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NVIDIA’S HUGE AI Chip Breakthroughs Change Everything (Supercut)

Highlights from the latest #nvidia keynote at Computex in Taiwan, home of TSMC and is the world’s capital of semiconductor …


Title: NVIDIA's AI Chip Breakthroughs: Revolutionizing AI Processing in the Modern Era

In a significant leap forward for artificial intelligence (AI) technology, NVIDIA has announced groundbreaking advancements in its AI chip designs. These innovations, showcased in a supercut video, promise to revolutionize the way AI is processed, particularly in data centers and edge computing.

The core of these breakthroughs lies in NVIDIA's latest AI chip, the H100, which is set to redefine AI computing. The H100 is designed to handle the most complex AI tasks, offering a 10x improvement in energy efficiency compared to its predecessor, the A100. This efficiency translates to significant cost savings for businesses and reduced carbon footprint for the environment.

Another key innovation is the Grace Hopper superchip, a future-generation AI chip designed for data centers. Grace Hopper promises to deliver a 100x improvement in energy efficiency, making it an ideal solution for large-scale AI operations.

NVIDIA's AI chip breakthroughs extend beyond data centers. The company has also unveiled

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  • Fact is home computers have been roughly the same speed for a decade.
    It’s a scam.
    We all know they are holding back.
    30 sec ti turn a PC on?
    30 sec off?
    It’s a joke.

  • really wish Jobs was around for this new tech.

  • incredible advancements!! Although based on the first companies which have the access to that, the BigТеch must be in euphoria: more mind imprisonment and control of the small people…

  • sure lets let AI have all our information that in its self is going to be used. What if it becomes so excepted that it goes beyond basic human normal needs and it decides how we are supposed do things at its level and what about someone being able to effect the Ai to make changes that is not noticed. Does anyone remember how bank techs figured out how one dollar in digital was not 1.00. It was 1.013 4455 etc. Some one figured out how to steal 1000th of a penny to the point millions of dollars in ghost money was stolen from the banks computers. We have no idea what is either being put in as back doors by the techs for personal use. Its just going to be one more thing we will just shrug our shoulders and say…"just another change we have to live with "….Run people this is frightening. I can not use google any more to do basic research now. It gives so many dumb results that does nothing for me and it takes 100s longer to find what i used to get 5 years a go almost instantly. GOOGLE SUCKS Now and they going to be part of that mess..RUN!

  • This is the beginning of the AI mainframe in what will be a path to smaller hardware eventually.

  • Changed nothing. News, "news" and fake news are very different things. What changed is they pumped in tons of money because a news that China is advancing in chips.

  • nice, how fast can it colorize a 1 hour digitized greyscale movie?

  • And M$ bring out Windows 12 and grinds the CPU to a snails pace.

  • this is very critical process if one component is misplaced H100 will not process anything. if this H100 is water damage it will not process. and how much it cost? this is like a human brain just damage to the critical region of the brain then it lose it ability to process. How is this the most powerful yet so vulnerable component? then it not powerful at all. it a liability waiting to causes more problem then it worth. for something to truly be reliable it need to be reliable even if it get exposed to all the element and still function. how can we rely on something if it get damage it just not functional. We need AI that can print and assemble all the critical part and all the raw material need to be all in the same place for all the process to print. and the AI that print it need need it own part and component. How do we design a closed loop process that will not get disrupt in the case of all these weak point? fire water and ice flood and rain and impact can we really make something that destruction proof like a tank?

  • All that so called advancement and all it can do is to show a short clip of how they assemble the server

  • So the extinction level event for humanity is being accelerated….great.

  • There should be a warning here about AI drawing so much power. When do we reach the point that AI running cities decide to shut off the power to the humans because they need more power. Wake up people. Elon Musk has been warning us about AI without constraints. Shiny obsession with the next tech will end up being the future shackles on your freedom. Don't be so enamoured with the latest tech. When a company is in it only for the money, paying CEOs millions, you have a runaway inorganic monster.

  • Finally computers are matching brain speed in next 5 years. Nothing made nature?? Nothing made brain??

  • That's all well and good, but where are the Cyberpunk 2077 benchmarks?

  • Ppls making sure their nvda shares are sitting alright.

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