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Nvidia 2024 AI Event: Everything Revealed in 16 Minutes

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang kicks off its GTC keynote in San Jose with a slew of AI infused chip announcements. Check out our …


Title: Nvidia's 2024 AI Event: A Glimpse into the Future of Artificial Intelligence

In a groundbreaking event on March 23, 2024, Nvidia unveiled its latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, showcasing how AI is poised to reshape various industries. The 16-minute presentation, delivered by Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, offered a captivating glimpse into the future of AI.

The event highlighted three main areas of focus: AI for healthcare, AI for robotics, and AI for gaming.

In the healthcare sector, Nvidia announced the development of a new AI platform designed to assist radiologists in detecting early-stage cancers. The platform uses deep learning algorithms to analyze medical images, potentially saving countless lives by detecting cancer at its earliest stages.

In the realm of robotics, Nvidia showcased its latest advancements in autonomous systems. The company demonstrated a humanoid robot capable of performing complex tasks, such as assembling electronic components, with remarkable precision and speed. This breakthrough could revolutionize manufacturing industries, making them more efficient

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  • It's so obvious that it will be the world's most valuable company.
    10T maybe?
    I've also got my eye on AMD.

  • If you want the fastest and most beautiful AI PCs available check out our Nvidia GH200 and GB200 systems.

  • This is a Chinese communist company. BAN THEM!! USA! USA! USA!

  • I started selling my NVDA shares that I bought for $45 back in 2019 and i am sitting on roughly about $300k. Am i better off putting the money somewhere else or sit out and wait for a correction?

  • This high end tech still wont run goat simulator 3000 with 8k res.

  • We'll look back at this video years from now where chips are over 10 times smaller and over 1000 times faster.

  • Thanks for sharing information Ai technology is universe technology and very powerful

  • in future other name of skynet factor is "Nividia".

  • Free ai is future But
    general lavender AI is genocider
    Yutu shado ban is real Ai too
    Its terifying control

  • I saw that they mentioned sap… what does that mean for the average worker bee that works specifically with sap? Am I gonna get edged out by ai?

  • Forget what you think you know about AI.
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    Prepare to be amazed 🙂
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  • boy haha, yeah, awm39v, I guess, right?

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