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Nvidia’s Coming for Intel & AMD

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Title: Nvidia's Advancements Challenge Intel and AMD in the CPU Market

In a significant shift in the tech industry, Nvidia, traditionally known for its graphics processing units (GPUs), is making strides towards challenging Intel and AMD in the central processing unit (CPU) market. This move comes as Nvidia unveils its latest product, the Grace CPU Superchip, and the Hopper supercomputer architecture, designed for high-performance computing (HPC) tasks.

Nvidia's foray into the CPU market is not a mere experiment but a strategic move to expand its presence beyond the graphics sector. The company aims to capitalize on the growing demand for HPC solutions, particularly in areas like artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and scientific research.

The Grace CPU Superchip is a 53-core, 208-thread processor, designed to deliver unprecedented performance for HPC tasks. This chip is expected to provide a significant boost to Nvidia's capabilities in the HPC market, traditionally dominated by Intel and AMD.

The Hopper architecture, on the other hand, is designed to support the Grace CPU Superchip

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  • so whats the point between multiple ddr6 specs, like lpdd6 and gddr6. no actual point. make it all lpgddr6. every day brett. money does not care if a product works. thats how the cartel of market works. you get the raw tflops or tops, then you can use those as best as you can. ie ray tracing teraflops, converted to the usual gpu/cpu core tflops. nice b-rant. nvidia arm cpu? all the jetson board nintendo switch devices have arm cpu in them.

  • Nvidia never has made a proper cpu, Fermi 1.0 came close since that gpu basically was based on a CPU design. Wonder if it will be any good.

  • I just got ddr5 sticks… Still waiting on a motherboard and cpu to install it into.

    Edit: i just realised that ddr5 is already like 4 years old.

  • Bro DDR6???? I just got DDR4 and DDR5 is over priced

  • 10:20 Perhaps referring to the fact that Mediatek + Nvidia are releasing a Snapdragon X competitor next year. Mediatek are the biggest ARM soc manufacturer by volume and already power millions of laptops (Chromebooks), and in addition to dominating budget mobile segment, are eating up mid and flagship-tier marketshare outside of US & EU. Entry-level Windows 11 2-in-1s and tablets on the Kompanio 14XX (upscaled/overclocked Dimensity 9400, a mobile chip surpassing Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 in benchmarks, with Nvidia GPU), could be quite compelling if the price/performance ratio is right. Chromebooks similarly become more attractive in this reality with powerful, cheap, power efficient, MediaTek+Nvidia chips.

  • Another decade and chinese companies will be competing globally and we will be banned from using them.

  • is it just me or does he resemble some TV actor or something?

  • Cant unsee young tom hanks now. 😂

  • Words! Like when everything was smart nowe erything is AI SMH!!!

  • I wonder if that Fortnite increase just came from the UE5.4 CPU update.

  • old McDonald had a data farm A.I. A.I. Oh with a 1001 here, and a 1001 there. old McDonald had a data farm!

  • If people realized "AI stands for "An Idiot", they would quit labeling everything as AI. (Although it would give new meaning to "An Idiot's Guide to AI" …)

  • AMD has been making ARM-based server chips since 2016. They can make ARM-based processors for the mainstream. They just haven't had a need to do so. The Steamdeck and z1 extreme handhelds show that. X86 can be low-powered and performant.

  • Very good episode, especially the last part. Between now and next summer, we will surely hear more stories on the misuses and abuses of AI. 🫤

  • The AI thermal paste reminds me of when we had to put stickers on printer paper that said "Windows98 Compatible" at CompUSA because people kept asking if paper would work with Windows98!

  • Given Nvidia's long history of abhorrent anti-consumer behaviors, while I'm excited to have a 3rd competitor in the PC CPU space I remain guarded. We will also need to see how well their motherboard chipsets perform, driver support, and security / bios support are. Breaking into established / mature markets as a new contender is hard, just ask Intel with ARC graphics.

  • "I'm your Brett host"

  • Nvidia does not need a CPU – as you have already stated, they make the built in NPUs look pathetic. They just need CUDA to be certified in Windows for copilot.

  • the next generation of tech is never gunna save u. the corporate capitaist companies need ppl to be forever needing more. So progress is quite literally stifled purely in the name of profits alone, set aside all other goals. ugh doiihh

  • pc monitor being so overpriced when compared to tv size is a crime. idc about what companies have to say about it.

  • "We're with a billion Dollars"
    The market: "Nope……."

  • Sometimes I think my pc needs an upgrade… but if I imagine I’m a time traveller and only play 10 year old games then I’ve actually got the worlds fastest pc 😎

  • Why not compare DDR6 to the current generation(DDR5)?
    10x increase? Well if we compare it to DDR it has an increase of 200x, so what? Doesn't make it any better or worse if we compare it to old stuff.
    This is like comparing NVidias 4000 series RTX cards against 2000 series instead of the 3000 series, makes no sense.

  • ..Ive seen vids on DDR5 Bit Error Rates at Gigahertz frequencies…Id like to see an eye diagram of current DDR6…21kMHz?…how are they making that stable?…

  • If it's Nvidia, then it's definitely going to be overpriced.

  • Humane AI pin… people already said this is just another tech scam and it just proved what people said within a month. ggwp

  • I sincerely hoped nvidia took our tax dollars and put it towards their original gaming pc component market.

  • Asking Nvidia to save y'all from Nvidia is wild.

  • I can definitely see that Tom Hanks reference. Brett, do you know who your father really is?

  • It's Friday and after midday but my brettfast was incredible thank you. Crispy bacon, Caramelised onions with scrambled cheese eggs! As a side note can you buy Rhys a light so we can actually see his face?

  • question about AI pc is in lines with have a CPU+GPU+NPU+XPU or any other combination which doesn't suck lot of power and not a discrete GPU in the PC/Laptop.

  • Then Intel will come for Nvidia too😂
    With a quarter priced monster GPUs. Probably?
    Naaah, we can’t be that lucky….

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