess the English subject WAS the most important in school afterall. 😂
    (context : prompt writing)

  • Video games in the future are going to either be a wasteland of low-effort aigen nonsense or else really amazingly immersive with freeform adaptation to the things the player does, and I can't decide which. Probably both.

  • Can you imagine VRChat where every world is generated on the fly? That could be amazing!

  • in 3 years, RIP 3D modelers and animators job lol

  • Yeah I’m sorry but as actual person in 3D- a salaried 3D artist. I have to say this is not really impressive at all… if you want to know where 3D jobs are going you need to look at Cumfy UI. Look up some of the procedural Ai work flows . Looks up transformers Ai .

    I’m sad to say – because I use to really watch a lot of these vids. But this is very very behind with Modern techniques as applied to professional 3D work

  • Impressive but the models still generally suffer from blobbiness. I propose to train an AI to identify surface planes. If it could do that well and construct a model out of multiple intersecting planes, then it might be able to generate sharp corners and angular surfaces and be more useful for generating as an example architectural models.

  • 1:20 "Don´t dispair"??? As a 3D artist, my desperation will start, once they get there. We are all out of jobs, soon. I start hating all of this AI stuff. I am "a fellow scholar" for years now. I love your content. But the industry is already bleeding to death because of all the AI shenanigans.

  • Eventually we'll have something like the Sora demo, but it'll all be 3D that you can explore with VR.

  • Nothing is exciting about AI for 3d modeling, like what the fuck is this even for? To make artists lose jobs? This will make the world boring, all AI specialists are assholes, AI is handy but a world without it being used for products/services is better

  • It would be interesting to look at the actual output of the model. Like for instance, what does the mesh topology itself look like? What kind of UV maps does it create? UV maps aren't actually terribly interesting since you can just reproject the textures with a better UV map. But the mesh output would be interesting to look at

  • We've only known about platonic solids for 500 years – and now this!

  • I think the panda is sitting there contemplating his existence and wondering how much prior work was plagiarised to bring him into reality 🤔

    I love the idea of neural nets as tools to solve problems or streamline processes etc, but this whole "making something from nothing while stealing the work of real artists" trend is lame

  • Ah, what a time to be alive! Now for every hour of work I "save", I can get an extra two for post AND loose my job twice as fast! What is the token in this model, btw? I assume a spatial unit of some sort… because this crap looks very much like a meshed VDB…

  • Just need dozen 5000x improvement to make it into production flow.

  • If we have videos made from txt, isn't that a 3D modeling already!?

    I'm confused

  • every time dr karoly says what a time to be alive i got so hyped

  • Future of gaming won't really be gaming at all. You will be in control of continuous a.i dream in real time.

  • democratizing everyone to create 3D worlds

  • This might help reduce the cost of game development..

  • What happened in the discord? They disabled all messaging

  • How is the topology and the UVs? If they are decent then these can at least be a starting point for some objects.

  • I don't expect this to be ready for prime time AAA games soon, but I expect a game, sort of akin the minecraft but for AI generation, will popularize it and bring it into the mainstream. And remember folks, don't doom and gloom that games will be replaced by AI games, it will just be new genres of game. Just like minecraft didn't replace the gaming world with voxel open world games.

  • This question is a way off topic but I see lots of people (commenters on humanoid robot videos mainly) who claim enthusiastically that the technology for AI and AI controlled bots to share skills they have learned in a sort of hive mind and maybe even create “skills marketplaces” where you will be able to download new abilities or expertises directly into your AI or both is either in existence right now or just around the corner. I never see any videos or articles about AI that make this sound even remotely near but when I tell people this doesn’t sound like something current architectures will be able to do I’m just told that I don’t know anything about AI and that it’s right around the corner.

    Is there any research that indicates that buying, spreading and swapping skills and abilities between robots without completely retraining the AI is within sight? If so, why isn’t anyone talking about it? Because I’d think it would be the biggest thing to come down in ages.

    I’m also told I’m an idiot for not knowing that AI have inner lives, goals, desires, motivations and don’t currently just sit there blankly when not being prompted to think about a task. But I’m more confident in that belief at the moment.

  • The hexagon car is just so funny to me. at least you tried little AI. This is in no way trying to dismiss the accomplishment of having a program generating something vaguely resembling a car when prompted to, still impressive and looking forward to two more papers down the line.

  • Significantly better.
    Still bad even with shape.
    Actual task, that wasn`t beaten for decades: retopology to quads with good structure-relative flow.
    Another task, that is still not a product: retopology to solid triangulated mesh with adaptive density.

  • I'd prefer if they concentrate on quality rather than speed.

  • Opinions on nvidia stock price?

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