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NVIDIA Has Overrun the Market

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Title: NVIDIA's Dominance: A New Era in Tech Market Leadership

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, one name stands out as a beacon of innovation and market dominance - NVIDIA. The graphics processing unit (GPU) giant has overrun the market, leaving competitors in its wake, and is now setting its sights on new horizons.

NVIDIA's journey to market leadership began with its groundbreaking work in graphics technology. The company's CUDA platform, which allows developers to use GPUs for general computing, has been instrumental in driving growth in fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data science. This has led to a surge in demand for NVIDIA's products, particularly its high-end GPUs, which are essential for handling the computational demands of these emerging technologies.

The company's dominance is not limited to the GPU market. NVIDIA's entry into the automotive industry with its Drive platform has disrupted the autonomous vehicle sector. The platform, which provides the AI computing power needed for self-driving cars, has been adopted by major automakers such as Tesla, Audi, and Volvo. This move has not only solidified NVIDIA's position as a leader in AI but also opened up a new revenue stream for the company.

NVIDIA's success is also evident in the gaming industry. The company's RTX series of GPUs, which feature real-time ray tracing technology, have revolutionized gaming visuals. This technology, which simulates the way light behaves in real life, offers a level of realism never before seen in video games. The RTX series has been met with critical acclaim and has helped NVIDIA maintain its lead in the gaming GPU market.

However, NVIDIA's dominance has not come without controversy. The company has faced criticism for its high prices, which some argue are a barrier to entry for many consumers. Additionally, NVIDIA's reliance on third-party manufacturers for its GPUs has led to concerns about supply chain management and potential quality control issues.

Despite these challenges, NVIDIA shows no signs of slowing down. The company is continuing to innovate, with plans to expand into areas such as cloud gaming and data center AI. With its strong market position and a pipeline of exciting new

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  • My favorite video we've made on this topic is with Gordon from PC World. Check it out here – super entertaining and insightful!
    Updated the title: It was "NVIDIA Has Flooded the Market" (meaning to overrun or overwhelm with options, as they've done). Some pointed out that this has a specific economic meaning with a specific definition. Updated for that reason. Thanks!

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    Watch our video about NVIDIA's AI and how it's on another planet:

  • AMD should change to Blue 😛🤣Colour Psychology – Red is bad. Green is good.
    Also, do research, or ask someone who is good at electronic consumables, never trust corporations EVER. Money money money, never whats best. Just put in the effort and ignore the media. FACTS.

  • NVIDIA's long running market share has created an ecosystem of relative stability that AMD doesn't fully enjoy.

    I went AMD on my previous PC and Laptop and suffered many of the classic driver and applications issues. Back to Intel and NVIDIA for the most recent desktop and those issues are gone.

    I felt the urge to prop AMD up to help create balance, but that's also expensive…

  • The halo product isn't anywhere near as important today as SOFTWARE. Once upon a time, image quality and features were more or less identical – minor things like PhysX just weren't important to consumers, performance per dollar was the main consideration. Today, AI upscaling and RT are serious differentiators. People aren't okay with shoddy IQ or stutters etc – and that's their impression (warranted or otherwise) of AMD's features.

    In many cases they don't even know what features Nvidia has over AMD, but they just want to be sure and safe that they're not going to find out their AMD card doesn't have them.

  • Who would have thought, releasing stable drivers, and still updating them regularly would increase your hardware popularity

  • All I know is my next GPU will be AMD. Mostly due to how crappy the Linux drivers for Nvidia are on Fedora. I've been struggling with resolution hell where the 3090FE refuses to correctly detect the resolution of my projector. Same OS also with an AMD CPU laptop but with a AMD GPU plugged into the same projector and I've had zero issues.

  • I somehow have only bought 1 Nvidia graphics card in 20 years. Also 1 Intel CPU in that time – paired with an Ati card!

  • I will probably buy a founders card again after getting two founders cards in a row too. I guess I'm part of the problem.

    AMD isn't even making cards at the performance tier I'm shopping is the sad part and they haven't for a very long time. I remember the 6870 / 7870 golden age when I was on AMD though.

  • i never buy from companys i say i wont buy i make sure to not even buy theyre sub company products aka never buying nvidia

  • NVIDIA won't last if they keep using their AI for evil. Undercutting nurses (who already don't charge much) to provide digital health services at a fraction of the cost is an absolutely unacceptable use of the technology (and dangerous, as I don't believe AI is there for healthcare/life-or-death situations).

    Nurses already struggle financially enough for the hours they work, and you take away their side hustle?

  • I don’t know what the hell AMD is doing with naming gpus. I have no idea which cards are better than others with amd so I just go to Nvidia. I know the lastest xx70 card is usually where I want to be

  • 29:35 Me as well. Though, I need some of the nVidia exclusive features. That is why I will buy another card from them even though they screwed me over multiple times in the past. (like when 3D screens were big. Where they removed the support of some models of screens even though they were working perfectly before. I even had to buy an extra unlock key, because my vendor didn't pay a license fee to nVidia. 2 drivers later, they removed the support entirely. The demo in setup still worked till I retired the PC, but nowhere else. So the thing not working was a move just made out of spite.)

  • Idgaf, I started my first build in the early 2000s with AMD/ATI and that's what I'm sticking with. Someone has to support competition.

  • Nvidia has:
    * better mindshare
    * better drivers (historically)
    * better game support (theoretical performance be damned)
    * better raytracing

    AMD has:
    * better value for most non-raytracing titles if the game is otherwise well-optimized

    With how insane GPU pricing is today, my complete lack of giving a shit about raytracing, and my personal grudge against Nvidia, my last two cards have been AMD. But for most consumers, it just doesn't make sense.

  • Ti! Super! Ti Super!

    The last one was a joke and it's reality. It's ridiculous and PC building now is more expensive than ever, really, and there is no great time to get into it without your purchase being invalidated faster than ever before.

  • Anyone want to play GPU monopoly

  • Bro bro. Bro… Just move over to hand held gaming like steam deck . Trust me You will be fine and loada of emulation as well. Not to mention more of the newer games are filled with live service and micro transactions

  • they finally allowed 3050 KalmX to exist, even though it's pretty much crippled, they have A2000 SFF, RTX 4000 Ada SFF and RTX 2000 Ada SFF, they have Broadcast (really useful for work), as much as I'd love there to be a competition even when AMD finally had better efficiency on the consumer market they refused to ship reasonably configured cards, and they don't seem to have anything to compete with the pro cards I listed

    and these 4 cards I listed are the only cards that currently matter on the market, everything else is obsolete due to power draw and noise (though you have to mod the pro lineup to make it behave, but power draw and efficiency are top notch)

  • I’m a proud AMD GPU owner, not because I love AMD, but because I hate Nvidia and the 6800XT was a better deal at the time.

  • Maybe Nvidia is exactly a better product.

  • This is honestly unfair advertising. AMD losing money is completely unjustified, and something needs to be done.

  • Might be, i still bought a RX 7900 GRE, what a monster for it's price !

  • I have a rx 6750xt highly recommend recommended for 2k gaming

  • Bought a 7900XT in 2023 for over 1k USD. After seeing my friends 4080 supers performance/reflection quality I sold my 7900xt on FB marketplace for $500 and picked up the 4080 on sale at best buy for $975.. Ill never buy an AMD GPU again sadly. Loving my 7800X3D.

  • I think that people are willing to pay more but keep the card longer. I had my gtx1080ti for over 5years before I bought a rtx40

  • I just find it really strange Nvidia is so popular, only because when im looking to buy a GPU AMD always has the best one in my price bracket. Im even trying a Intel GPU soon. I look at the Nvidia offerings and they are always just so much more expensive.

  • I can see how this may end up being a bad thing at some point but Nvidia is winning because they're just better right now. I know people don't like the prices but there's a reason most people have an Nvidia GPU and it's because AMD has fallen behind this generation.

  • Just look at this GPU Tier list from 'Graphically Challenged', 10 days ago. As GN covered, Six GPU releases from AMD, Three from Intel and a whopping NINE from NVIDIA including FOUR different variations of the 4070 – 4070, 4070 Super, 4070Ti, 4070Ti Super?! Without the Ti and Super variants, NVIDIA's releases seem more normal, but with them, as GN covered too, they increase and stretch out the product release cadence, where forever, some new tweaked variant by name of the same product, is forever to be released! And lists like this the result – rather comical: ("Mid 2024 New GPU Tier List – AMD, Nvidia, & Intel" – Graphically Challenged)

  • lets talk about how the 3070ti runs out of memory lol

  • The Key factor is the 4000 series RTX cards, they have the NEWER version 2.0 chip for DLSS, which every gamer loves faster gaming fps. it smokes AMD all day long. the 3000 series cards and 2070 super have the version 1.0 dlss chip alot slower, amds version of it basically sucks in compare.

  • LOL let the hypocrisy GO WILD, over run market ?? well as many remember thier was a SHORTAGE Everyplace in the market, so which do you prefer. Especially since PRICING hasnt changed much weather shortage or over run markets

  • 1:42 AMD crippled its GPU DP FP math,
    Becoming an Nvidia follower. Why buy AMD now?

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