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Nvidia TEASES RTX 5000 Performance And Release!

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Title: Nvidia Hints at RTX 5000 Series Release and Performance Boost

In a recent development, Nvidia has subtly hinted at the upcoming release of its RTX 5000 series graphics cards, promising a significant performance upgrade. This announcement comes amidst the ongoing competition in the graphics card market, where manufacturers are constantly striving to outdo each other in terms of power and efficiency.

During a live stream event, Nvidia showcased a brief demonstration of a game running on an unnamed RTX 5000 series card. The footage, though brief, suggested a noticeable improvement in performance compared to the current RTX 3000 series. However, specific details about the release date, pricing, or the exact models within the RTX 5000 series were not disclosed.

This announcement, while not providing concrete details, has generated excitement among gamers and tech enthusiasts alike. The potential performance boost could significantly impact the gaming landscape, particularly for high-end, graphically demanding games.

While the exact specifications and release date of the RTX 5000 series remain a mystery, this teaser from Nvidia serves as a reminder of the continuous advancements in graphics card technology. As we await more information, the anticipation builds for what could potentially be the next big leap in gaming performance.

See video for more information

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  • Play World of Warships here: and use the promo code POPEYE to get a lot of rewards if you're a new player!

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  • Using the 5800x3D with a 3070ti at max settings 1440p.
    I was planning to upgrade but the RTX4000 series is complete garbage for the money.
    I'm gonna wait until the 5000 series drops before I ditch the 3070ti.

  • I waiting for the 10060 RTX. My 1080 still works great.

  • The 5090 its going to cost a kidney, your healty firstborn and your soul.

  • +20% performance doesn’t mean shit if the price is +50%

  • timestamp where they start talking about the 5000 series??

  • RTX 5000…great. Please don't make the card any bigger. Actually, it needs to be smaller than the 4000 series. The physical footprint of these video cards is just getting too damn big.

  • They don’t give a shit about NVidia 😂

  • These will be the last “GPUs” that Nvidia promotes, it’s all AI after that, with graphics secondary.

  • tbh til evga comes back, i dont plan to buy any gpu at all. going to put my 2080ti kpe til its on its absolute last leg

  • Du kannst Sicher sein das sie bereits viel weiter sind – es aber finaztaktisch unklug wäre, uns direkt mit der technisch machbaren Hardware zu versorgen!


  • Stfu gamer meld rtx 5000 is barely a glint in Mr. Jensen’s eye 4000 just released worst channel on youtube

  • Nvidia just came out and said in 5 years, AI will be 1 million times more advanced than 5 years ago from right now…meaning, the rtx 6 series or 7 series is gonna be the way to go for future proof stuff…of course moors law is moving at a pace of 2.5x so, there will always be a better card in each successive year…ill prob be able to afford a 3090 by the time the 7 series is out LMFAO


  • shit, I'm waiting for the 60 series, 😆because by then, 50 series will have some cards on sale 😉lol 😂

  • In 2023 who buys Nvidea anymore I mean you can buy with less money and a very good performance the amd. Playing cyberpunk on 4090 with overdrive on is working with 40 fps amd with the xtx with 20 I mean I will not give plus 1k for 20 fps which in some games is even less.

  • Nvidia 5000 series will the connector start your house of fire still😅 an Nvidia will blame user error user not in videos card Nvidia says

  • I'm holding off on my next computer purchase because CPUs and GPUs are about to change…

  • so what? the base model gona cost 10k usd.

  • imagine creating a new GPU company to compete with nvidia/intel/amd and you make all your video cards with 1gb less ram. How is it even possible to be that stupid

  • Have a 2080ti not going to buy a new pc before next elder scrolls gets released. Its good to start saving now !!!

  • I dont even get excited about nvidia. Always lame and overpriced. Plus they wont just let ray tracing die. Its just not important. Nobody really cares about it. Its benchmarked then turned off, left off and forgotten.

  • Might as well start making the model number correspond with the MSRP.

  • nvidia price points are sooooo stupid. i'm switching to intel even if it means i'm sacrificing. i'm not giving nvidia any money that's supposed to go towards my funeral.

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