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Nvidia and AMD are now on annual product releases, says Bernstein’s Stacy Rasgon

Stacy Rasgon, Bernstein Research managing director and senior analyst, joins ‘Squawk on the Street’ to discuss Nvidia and …

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Title: Nvidia and AMD Accelerate Annual Product Releases Amidst Rapid Technological Advancements

In a recent research note, Bernstein's Stacy Rasgon has predicted that both Nvidia and AMD will shift towards annual product releases, reflecting the fast-paced nature of the technology industry. This move is expected to intensify competition between the two leading graphics processing unit (GPU) manufacturers.

The decision to speed up product releases comes as a response to the rapid advancements in technology, particularly in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data centers. Both Nvidia and AMD understand the importance of staying ahead in these competitive markets, where innovation and timely product launches are crucial.

Nvidia, known for its CUDA-based GPUs, has been a pioneer in the field of AI and ML. The company's latest product, the A100 Tensor Core GPU, is designed specifically for these applications. AMD, on the other hand, has been making strides in the data center market with its EPYC processors.

The shift to annual product releases is expected to bring several benefits for both companies. It will allow them to capitalize on the latest technological trends more quickly, keeping their product offerings fresh and competitive. Additionally, it will help them maintain a steady stream of revenue, as consumers and businesses will have more frequent opportunities to upgrade their hardware.

However, this accelerated release cycle also presents challenges. It requires significant investment in research and development, as well as manufacturing capacity. Moreover, it increases the risk of product failures or underperformance, which could harm the companies' reputations.

In conclusion, Nvidia and AMD's decision to move towards annual product releases underscores the importance of innovation and speed in today's technology market. As both companies continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with GPUs, consumers and businesses can expect to see more advanced and capable hardware in the years to come.

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  • I've been following semis a long time. Stacy Rasgon and Beth Kindig are the only 2 analysts worth listening to, TBH. They really know their ish.

  • Stacy rocks!!! His year-end price targets are so conservative, that they always turn out to be more like the 2 week-end, or month end Price Targets. Now it is only €1300 bucks for NVIDIA, which is going to happen like in another week or so 😄

  • AMD 140? I guess its a junk stock?

  • One of the few CNBC contributers who actually knows what he's talking about.

  • Stacy's price target on NVIDIA is $1,300. His price target on AMD is $140.

  • I wonder if that means annual jumps in performance would equal the past ones that took two years. Or if the annual jumps in performance be smaller so it would be the same as if we were waiting two years.

  • nvidia used to be on 6 month cycle, until all competitor dies

  • Don't count amd out the ceo is very smart. Her earnings projections are always conservative. One big earnings beat and amd will be off to the races.

  • Nvidia's power consumption is also jumping 3 to 30X. This will need massive cooling and we definitely need new earth 😀

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