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Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang and the $2 trillion company powering…

Jensen Huang leads Nvidia – a tech company with a skyrocketing stock and the most advanced technology for artificial …

Title: Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Steers $2 Trillion Tech Giant Amidst Rapid Industry Growth

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, few figures have had as significant an impact as Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia. The company, now valued at a staggering $2 trillion, is a testament to Huang's visionary leadership and the growing demand for artificial intelligence (AI), graphics processing units (GPUs), and data center technologies.

This article brings to light a crucial aspect of the tech industry's current landscape, highlighting Nvidia's pivotal role in driving innovation and growth. The information is new, as the company's valuation has surged recently, reflecting its successful transition from a gaming-focused company to a leading provider of AI and data center solutions.

Under Huang's guidance, Nvidia has been at the forefront of AI development, powering breakthroughs in fields such as autonomous vehicles, healthcare, and scientific research. The company's GPUs, once primarily used for gaming and graphics, are now integral components in AI systems due to their ability to handle complex computations quickly.

Moreover, Nvidia's data center business, which includes its DGX servers designed for AI workloads, has been a significant contributor to the company's growth. As the demand for AI services continues to rise, Nvidia is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend, thanks to its advanced technology and Huang's strategic leadership.

In conclusion, Jensen Huang's leadership at Nvidia has been instrumental in shaping the tech industry's current trajectory. With a focus on AI, GPUs, and data center technologies, Nvidia is poised to continue its growth and innovation, making it a key player in the $2 trillion tech market.

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  • Change is naturally scary and uncomfortable. AI creating new proteins for medicinial purposes is very scary to me and makes me uncomfortable. I hope my fear is baseless.

  • Truthfully, this is terrifying. He as the creator has no idea what will come of it all. Someone with his boundless vision can't even imagine what will come of this. Think about that. Some of us realize we are at a turning point in history, but NONE of us know just how big this is going to be and how much the world is going to change in the blink of an eye.


  • #technology #AItechnology #AMtechnology Дженсен Хуанг на цьому технологічному острові #Taiwan(R.O.C) представив надсучасну #AI_Factory для технологічної революції. Ці винаходи для поліпшення рівня й підвищення якості життя самих Тайванців і всіх вільних народів. Ці винаходи здатні на багато доброго та неймовірного. А в додачу Хуанг створив прорив набагато більший. Це перевернуло погляди на такі поняття: 1.Що таке особистість. 2. Що таке свідомість. 3. Що таке штучна уява та на що вона здатна. 4. Що таке жива свідомість. 5. Неймовірне та загадкове раніше, стало повсякденним зараз і сьогодні.
    #ШІ #ШР тепер – це не тільки примітивні письмові запити та пошуки без фільтрації, але й Штучний Розум і Свідомість. Хуанг значно відкрив людям очі на те, що таке Всесвіт і, разом із великою командою, остаточно стер кордони між віртуальним та матеріальним світом. Довів на власному прикладі що людина багато може, але якщо є велика мета, бачення майбутнього та безмежне натхнення. Звісно, це найзатребуваніші винаходи на сьогодні та на близьке майбутнє.

  • #зруйнування_стереотипів #destroying_stereotypes #зруйнування_міфів #mythbusting #AI #ШІ Кажуть, що штучний інтелект не може працювати з чимось новим і створити нове та наче він лише вивчає факти минулого. Але людина теж не може створити щось нове, вона також вивчає минуле і робить свій вибір, так би мовити, з нього. Ми виходимо з того, що немає нічого нового під сонцем, а є лише старе і добре забуте. Нове – це добре забуте старе з новим поворотом або перспективою. Насправді, ШІ може вирішувати проблеми швидше, ніж будь-яка людина та значно прискорити розвиток технологій, яких потребують вільні нації. І людина і ШІ може створювати відкриття. Але чому нам відкриття здаються чимось повністю новим? – Тому, що ми мало знали та розуміли. Сенс в тому, що треба дійти до основ, до фундамету, до причин і поглянути під різними кутами та вникнути в суть будь-якого предмету, дослідити крізь час та досвід.

  • “You still want humans inthe loop…. “Nice. He’s talking like he’s not human

  • 12:00 naming her company after Kubrick and then giving such an insufficient answer to the concern about AI going rogue is proof to me that they really don't know what might happen.

  • People are still going to loose their jobs…historically, this has happened repeatedly during critical growth periods with advance technology. They can use words like "labor shortage" but they really mean: labor replacement… I'm not against technological advancements, but think of the people who will be replaced completely out of the job/company.

  • why the last woman sounds like an AI 😂

  • They never want to talk about the human workers. Stars and $$$ in their eyes, but no compassion for the consequences of their 'passion'.

    Come on

  • This video answered many of my questions about trading. I can’t thank you enough for sharing information on how to start trading for beginners.😍

  • nvidia is NOT a "chipmaker"! it only DESIGNS the chips. the actual chipMAKERS are TSMC & sometimes Samsung.

  • 12:05 to 13:00 -Except that people dont get paid for their capacity to " love expend transcend "

  • I love how they called it "labor shortage " instead of " labor replacement"

  • If you want to do extraordinary things, it shouldn't be easy…

    says in the chillest and easiest tone. that's a leader.

  • I recently read an article about a man who identified AI stocks before the AI boom, highlighting the importance of information and insight. I believe AI is poised to enter a new phase, and I aim to position my $200k portfolio to capitalize on significant gains.

  • 1 month later and title is already off by a trillion. Talk about fast growth.

  • Do you know the taxes entailed for $2Trillion is $700Billion/year? I hope you are paying your appropriate taxes. Also mind you the maximum Capital for a Company is $10Million including solid Asset, going beyond such amount is a crime of GRAMBA whereby the US Federal will confiscate the company at your expense and the company to be part of the World Corporations. Basis US corporation Mandate 42. Know the Law before you published anything because that is sure trouble, CEO?

  • So nvidia produced the fastest chip ever?

  • Nvidia more than 2 Trilliam Dollars😍

  • 😊You want to hear a secret? .everything has always been A.I. nothing we've seen is reality. Even the godfather is A.I. they're just going to release this A.I. to make it look like the past is real, like we've discovered some kind of truth while still being in the matrix. A.I. inside of A.I. It's just gonna be a bunch of fake matrix discoveries/events to make it look like something's happening while the real matrix goes on. Fake events inside the matrix. While on outside the matrix, we're still hooked up asleep and having programmed events as usual. Fake victories, fake events. Classic slavery tactic "give them a fake gift while nothing changes:

  • Nvidia has revolutionized the AI industry by ramping up innovation and trying to pile billions of dollars into chip developments which has paid off.

  • I agree that many people are considering NVDA as the "Stock of the year." However, I'm curious about which stocks could potentially become the next META in terms of growth over the next decade. I've allocated $200k for investment, aiming to retire comfortably.

  • “Anyone can be rich, just do this”with Afzal Hussein.

  • Machines will never be able to reason, but they will come close. The real question is; Will you have the intelligence to tell the difference?

  • Either UBI is implemented or complete anarchy ensues.

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