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Title: NVIDIA A100: The Latest in GPU Technology Remains Elusive Due to Limited Availability

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, NVIDIA's A100 GPU has been a highly anticipated release. However, due to limited availability, many tech enthusiasts and professionals have been left in the dark, unable to get their hands on this powerful piece of hardware.

The NVIDIA A100, touted as the company's most advanced data center GPU to date, promises significant improvements in performance and energy efficiency. It's designed to handle the most demanding AI, high performance computing (HPC), and graphics workloads.

Recently, a request for a review unit was made, but NVIDIA declined, citing the current shortage of A100 GPUs. This refusal has left many in the tech community eager for more information, but unable to provide first-hand insights into the A100's capabilities.

While the lack of availability and first-hand reviews might be frustrating, it's important to remember that the technology industry is dynamic. The A100's limited availability could be a temporary issue

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  • 6:51 nividia seeing this part: Nah I'm pissed off Im never letting you buy anything ever again.

  • i watch full video twice but still dosent understand, 3090 is way more faster, have more cuda core, but why still A100 is strong??

  • Now, from what i can see if we use consumer cards and use them to mine, power cost will balance out everything we earned. 🤣

  • your video left me feeling inspired and excited, thank you!

  • Linus’s segues are getting progressively funnier

  • where to buy used GPU's from datacenters and other miners ?

  • Nvidia be like "so i don't want to give you the gpu so you will not find" he gets it a way to get it he does from a viewer

  • Just got 6 of these (80GB version) in for work. Can't wait to install them!

  • Me being afraid to put in a new cpu

    linus disasembaling a 10000$ graphic card

  • Wonder if you could flash a new vbios onto one of these to make a very expensive gaming GPU.

  • Hey Linus! use XPlane 12 as a Benchmark remember this USE MAX GRAPHICS SETTINGS

  • Real big daddy datacenters/scientific centers have 100+ of these in racks after racks.

  • Actually Lenovo is monitors are called think views it’s the PCs that are called think centres and I think I get the theme there’s a think somewhere in the name 0:47

  • The AI benchmark doesn't make sense. It performed twice as fast as the 3090 gpu, but costs 7 times as much ?

  • ppl, nVidia is wasting our time. they should rent or sell machines instead of cards only,
    so people can train their own models instead of relying on so-called providers sneakily stealing small-tech customers' data for those commie big-tech enemies like the tyrant CCP of mainland China.

  • Soo if this card can run in open GL and or Vulcan you should be able to play emulation games with it.

  • Last time i watched his video is in 2022 and rewatching the intro is just… nostalgic

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