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Nvidia’s 5090 Comes With WHAT?!

RX 7900 XTX Deal (Newegg Affiliate): RTX 5000 GPUs are built from the same thing as their monster AI GPU …


Title: Nvidia's RTX 5090: Revolutionizing Gaming with AI-Powered Features

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Nvidia continues to push boundaries with its latest innovation, the RTX 5090. This high-end graphics card promises to revolutionize gaming and graphics-intensive tasks, introducing features that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver an unprecedented user experience.

The RTX 5090 is not just a powerful graphics card; it's a testament to Nvidia's commitment to innovation. The card's AI-powered features, such as DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) and RTX Ray Tracing, are set to redefine the standards of visual fidelity and performance in gaming.

DLSS is a groundbreaking technology that uses AI to render high-quality images at lower resolutions, then upscales them to deliver a stunning, high-resolution output. This process significantly reduces the computational load, allowing games to run at higher frame rates with less strain on the system.

RTX Ray Tracing, on the other hand, simulates the physical behavior of light

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  • I seriously can not wait for the first messages about a game being unplayable because an AI NPC refuses to cooperate. 😂

  • 4:57 AMD has a B200 also 😅

    Didn't anyone catch this?

    And lastly.. the 30% denser architecture was already voiced by NVidia themselves during the presentation. And you spoke about this in a previous video.. not sure why you are referring to Kimi for this at all?

  • Meh meh meeeeeeh lmao dude plz stop talking like that

  • more excited about the work graph stuff, since that is something we can actually expect to come to the world and be actually good for games and such.
    while in most cases with nvidia stuff like that AI stuff it ends up doing more harm than good since nvidia has the nasty habit of making sure games and software have to be specifically designed for them and yet then also locked down for other hardware, meanwhile such AI npc's actually did already exist, the modders who did it now probably have more expertise in that field than nvidia, since atleast those modders could make it work on different mashines instead of locked down only to one gpu type. ofcource if nvidia ended up this time actually making it someting that you can use on any hardware then it is good, but for now nvidia really has something to prove to get my trust, actually so much that I actually generally avoid nvidia gpu's unless they are secondhand and/or very cheap. generally for new I first look at amd and intel since nvidia really has done to many anti customer and anti competition practices.

  • LLoLL::
    nvidia like apple M ultra : :
    nvidia copy Apple M3 ultra:
    nvidia chipLet like amd :
    nvidia said No with chipLets: :
    and now: we using chipLet

  • Honestly, I stopped investing in Nvidia. They are moving away from working with the average consumer (gamers, creators, designers, etc.) and instead are focusing on larger organizations and governments across the world. Prices will only continue to increase tremendously and support for everyday consumers will slowly but surely come to an end. Time to make the switch (AMD) or have a new company, like Intel, compete in the market….

  • I only ever buy the xx80Ti cards. Are we going to get a 4080Ti or is the super supplanting the Ti series now?

  • On a side note about chat AI mods there was a youtuber i watched playing skyrim vr with chat gpt and convincing an npc to join his cult about kidnapping kid npc's and making them into an army was really funny to watch lol

  • No way nvidia card are overpriced… new features and cheating… old card with new super features that no one realy use it… i realy dont like nvidia from circus with 30XX cards…

  • I dont need a xx90 anything. When you get passed 60 fps its really a waste to me.

  • It doesn't even have SLI for AI and 3D blender workloads. So who cares.

  • if they will release it with PCIe Gen 5 and DP2.1. i will definitely upgrade. if not, i'll pass. it is the same old stuffs, fooling us on the specs upgrades.

  • Guessing the headlline question…its own power supply and electrician?

  • Bet the heatsink will be the only big thing about this GPU

  • i'm f*cking starving for AMD GPU Rumors over here -.-

  • Nvidia should just make entire prebuilt pc around their gpus

  • I thought you would be covering th e6090s by now?

  • Fock nvidia and its prices. 1080ti still holds up really well for non 4k and non rtx. If rtx becomes relevant i will switch.

  • i'm happy with my 3080, can easily wait another 5-10 years before upgrading

  • IDK Why Am I Watching this with my integrated gpu 🖥

  • What is this ?! A transistor for ants?

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